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  1. Must be extremely frustrating and annoying considering it’s less than three years old and still under warranty. Looks like the dealers giving you the runaround, I’d agree with you and go to fair trading and start a complaint. I’d also inform the dealer this is what you’re going to do unless it’s either fixed or you’re giving a replacement vehicle. They should be able with the diagnostic tools at their disposal to determine the problem
  2. I had a similar problem for ages in that the gps worked for a couple days or even a week then would get lost and as you state say you were somewhere else. In the top left hand corner of your screen where there is a little compass, do you have the letters gps showing? I didn't have these letters showing and apparently if there not showing you're not picking up a satellite signal and thats what was causing my issue. I ended up pulling the unit out and discovered the cable for the gps antenna was disconnected. This cable is at the very base of the unit and its hard to see but its the lowest cable. I suspected after some research it was pulled out while the airbag was replaced during the recall. Its a super pain to pull the unit but there are some very good tutorials on youtube on how to pull the unit.
  3. An update on my seafoam saga. So i tried seafoam in my daughters 1999 mx5, by using the spray can version. I undid the big pipe that goes from the air cleaner to the throttle intake at the throttle intake itself and placed the thin spray tube connected to the seafoam can inside leaving about half inch clearance from the flap, then reconnected the pipe. With engine at running temp and at 1500rpm i started spraying, took about 5 minutes to empty the can, turned off the engine, removed the thin spray tube, tightened the pipe up and waited 15 minutes. Then stared it up. Well what a great smoke show it was. i revved the old mazda engine for about a minute. To make matters worse there was no wind and it looked like a heavy fog had enveloped a radius of 50 metres, i could hardly see my hand in front of my face. Cars were stopping to see what had happened and i was waiting for the police and fire dept to turn up. I jumped in the car and took off up the street looking like james bond had just turned on his smoke screen. After 30 seconds smoke was gone. Post mortem: Car starts easier, definitely takes off smoother, runs quieter , idles better. Didn't effect spark plugs either. I followed the cans instructions to the letter. Just thought id give my two bobs worth on the stuff. Cheers!
  4. ive heard that liquid molly is good, looks like i won't be doing either since they recommend spark plug change after using it. I just changed my plugs the other day. Guess ill wait another 150000 k then try it lol
  5. Hello all, Ive just done a 150,000k service on my 2007 is250, the spark plug change being the most challenging to say the least. After reading a number of topics on carbon buildup i was contemplating having a go at using seafoam. Ive read some older posts about the pros and cons but thought there might be some newer thoughts on the subject. My car doesn't appear at this stage to be suffering from it, could be because the last six years and 60000k ive used a decent fuel, being v power. If it is worth doing do i get the can of seafoam with the straw and flexible joint and stick it in the throttle body and spray away? Many thanks
  6. i had to look up the meaning of reanneal lol anyway I've tracked a couple of crush washers down just in case
  7. Hello all, thinking ill change the oil in the diff on my 2007 but I'm getting conflicting info off the web. Apparently i need two crusher washers, one for the drain and filler bolts. Some say reuse the ones on there as they will be ok but if i don't get new ones and there not ok I'm snookered for a while. Anyone know where to get them? Some places on the web say its part number 12157-10010, yet other sites say this number isn't compatible.
  8. wato

    no 'gps' signal

    Woohoo happy days! I pulled the unit again and reseated around 8 cables and plugs and what i thought were the aerial cable and gps antenna. No luck. then as i was about to put the unit back in i saw right down the bottom of the unit under a lip, three more cables and plugs. And the single square connector was the gps aerial. Pulled it out and reset it back in and hallelujah, up comes the gps under the compass. I did have the airbag recalled around august 2016, perhaps it had something to do with it. Anyway all good and thanks for your help!
  9. wato

    no 'gps' signal

    I went into the diagnostics menu and it confirms no gps signal is being received, apart from that theres no further info to suggest why. Ill keep up the research and see what happens. Thanks Tom
  10. wato

    no 'gps' signal

    I know the antenna is to the right of the speaker on top of the dash but you can't see it with the unit removed, and as a consequence you also cant see where the cable from the satnav unit connects to the antenna. I cant see how the antenna would be damaged at all
  11. Hello, ive had this problem about 18 months and have finally decided to try and find a remedy. Im not getting the "gps" signal which apparently is supposed to be under the compass on the satnav screen when its displaying the map guidance. The position of the car will randomly get lost and show me miles away from where i am then i have to adjust the calibration to get a correct position. It might last two weeks or two days and then the correct position is lost again. Ive pulled the unit out today and reset all the connectors, at a guess the gps antenna cable is there one under the radio antenna cable, but whatever i pulled out all the plugs and reset them but still no success. Im running v22 of the disc but even using two previous version still no gps signal. Any thoughts or do stick with using google maps lol. Many thanks, bob
  12. Hello 007, i think I'm v18, so how do i update the firmware? Thanks
  13. Anyone else have this problem? I have a 2007 IS250, If i dont push the 'MAP' button then tap 'i agree' to show the map for more than a day or so the car gets lost and shows my location generally no where near where i am, and i have to go through the whole process of calibration etc. It seems its forgetting or losing its memory unless its turned on. Many thanks, bob