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  1. any update to mods kyo?
  2. NSW- Wanting to get into a ISF

    Yes that is correct.
  3. SOLD - Facelifted 2007 IS250X

    How much did it sell for? Is the new owner on this forum?
  4. WTB ISF

    $34K! That's cheap. What needs to be done? pics?
  5. Congratulations William!!! Link to the carsales ad: https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Lexus-IS-F-2011/SSE-AD-4774311/?Cr=7
  6. SOLD - Facelifted 2007 IS250X

    Very well taken care of. Have worked on this car and can vouch for the seller William. 164,000kms is nothing.
  7. G'day

    Congratulations on the relationship and being honest. I hope you all the best with the new lady!
  8. Hi William, Sorry just saw your post, don't know why but i don't get email notifications on these forums. Yes i do have stock and can supply, I believe Danny can do the install but you will need to ask him on that.
  9. Well... I just called Lexus of Chatswood and they quoted $1700 - $2000 for a windscreen for a 2011 Lexus IS350.
  10. I currently have some in stock and ready to ship/pick up if anyone is still interested. Currently the best dash cam on the market and these have been selling like hot cakes, so get in quick and don't miss out!!! I am glad to announce after speaking with my supplier the new price is $550 for ALOC members... Please note: I will update the dash cams to the latest firmware and speed cam data before shipping out.
  11. Best Dashcams?

    Thanks Barry, yes I would recommend the Thinkware F770 Front & Rear Hardwire Kit. 1080P for both front and rear cams, speed and red light camera warning as well as mobile speed camera zones, wifi, gps, Sony cmos sensor, 30 fps. This is the only dashcam I would recommend and support 110%. I believe I have 6 in stock at the moment if anyone is interested: http://www.thinkware.com/Products/Dashcam/F770 feel free to pm me or contact me with any questions.
  12. Wrecking 2011 ISF

    You need this William!!!
  13. Not really, i burnt it perfectly and works fine with no issues