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  1. Ended up just sticking with the OEM 12+ wheel tyre specs 2 x Michelin Sport 4 S 225/40/19R 2 x Michelin Sport 4 S 265/35/19R Since I couldn't find any credible sources online for 275/35/19R for the rears, only sources for the 245/35/19R fronts which were recommended. 275/30 are definitely not legal here for my wheels, only legal for the older ISF wheels which are .5'' slimmer and jump from 255/35-> 275/30, not 265/35->275/30.
  2. I'm a newb since it's my first time purchasing diff sizing, though looking at https://tiresize.com/tyre-size-calculator/ 265/35/R19 vs 275/30/R19 Diameter = 668 vs 648 which is 20mm so it is over the 15mm legal limit Whereas 265/35/R19 vs 275/35/R19 Diameter = 668 vs 676 which is 8mm which is within legal limits.
  3. Nice, for stock sizes it came to about $1970 from Lexus Brighton installed for stock sizing on the PS4S, which interestingly is about $100-200 cheaper than BobJane - Though they won't install different than OEM sizing so need to look elsewhere. BobJane also wouldn't install the 275/30 since it is outside legal limits, and suggested 275/35 - not sure if these are too big though since I can't find any good sources of the fit on stock height without rubbing here or on clublexus forums.
  4. Just did my 120k service on my 2012 ISF, looks like I need to get a new set of pads + rotors for the front and brand new rubbers on all four corners. Currently leaning towards the DBA 4000 t3 rotors and Brembo brake pads from brakesdirect: https://brakesdirect.com.au/aus/dba42758s-dba-4000-series-t3-slotted-brake-rotor.html https://brakesdirect.com.au/aus/p50092-brembo-brake-pads.html Have done some reading and it looks like the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S are still the recommended tyres? Also interested in getting some wider ones since a lot of people also recommend getting wider ones. Stock: 225/40F and 264/35R A lot of recommendations for 245/35F and 275/30R and even 285/30R, however the tyre shop said that it isn't legal in Victoria, and that I could try 275/35R since that is within the legal limit. Would this also be a decent set up? Running completely stock ISF set up - so not sure if it will cause any rubbing etc. Thanks!
  5. Hey all, Just finished my 90k service and in need of some new tyres and brakes, most likely get the whole new set now, but the service rep told me that the report states I currently only have 10% left on the front brakes(pads?) and about 50% on the rear - when it gets critically low, does the car alert us? Looking for some aftermarket options, as when I bought my car at 60k, I had all 4 front discs and pads replaced at Lexus of Brighton, which amounted to about $5.2k~ back in 2014. Any recommendations for purely street use? I thought the OEM ones were great, has a strong bite but it felt quite strong and capable. However from the second I purchased the car with the brakes replaced, I always got brake squeal when coming to a stop towards the lights. It was incredibly annoying and the only time I wouldn't hear it was straight after a good wheel clean - but it would pretty much come back 10-15 mins of driving. The amount of brake dust was also quite annoying and was hard to keep the wheels nice and clean.
  6. Rarely go on sports mode nowadays, just planting the foot down and going WOT for a few seconds seems to drop the remaining kms by about 3km each time lol...
  7. Are you upgrading to another exhaust? Do you know how they compare to the Borla/JoeZ?
  8. Haha no idea... I'd presume at least a tiny one going off some meet threads 4-5 years ago :(
  9. Seems like the Lexus crowd in Melbourne is no more.
  10. Pretty sure the intention of his bump had nothing to do with the stolen ISF thread that no final update on the matter.
  11. Anyone planning a meet any time this year? Keen to hear any ISFs with Borla/JoeZ exhausts.
  12. Awesome, good insight into the similarities and differences between your cars. I think a lot of people nowadays compare the S3 to the IS350 as well due to the price similarities. I too was about to pick up a white IS350 from Melb city lexus maybe 2 years ago but decided to just wait a bit longer.
  13. Did you have the Audi S3 Sedan? How does your last few cars compare to the IS350?