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  1. I'm glad you like it! i think it's very good bang for the buck and not only it sounds great i think, the stainless steel exhaust tips certainly improves the car's aesthetics. Hope to see your car in the next Lexus meet :)
  2. thanks mate, i would say barely or at least not to the point where it's annoying. I live in St.Ives and work in Castle Hill during the day. If you are interested, i can show you.
  3. hey guys, got 2.5'' stainless steel xforce catback fitted last week. Been driving for a few days now and what i have noticed are the following: 1. Fuel consumption has improved from 11.3L/100KM ish to 10.5L/100KM. My driving manner hasnt really changed. 2. Cold start is quite loud for about 10 seconds, and fairly subtle on idling and cruising with foot off the accelerator pedal. But once you put your foot down say from 1500rpm, it will stay at a nice deep tone all the way through the rpms. I have uploaded a couple photos below. Havent had a chance to video record drive away sound yet, but at low revs it sounds similar to this video here: http://s1028.photobucket.com/user/pche7304/media/IMG_9570_zpsaftvxhzf.jpg.html http://s1028.photobucket.com/user/pche7304/media/IMG_9567%20-%20Copy_zpsgxkjqybd.jpg.html
  4. thank you for the offer, i think i might just get a new set so i should not have too much or less drama when i sell my car in future. I like to show potential buyers invoices for all the major mods done to my car.
  5. Thanks Zerone, the xforce cat back is 2.5'' full stainless steel and i drive my daily so i think it should be okay staying rustfree. Do you know how restrictive stock exhaust system is on IS350?
  6. Thanks for your reply MR2. I have a F sport intake fitted already which only sounds awesome after 4000rpm ish. Need something around low to mid range too. I'm willing to spend a reasonable amount of money on mods ($1600), but not $2400 on just PPE header or joez.
  7. hey guys, just wondering if i could get your thoughts on xforce exhaust system for IS350? I couldnt find much reviews on this as every IS owners seems to go to JoeZ, F sport..etc which i know nothing is wrong with them. The reason I'm looking into Xforce exhaust is because it's about 40% cheaper installed than JoeZ or PPE headers. What i found is PPE headers installed and joez installed prices are virtually the same and if i'm prepared to spend that much i would get PPE headers for sure but knowing it will only give me roughly 16whp gain, i just think it's not worth the money considering i plan to buy an ISF in a year or two. So i thought if i just want to improve the exhaust note, maybe i should look at Xforce since it's alot cheaper and fairly well-known.
  8. 2014 Aloc End Of Year Meet

    i'll come, nothing important is set for that date. I'll leave the wife home because she's not into cars lol
  9. #3 Aloc Dyno Day!

    By the way, can non-lexus car turn up to this day?
  10. #3 Aloc Dyno Day!

    1. ilv1004s 2. rakddon 3. Wink 4. 35Zero I will come to this dyno day if it's still on. Any idea what time this thing will start from?
  11. #3 Aloc Dyno Day!

    i'm in, thanks.
  12. Dyno Runs For Dyno Day!

    im down with that.
  13. Hey guys, i'm looking to fit a F sport intake. Chatswood quoted 750 which in my opinion is a bit too dear. Anyone know where i can purchase these online? I tried Sewell website, parts itself is about $US 455 and plus $240 shipping which works out to be $700. Anyone know other ways to source F sport intake locally for a 2011 IS350? Thanks in advance!