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  1. I wanted white but couldn't get it so took this instead, very glad I did.
  2. The other issue is the colour, Vermillion is epic this is a pic of it in the showroom in 2012 only done 33,000k's since - I'll keep it I guess.
  3. I love the ISF but not a fan of the silver center console, the colour of my 350 is a big attraction, people still comment on it even the RACV guy yesterday, Vermillion. I'd get another Lexus but I just don't like the new models at all.....
  4. Been and gone in an hour, $229 great service by the RACV and didn't have to leave the house.
  5. Called the RACV they will be here in 30 minutes, quoted $229 with a 2 year warranty, they had another at $370 but couldn't tell me the difference, same warranty. Dealer is closed so get it done now and get on with the day....thanks for your help.
  6. Does anyone know if you need to go to Lexus to get a new battery I have a 4 year old is350 needing one Thanks.....
  7. Got the tyres, while I was waiting I had a look at their specials magazine and there was one there the "all rounder" $237 for 4 I asked what the difference was between those and the ones I paid $1400 for , he said "not a lot"
  8. I'm getting the RE003's tomorrow, according to Franky X they're a better tyre and I found they're cheaper than the originals at Bob Jane Prahran, if you're in Melbourne.
  9. I found the RE003's at Bob Jane Prahran.....I'll go with those and they're cheaper than the ER33's !!!
  10. Yes they are staggered fit, I cant get RE003's in both sizes (front and back) so it's back to the original Turanza ER33 Lexus charge about the same as the 2 dealers I went to so may as well let them do it at service time.
  11. Hi Tony, I dont know what staggered fit is ? They are Turanza ER33 255/40 X 18 and 225/40 x 18 Hope that helps, thanks for your reply...