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  1. Exact same issue as my previous GS. Its ECU - depending on which state you are in, ecu shops can fix. Basically heat damage.
  2. If you need the PDF files official from Lexus America with regards to this issue, shoot me an email - , i can forward all the informations to you.
  3. Ok, so let me tell u the symptoms that i experienced. This happened in the midst of summer, we get mid 40deg temp here. When i slow down to a complete stop, when the gear downshift from 2nd to 1st, its a big jolt and when it comes to a complete stop, another jolt. Went to a transmission specialist, gearbox pulled apart, no problem with hardware, filled up with fresh toyota transmission fluid and went for a drive, problem still exists. Both the transmission guy and I did searches online and found out its the ECU that is causing this. He rang up his contact in QLD (i need to find out who the ECU repairer is) and apparently he had fixed a few Lexus that had the same issues and its definitely the ECU. Sent ECU to QLD, after a week got it back, fitted it back on the car and it drives good again. All these messing around: All up costing me $2337.00 , repairing the ECU was $900, the rest of the cost are stripping gearbox apart, putting it back together. Incompetent Lexus of Perth wanted me to get a new gearbox for 13k or a used gearbox for 7k, thank God i didnt trust them and went to a transmission specialist instead.
  4. I had the same issue with my 3rd gen GS300. Yes it is a ECU problem, nothing wrong with the gearbox at all. Apparently its a know issue in America, and Lexus America do offer recall to fix this issue. However Lexus Aus would try to make u buy a new/used gearbox which would not fix the issue at all. My ECU was sent to Qld from Perth, and yes its a heat related issue which caused the gearbox to malfunction.