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  1. Welcome mate, saw the gallery pics the GSF looks great, nice colour! Hopefully get to see the beast in person at a meet in future cheers
  2. Welcome mate, congrats on the ISF
  3. Welcome mate, nice car! How have you found the NX so far?
  4. Welcome mate there are different grades though they did try to simplify a little later in the years and just have a simplified fsport with several enhancement pack options that add things like sunroof etc in. I remember even myself being confused years ago. Personally the Fsport is probably the better value for your buck in terms of what you get; which comes with nearly all standard lux trim options and some factory sporty tuning to give a sharper tuned vehicle on the road. On paper there are differences but in the real world the different 350 grades will feel 95% the same in car and on the road. Nearly all are equally comfortable in the Lexus way that you would expect. Fsport tends to have tweaked and more sporty look and feel like grill, panels, wheels etc. while I like it I have found, in the past, it can be polarising when looking at fsport models as som people are a fan vs. some prefer the look of non-fsport grades, particularly on other Lexus models like SUV etc. so yeah I guess personal taste plays it’s part here. In the past I would have said I would be looking for an IS350 F sport model ideally post 2010 onwards as these tend to come with updated factory LED DRL lights and newer (at the time) tail lights. Which still holds true if you want a pure Oem car/look. However nowadays there are a host of aftermarket exterior/performance parts and more modern lighting options to help update your car (headlights, taillights), so if you find a mint is350 sport with older lights etc you could always go aftermarket to pretty much update any IS model you purchase to look/feel relatively newer... in terms of differences, an example is, the earlier Lexus iterations and grades of car (sport vs sport luxury etc) Lexus would package them fairly closely with only very minor differences , I.e. e.g. fsport would perhaps only come with heated front seats, the sport luxury model would be the highest grade and therefore have heated and cooled front seats etc...). Different factory wheels etc. Happy to be corrected on this one, but from memory the X model is often a limited run out model they typically do prior to an update/end of a generation of car, where in theory you’ll get a few options‘(including cosmetic) bundled together From factory for a decent value point, though In reality it’s a basically normal IS with a unique badging kit with minor options. hopefully others will chime in here on what to look out for. looking forward to you joining the owners club and sharing what you purchase, Hope the above helps. cheers
  5. sorry for the late reply. Honestly there are no bad options here, both scenarios are great. It just comes down to what you want from a driving preference. Your current RC (assuming it's the facelift) is a smooth, comfortable GT cruiser which has its own luxury and unique driving experience. If you buy and ISF, this is a different beast all together and would provide you a separate excellent option with rear doors for spirited driving, track days etc... benefit of this scenario is you would have cars for all occasions, assuming you wanted the best of both worlds in owning two unique cars. I honestly see the pre-facelift (2014+) RCF and the current new (2019) RC300/350 as almost two seperate cars, that both exterior and interior, offer their owners a very different driving and comfort experiences. So I honestly think my best advice here is to a) Really nail or outline what you want for your coupe driving and maybe b) test drives of the RCF/ISF to decide does it tick all your boxes and do you think its even worth having two cars or perhaps its better to simplify and trading your current RC for an RCF. I think the RCF is a great buy but its a different beast to the non F models (300,350). It could also come down to if you want to seperate your daily comfortable, lux coupe smooth driving experience from your F-oriented spirited driving, preferences or ambitions/mods. as then having two cars can offer the best of both worlds, esp. if the RC is your daily driver, you share with other drivers or for whatever reason you would ideally prefer not to use an F car for all duties ( of course many here do daily drive F cars). Be great to hear you experiences on the above, have you driven an ISF/RCF and what are you current thoughts on them compared to your current RC300? As mentioned in the post above -you'll enjoy either route you take and, unless you are wedded to keeping a coupe, you maybe could explore the GSF as another option?
  6. Sounds good. In the original description it says joint dyno day with boys from "this forum". Is this posted somewhere else, i.e. , are there other forums/clubs attending? Just curious more than anything. I think weekend would have stronger attendance?
  7. Hi and Welcome. Lovely car you have, trim and colour seem to be great combo. Just a question, when you take the lexus to the Car Wash, do you use the soap/broom? Or are you talking about the auto-laser washes?
  8. Yeah I'm a little embarrased for you too. It's the only button on the right hand side. and it has DISP written on it. Maybe you tried pushing the blank stopper ontop and figured the whole right side is buttonless/non-responsive. Yeah I was freaking out too when I had no idea where the range was. Lucky though I found the display button and started playing till I stumbled upon it. :P
  9. given the history of this thread, I am not sure where we will land with this. Just thinking out loud...At this point I'd even suggest setting a close date by End of Next week (Fri 5th October) Guys can we please firm up, before bank tranfers, final list of: - People - Dollars (based on updated no. of people) - Expected Delivery to Chatswood Zed, you should have a contingency plan. if only some of the people here actually pony up the money for these, we should be prepared to go ahead with smaller numbers? I hope we don't have to, but as many have said, this can't keep dragging on forever.... or do you intend to refund...? or do you intend to book a holiday to Tahiti...
  10. Welcome to the Lexus forums EffSport :)