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  1. Full brake disc/pad replacements on the ISF cost $4500 from a Lexus dealership, had them done a year ago.
  2. Driving In Sport Mode

    Rarely go on sports mode nowadays, just planting the foot down and going WOT for a few seconds seems to drop the remaining kms by about 3km each time lol...
  3. SOLD: Lexus ISF X-Force exhaust

    Are you upgrading to another exhaust? Do you know how they compare to the Borla/JoeZ?
  4. Melbourne Meet - Feb 2017

    Haha no idea... I'd presume at least a tiny one going off some meet threads 4-5 years ago :(
  5. Melbourne Meet - Feb 2017

    Seems like the Lexus crowd in Melbourne is no more.
  6. Pretty sure the intention of his bump had nothing to do with the stolen ISF thread that no final update on the matter.
  7. Anyone planning a meet any time this year? Keen to hear any ISFs with Borla/JoeZ exhausts.
  8. This thread is more than 2 years old mate.
  9. IS350 F Sport new to me (MY12)

    Awesome, good insight into the similarities and differences between your cars. I think a lot of people nowadays compare the S3 to the IS350 as well due to the price similarities. I too was about to pick up a white IS350 from Melb city lexus maybe 2 years ago but decided to just wait a bit longer.
  10. IS350 F Sport new to me (MY12)

    Did you have the Audi S3 Sedan? How does your last few cars compare to the IS350?
  11. New Front Pads & Rotors

    Sounds like my OEM brembo brakes lol... Have still done it after almost 6000Kms Think I may need to take a road trip where I am able to constantly brake from high speeds consecutively to maybe fix it.
  12. Lexus F Melbourne Drive Day

    Just checked the USB, mines blank :( The LFA sound is absolutely amazing.
  13. Lexus F Melbourne Drive Day

    Went to this, was a pretty good day, although a lot of waiting and not enough driving :( - 3 laps of the Sandown race course in 3 cars, RCF, GSF and NX, so a total of 9 laps, instructed by a professional driver. - 3 hot-laps with a professional driver in a GSF as a passenger. - Free food/drinks/snacks - 5 lucky winners to be driven by Alan Jones (former F1 driver) in an LFA - Goody bag at the end - framed photo taken on the day, Lexus USB stick, Microfibre cloth, key ring and a cap. GSF was by far my favorite car of the day, much preferred it to the RCF, RCF does sound louder under WOT to me though.
  14. Joe Z catback

    Haha yeh I just googled it, came across an ancient thread where some people showed how to fit it in their car - not sure if i'd want to do that to mine though, really don't want to damage the trim/seats/or whatever in the car. Also read that someone has been waiting ages for their tom's diffuser or something from modinjapan and they never got replied to until they made a thread on clublexus. I think the general consensus is JoeZ > Borla > XForce? Also supposedly there are a number of people that have issues with the varex system on the XForce.
  15. Joe Z catback

    Not locally, I've called up Lexus of Chatswood recently and they said they don't do it anymore, not since the $ dropped somewhere back in 2012-13. I've been doing some searching around, your only options are - bestexhausts - can buy the Borla from there, but they just import it anyways - xforce - buy JoeZ from modinjapan and ship it over from the states. I was planning on getting the Borla, then found out that the JoeZ is superior in sound and quality/fit/finish (some report more droning and smell from the Borla) Did a bit more reading and also realized that the ISF stock exhaust doesn't come apart into several parts like the JoeZ etc. and therefore I have no way of getting it back home without renting a van/ute/whatever.