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  1. Least someone likes the idea apart from me lol If you do it bazzle let us know how you went! And if you get a boot full of rain!
  2. Well I don’t know how to include a video but thought it was pretty self explanatory. As for getting a boot full of water? No more water than you’d get either way
  3. That may be the case but if you look at the video you’ll understand what I’m getting at.
  4. Anyone else seen the YouTube clip where one of the struts for the boot lid is replaced and its got more gas in it and so the boot lid opens completely? If I don't open the boot lid for a week or so I've got to be like superman to get it open. Any other time it just grunts when you push the button and only open an inch. Not to mention the missus dumps all the shopping in the back seat cause its easier!
  5. I had this problem right not long after Lexus replaced the faulty airbag the first time. Problem was the aerial for the sat nav came out. Apparently if you look at the top left of the screen where the compass icon is youre supposed to have under that the letters "GPS". Mine wasn't displaying that so I ended up having to pull the unit out and reconnect the aerial. Naturally it was right at the bottom of the unit. And pulling the unit out is a pain. This was on a 2007 is250 . May not be your problem but that was mine!
  6. Same Guy on ebay is also selling previous versions and also claiming the disc came out of a smashed car. Im stating the obvious that theyre all copies and he's printing labels but most of the poor folk buying them would think theyre originals. And its a good earn for him too, would cost him 50 cents for a blank disc, id say his profit is about 90% on each disc. And he's sold hundreds. I emailed asking him how he can offer a discount on multiple discs when he has only one but he didn't reply of course.
  7. Theres a bloke on ebay selling what he claims is version 25 of the toyota/lexus navigation disc and that it was removed from a smashed car. Funny thing is he's offering a discount if you buy two, and another discount if you buy three, etc. Its got to be a copy if he can offer discounts on multiple buys. I dont think its clicked with him that someone might just pick up on that fact
  8. Im guessing my first step would be ringing a lexus service centre and getting them to give me their prognosis. Any alternative suggestions?
  9. So the missus comes home and says theres something wrong with the car when she brakes. I take it for a drive , shifts fine, but when you brake slowly coming to a stop, at about 10kph theres a sudden clunk twice and the car stops very quickly without any further pressure on the brakes. Also the engine icon light has come on as has the red triangle exclamation mark, AND the check vsc light. Im fearing the transmission has had it. Any thoughts people? Its done just over 160,000k. Im in sydney as well, Thanks!
  10. Just thought id mention it thou its probably been posted before. My mechanic said my coolant level was low and said it was due to a rubber seal on the radiator cap falling off and consequently not sealing the system. Ive read about this on a couple of overseas forums and it appears to be a common problem. Could be an easy explanation for coolant loss as opposed to something more nasty. Thou im wondering where the bit that fell off disappeared to. Probably in the radiator somewhere, but at least its not causing any overheating issues, fingers crossed. Cheers!
  11. I booked my 2007 250 in three weeks ago and the earliest i appointment i could get was feb 24
  12. Hello, Ive checked my owners manual of my 2007 is250 about changing the parking light and the photos in the manual are nothing remotely like what i have. Question is how do i remove the actual bulb? first photo owners manual second photo my bulb Many thanks
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