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  1. Thanks. Yeah those were some warm days :)
  2. Here is the ad:
  3. Gents, Just letting everyone know I am now selling my beloved 2011 Starlight black IS-F. Anyone who knows me and the car would be aware that is has been looked after well and is in top shape. Reason is moving overseas long term. Very reluctant but it needs to go.
  4. Well apparently it will be heavier than the LFA which is expected but let's just see how much fatter it turns out to be. I think the LC500 minus a hundred kilos would be a good start. I more eager to see how it will put all that power down, we are talking La Ferrari territory.
  5. Nope, it's 900hp ish and 400K :)
  6. As I said: It's confirmed. The source is 101% reliable.
  7. So anyone heard any specifics? All I know its confirmed.
  8. So they are talking about 525 WHP I wonder if the gearbox is able to keep up with that reliably? ...and the diff.
  9. The problem with any street tyre is that after a few heat cycles they get cooked and lose traction and will never come back, if you want consistency and the ability to put full power down you need to go Michelin Cup 2 or the likes, they are track tires that are street legal.
  10. I've been running the RR bushings for a few months now and as you said the front end is much more responsive now, I did have some noise coming through but its now completely gone. Done a couple of track days and the car is also noticeably more stable under heavy high speed braking. Time to do the ECU and perhaps the PPE dual mode exhaust.
  11. I currently use the Xperia Performance but before that I had the Z3 and it was great.
  12. Correct that is the main reason why one of my phones is a top of the line Sony, it has the proper manual equalizer and bass settings that is rare and makes a big difference. I also have the latest top HTC and Samsung but neither come close to the Sony SQ wise even with after market apps.
  13. check this out then :) This was my old 08 car. The interesting bit starts at around 11min.
  14. Track test done. Definitely better front end during turn in and noticeably more stable under high speed heavy braking.
  15. Still happy and the noise is completely gone now. Will track test tomorrow.