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  1. Definitely an Alloy, I tried a magnet on the underside and it didn't stick...
  2. Hi Kevin Welcome to the site, I'm not able to help you but hopefully someone on here can. Good Luck Jay
  3. Call SAM at CNC Wheels..... 15/426-428 Marion St, Condell Park NSW 2200 These guys are fantastic, professional and great to deal with...
  4. What's the turnaround time? What area will your Sydney base be in? I would love to hear what your opinion is when you get it back.......
  5. If there was any chance they could do something with the RC350 I'd definitely be interested.....
  6. Just had RS-R TI2000 fitted to my RC ..Drop = 15mm rear - 25mm front, contact Dan or Simon from RS-R Australia They will look after you....Shipped to me within 5 days and the RC looks, handles and rides great... Like Vaku said RS-R is the real sht... Vinyl wrapping by Wrapstyle at Rockdale, thanks to Mike and Jerry, they did a great job
  7. Thanks for replying, and yes I do realise that these forums aren't the best for newer models BUT it is a Lexus owners forum and there has been a few posts by other RC owners. My question was really to find out what peoples thoughts were with regards to Tanabe vs RSR, I always do my research but some advice from other users would be a bonus, anyway I have decided to go with RS-R TI2000 the drop and spring rate are exactly what I wanted, once done i'll post some photos.
  8. Obviously not many RC owners on here....
  9. OK it's time to liven this place up a little........................ I'm interested in lowering my RC350 F sport, don't want to get too radical, more like 20mm rear and 35mm front have looked at RSR and Tanabe, Tanabe seem to offer the drop I'm looking the RC sits higher at the front than the rear. I'm currently running wider spec rims than standard which has the rear wheels right on the edge of the guard I am also seeing what Lexus has to offer if anything so I don't have to worry about warranty issues. Any opinions, experiences would be appreciated.
  10. Welcome Tommyfour YES...very quiet...BUT still a great site............
  11. Hi Davidg That is a tiny piece mate, but I see where you are coming from, have you tried an upholsterer, surely they could punch something like that out in the colour you want for a reasonable cost....
  12. Hi Lanster I can't comment about the RX270 as i have never owned one, but if you are concerned with reliability in the future i suggest you talk with the dealer about extending the warranty, if the vehicle is still within the standard warranty period then i think it is possible to purchase extra warranty, this could be something that you could negotiate into the dealor just purchase it for piece of mind...
  13. Welcome Charliecheese Late last year I had a test drive of the NX 200T (actually my wife drove and I was the passenger) She loved the car. It's a great looking car built to the typically high standard of Lexus... Enjoy........