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  1. Driving In Sport Mode

    Congrats on the car. Hold down the Traction control but until you see 2 orange lights show up on the dash
  2. BT Streaming stopped working

    Thanks guys. I have reset the network settings and seems to be working fine now. Much appreciated.
  3. My iPhone connects and works as normal but I can no longer stream music from my phone for some reason, it plays on my phone just no sound coming through speakers and phone is connected to car, anyone have any ideas what it could be?
  4. RCF service in Brisbane

    Lexus at Springwood
  5. Swift Springs

    Just got a quote for 489USD shipped to Brisbane
  6. Swift Springs

    Where are you buying the springs from?
  7. HPS intake

    Agreed. I am still waiting for a quote on Swift springs.
  8. HPS intake

    I'll also buy a HPS intake if you find them at the right price!
  9. HPS intake

    I don't believe so, found some on eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HPS-Blue-4-Ply-Silicone-Post-MAF-Air-Intake-Hose-Kit-For-Lexus-08-13-ISF-IS-F-V8-/311605343587?hash=item488d203563:g:ubgAAOSwnDZULdkA Also here http://shopfigs.com/v3/index.php?route=product/product&path=41_120_43&product_id=1758
  10. New member looking for MY12+ISF

    Congratulations John!! Side mirrors on ISF need to be manually folded in unfortunately. How do you find the white interior, personally I think it's really nice? Also what about the JoeZ exhaust, do you like it?
  11. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Is the Apexi Throttle controller just like having it in Sports mode where the accelerator is more responsive, also where are they available from?
  12. Joe Z Exhaust

    Is this still available???
  13. Joe Z Exhaust

    PM me!!!
  14. Is this system still available, if so any idea cost to ship to Brisbane? Cash Buyer!!!!

    1. @mans247


      Hi Mate,

      Yes its available - you would need to sort out the shipping to Brissy.

    2. @mans247


      message my mobile I rarely login here and even less chance since I dont own a lexus anymore my number is 0405 500 981

  15. Possible IS-F Owner

    Hi Mate, You will be very happy with the reliability of an ISF, very few if any problems with them, maybe the odd water pump failure on early models but in general they are built like a tank. I also have had a C63, then went to a RS5 after that bought an ISF sold that and bought a M3 now I'm back in a 2013 ISF as I have started doing a lot of km again. C63 is faster and sounds better but no where near the reliability in my opinion, especially as they both age but I do prefer the seats in the C63 and M3. Sound wise the ISF is quiet so you will need to upgrade exhaust if you like noise, not a huge amount of options available though. Try and get a MY11 ISF as it has the updated dash and daytime running lights plus a few other tweaks, it's worth the extra IMO. They really are super reliable and relatively cheap to maintain except for brakes but you can import your own parts at half the dealer price and as you said excellent bang for your buck.