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  1. Best If you can let us know if you got the 2IS or 3IS shape as in 2013 Lexus changed body shape.
  2. Most Lexus dealerships in Australia use Castrol FS.
  3. no worries, GROM V2 is the recommended choice for infotainment upgrade.
  4. Yes they are called VLANDS, they are very popular. Many people get them for the looks.
  5. Hi Richard, The tools are actually in the boot in the tool kit. You will need a DVD copy or genuine DVD from lexus. Most are out of date anyways. Another option is GROM V2 which you'll be able to use Apple CarPlay with the factory screen.
  6. sounds like a circuit board issue, if your good at electronics i guess it would be fixable (never tried). Most people replace the whole assembly. if your wanting to upgrade most people go VLAND, if you are wanting to sell your old headlights pm me.
  7. Hey Michael, Unfortunately group buy has closed, message us on facebook and we can see what we can do for you.
  8. Hi Cam, I would go the Lexus IS250, you'll have the reliability of a Japanese car and safety of having a bigger car compared to the i30. You know what your gut is telling you and have already answered your own question 😁 You wont regret the Lexus.
  9. I'm sure Lexmania Australia can help you out on some parts. Message them via Facebook.
  10. how much are you looking to get for the car? how much did dealer offer for trade in?
  11. If your in Sydney, Contact Lexmania Australia, Install wont be $400 that's for sure.
  12. Another option is TOM'S Racing "Performer" brake pads Front: 0449B-TW705 Rear: 0449B-TW706 https://www.tomsracingaustralia.com/shop/lexus/lexus-is/lexus-is-f/
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