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  1. Yeh had plenty of people inquire, few time wasters that express interest and then can't come up with the money or some other excuse. Will just wait and see how things go. Currently investigating fitting the Novel headers to my RCF as I've read they are compatible, but possible CEL issues requiring a tune (which involves ECU shipped to the US) to resolve.
  2. Another price drop - happy to entertain any reasonable offers.
  3. My IS-F story so far....

    Nah it's white with the carbon pack (bonnet, roof, spoiler) - but I often travel on Industrial Dr, so it may have been mine with bad lighting (or it's dirtier than I thought :) ) I'll give you a wave if I see you around :)
  4. My IS-F story so far....

    Great read mate and an interesting insight into what you had to go through. I live in Newcastle myself and have owned my MY11 Starlight black ISF for over 5 years and loved every minute. Recently upgraded to an RCF as I was after something a touch more modern and just after a change really. Let me know if any of your mates are keen to get into an ISF after seeing yours :) I'm selling my modded one here: https://au.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/14098-further-price-drop-2010-my11-lexus-is-f-starlight-black-with-mods-approx-300rwkw/
  5. Took this the other week and forgot to upload it, just a quick video of the exhaust on a cold start, shows sound after it finishes the warm up cycle and a quick rev or so (didn't want to give it too much as there were some people around):
  6. Headers are $8000 new and exhaust $3000 - labour about $2000 for both those installed. Genune Wald wing and carbon fibre diffuser weren't cheap, $3000 for paint, and labour, etc for molding the wing, respraying the boot and building up the rear quarters (and respraying) to match the wing. Lots of money and love and effort :)
  7. Make an offer, happy to consider any reasonable price!
  8. Price further reduced - $48,990 ono!

    Thanks, did they wear unevenly before the USRS were installed?

    Any uneven tyre wear issues as was the case with ISF's that was fixed up by installing the Rear bushing kits from RR Racing or Superpro?
  11. NSW- Wanting to get into a ISF

    Hi avpharm, I've got a nice modded example for sale listed on these forums, it's an MY11 so it has the LSD, upgraded suspension, DRLs, and updated dash/steering wheel layouts over the MY10's. A bit above your listed budget, but with the mods included (especially the Novel headers which have a great reputation), you won't have to spend a cent and will make some very nice power compared to a stock model. Check the ad details below and feel free to message me for any more info:
  12. Invidia exhaust for sale

    What is the quality like on the Invidia exhausts, looking at one for my RCF?
  13. New car has arrived, make an offer if you are interested.