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  1. Hi guys, Sadly need to sell my Beige Is250, getting another car for wifey. Time to move on to bigger family car :) ODO: 105k Color: Beige metalic, Cream leather interior Mods: Tanabe spring 18" X Edition wheels Brand new Kumho all 4 corners ASKING: $21,500 ONO Perfect paint work, clean car inside out - unmarked. Full service history from Lexus Blackburn VIC PM or contact me from carsales details. Welcome to inspect!
  2. I have stock shock with tanabe spring, and I'm loving the look and the ride quality too. Tiny bit firmer but not harsh yet. But it's all depends on how low and how much comfort ride quality you're willing to trade.
  3. Hope your wheels come back great after the repainting. I have x wheels too with same finish...make me nervous / extra aware when I go to car wash shop after hearing your story.
  4. Here's my IS250 SL. 18" x rims and tanabe springs. Not many mystic gold out there :) still very OEM look but I think I like the simplicity expression of the look.
  5. I've just take 2 shots of the tyre from 2 slightly different angle. As you can see the rim and the sidewall preety much squared and even out. Compare it with my previous pic with the 225 - i'm sure at that time the rim was sticking out for about 0.5 cm. As for -1.26% error, I think I can live with this :)
  6. Hi Tony...The guys at the tyre shop said it's ok as the aspect ration sill the same (235/40/18). I've driven the new tyre for about 2 weeks now. and it seems ok. I mean it's hard to notice if the speedo off, but when I do 100km/h on eastern freeway looks like my speed is the same like any other car around me hahaha. Preety lame method of testing huh? :)
  7. No probs ricky! All the best for ur tyre hunting :) Now i need sell my 2 unused 225/40/18 hehe anyone? :)
  8. I just back from tyre shop. Re-fitted front with Kumho KU22 235/40/18 and it's perfect! The tyre protruded a little hence enough rims protection. It does look much better too. No rub at all - and didn't notice any difference on the weight of the steering (it probably a tiny difference almost unnoticeable).
  9. I can understand why u didnt loke the look :( so am I. My lip is totally exposed, and i worry even a llittle pothole will ruin the rim I wonder why 225 is the oem reccomended tyre size not 235.
  10. Hi Bacchus, I'm wondering if you go with 235/40 on the front? any rub? I also had a dilemma on the front tyre size on x wheels. Can I see pic of your 235/40 tyre/wheel when u had time to take em?
  11. UPDATE: I checked this morning that the 18x8 goes on the front and 18x18,5 on the back so that means that the tyres mounted on the correct wheels. I will go and test fitment with 235/40 today.
  12. Yeah my rims protectors doesn't show up at all. Infact front rims stick out for about 0.5 - 0.75 cms which lead me to believe that maybe the tyre shop put the 225 on 8,5 back wheels. Its possible that they did it wrong.
  13. Hi Ricky, I check few forums and 235/40/18 will not rub so its safe to go, and as for rim protection and better look i think it's the way to go? Altough 225 is ok, but i really dislike the look... Looks like a smaller size in front :( I'm going back to to tyre shop tomorrow for a test fit with 235/40. Hopefully the want to trade with my 225 since its only 1 day old.. I'll take a pic once its done