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  1. Extra Reversing Camera

    Did you have any success? Regards, Bob.
  2. Lx470 Computer

    14 is a low figure unless you are doing purely country driving. My LX-470 (2003) gives's an average of 20 round town - 14 would be the lowest I have ever seen on a trip. I would say the problem is in the measurement metrics. If you leave the car idling after fillup you will see 99.9 after a while. Once you start driving, it takes a while for that to come back to reality. The only true test would be to use the old trusted method of doing the calculation when you fill er up.
  3. Checkout Google. As I recall, there are a couple of small things to do before replacing the old DVD, but I can't remember the details now. Most of the posts refer to the unit living under the passengers seat - obviously for LHD vehicles in hindsight. That had me tricked for a while. It's under the drivers seat in Oz.
  4. Anyone heard of adding and extra camera to be displayed on the on-dash LCD? My use would be for when reversing with the caravan attached.