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  1. For rotors i'd get DBA part no.2726E For pads i'd get QFM HPX not sure of part no.Same pad fit Toyota Kluger i think.Remsa are good but bit aggressive on rotors Ive found. The above available from these guys. As bazzle suggested Subaru upper cylinder cleaner. For wiper blades just go to Repco.
  2. As bazzle said get a second opinion.A transmission flush may help. If the transmission is on the way out pm Danny here.He may be able to help with a 2nd hand one.
  3. This is good information for ALL Lexus owners.Can anyone recommend a workshop in Sutherland shire (Sydney)that can perform this? Danny is there anyone you can recommend? Thanks.
  4. Hi. I get mine serviced at Lexus of Sutherland.Good service reasonable price.I always supply the engine oil 5W30 full synthetic.engine takes approx.,6.3 litres. Here's a few quotes from mechanics in your area.Not sure what they're like.
  5. Try Autoglym glass polish.Fixed my wipers skipping/grabbing on the screen.Think it's just an accumulation of road grime diesel etc.particularly if it hasn't rained for a while.
  6. ^^^^As above.ilv1004 s is right.Happened to me a few times with different cars over the years changing batteries etc.lower than normal idle even to the point of almost's a bit unnerving when it happens the first time.
  7. T2s would be good for your car.Any pad would be better than the stock pads.They bite well but the dust they produce is terrible.
  8. DBA rotors and QFM HPX pads.Good street combo and nice progressive pad bite.Make sure you get DBA street series rotors with En-shield(so the hubs don't rust)
  9. I'm in Sydney.How much are the RE003 fronts.I can get Michelin PS3s for $225 each.
  10. That's a staggered fit.I have the same.I need to replace the fronts.Not sure to go with the factory tyres or get something else.
  11. I too would like to know if this is worthwhile doing
  12. I'm due for front tyres same size as yours water.$190 seems like a good deal,what are the Sport Maxx like?
  13. I too need to replace my front tyres.So no rubbing with 235/40/18?Even on full lock?225/40/18 seems to offer next to no rim protection so hoping 235 will offer bit more rim protection as i've already kerbed one of the rims a bit.