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  1. Spec

    Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    On some of those corners - 0:06 and 0:024 - it looks like the car is in too hot, hence the sideways power slide, losing time. Compare these to corner at 00:52 - nearly got it correct, it would have been a nice fast exit.
  2. It took a while to sell mine... have to find a Lexus enthusiast, most others are looking for European performance cars. The guy I sold to was the same, once I told him how much (little) it costs to maintain/insure this compared to ze germans... and drove him around the block - he was convinced that this was a better buy than the other's he'd been looking at. TBH, around 5 years back, I was in similar situation, looking for an Audi S5 (or maybe M5) till someone told me about Lexus - I didn't even know that Lexus had a performance car at the time other than the LFA. @rysith - it maybe worth considering removing the aftermarket parts (except the body kit) and selling on this forum - it's likely you'd get a few interested folks. you've got more than 10K in upgrades, Unlikely you'll get the value of those upgrades in the price of your car as single sell. best of luck with the sale.
  3. Yeah, probably 8 months or so. Was off market for a while and also over Dec/Jan as I was not around. The person who bought this had never driven Lexus before - but was into Japanese performance cars. He was pleasantly surprised once he started driving it. Lexus still needs to go a fair bit in promotion/motor sport in order for people to realise that they can make performance cars.
  4. Sold
  5. I'm selling mine - low mileage (mostly fun miles, not city driving) - if you're open to getting a VIC car. No mods on the car, nice and clean - and some of the forums folks can vouch for the condition of the car. https://au.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/13817-for-sale-lexus-2010-isf-my-2011/
  6. Price updated. PM me if anyone is interested
  7. Bump - Price updated
  8. Spec

    Wanted IS-F

    I guess it depends on which one you're looking at. Perhaps the dealer's car has higher mileage or maybe not in as good condition.
  9. The BT stack is bit odd - there's a pairing sequence that is initiated when 2 devices have to pair, and sometimes the timing of this results in failure. Here's what I recommend you do - - If you have ever connected the Samsung S5 to this car before, try removing the link first. Also remove all other phones listed there which are no longer in use and make sure that there is at least 1 space available to store a new phone - If the phone was removed in step above, switch off and restart the car (just ACC mode is fine, no need to start the engine) - Switch on bluetooth on phone and then 'long press' the BT icon, under paired devices, remove all that are not relevant - Switch off BT on phone - On car screen, from the phone menu, select add phone - this forces the car to broadcast the BT availability and wait for pin, immediately after this, turn on BT on the phone, the car device should be visible and you can try to pair it. Sometimes during this you'll get a popup on the phone stating that the car wants to pair with PIN 'XXXXX'. Depends on if the phone makes the connection or the car does. Once done, click accept on the phone first, then on the car screen Alternatively, you may also see a message on the phone stating that the car wants to access Phonebook and messages - you'll need to allow this.
  10. Spec

    Wanted IS-F

    Zukzuk - Message sent
  11. Bump - Price updated
  12. Spec

    Tyre noobie

    265/35 vs 255/35 - There is a difference - I notice that it slips less on 2nd gear in wet conditions. Also the ride is a bit more softer. AS BLK says - 255/40 in the front will not work. Essentially, the tyre you choose should not have more than 15mm rolling dia difference to the original spec. In the front, stock is 225/40 and a 255/35 will be 1.5mm smaller in dia, which is ok. a 255/40 will be 24mm difference, that's unlikely to pass road worthy. In the rear, stock is 255/35 and a 265/35 is 7mm diff and a 275/30 is 13.5mm diff. a 285/30 rear will be better at 7.5mm difference, but it won't fit the stock rims - BLK should be ok, since he's got aftermarket rims.
  13. Spec

    Tyre noobie

    Yes, this is normal - the steering was tuned for 225 width tyres, at 245, it will feel heavy and quite noticeable at slow speeds under 10kph. On the hills though, it feels really nice with all that grip on the front, it feels nice and planted.
  14. Spec

    Tyre noobie

    yeah, these will be fine. At 265/35 the rear will feel a bit more softer (since the air cushion is increased using this profile compared to 255/35 stock). The front is significantly better in the fast sweepers and corners, but steering will feel a bit odd at very slow speeds 5-10kph like during turning in and out of a driveway or parking.
  15. Spec

    Tyre noobie

    Stock setup is: Front - 225/40 R19 Rear - 255/35 R19 Michelin PS3 should be just over 300 per corner, Michelin PSS would be closer to 350 each You could also opt for Continental CS3 which should be around 300. If you want more grip, go 245/35 on front and 265/35 on rear. The extra rear width helps a bit with power traction in the wet and wider front is much better in the hills. There will be a slight difference in the speedometer indicated speed - on stock mine was off by 4kph, now it's off by only 1 kph.