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  1. Just to update. At 61,000km the front discs were down to 25.7mm. Bought a set of DBA non slotted discs (kangaroo paw) and Bendix pads all up for $280. (makes the above post's $250 front pads seem a bit expensive) Fitted them and the dust is gone. Wheels stay reasonably clean, brakes are as good as ever.
  2. Yes, you can borrow mine if you want, but I have no idea where you are! Bought mine on ebay for about $20. You do need the right tool. 64.5mm is the one. Suits many models of Toyota.
  3. I agree with Atlantis Bought our IS 250 with 32,000 km. At this time I measured the front discs at 26.4mm. Measured recently at 46,000km and now 26.2mm Still within the factory wear limit (25 - 28mm)
  4. Have a look at the Honda Euro (05-07) models. I bought a Lexus IS250 to replace a 05 manual Euro. Wanted an auto car for the wife who was always in the wrong gear driving the Honda. All I can say is the manual Euro is a much quicker car than the IS 250. The gearbox is an absolute gem for the person who wants to "drive" the car. Being 200kg lighter does help, the Lexus is definitely slow off the mark in comparison and the auto gearbox is changing down to 5th or even 4th when the Honda would roar up hills in 6th. that said I still think the 2010 IS250 we bought is a magnificent car.
  5. This is a question I have asked myself. Why does the early (05-08) Prestige have same size 16" wheels front & back, but the Sports Luxury has the 17" with different rolling diameters? is there a suspension difference for the SL? I note the "new" model (2013 on) has 7.5" wheels as opposed to the older models 8". A sensible decision in my view, the tyres sit too far inside the rim on the older model. to me the best combination of wheels / tyres would be that fitted to the old GS300. 7.5 17" rims with 225/50 tyres all around. no need for the stupidly wide 245 rears.
  6. What is so bad about a prestige is350? Wheels can easily be upgraded.
  7. Sorry rakddon, not interested in your bigger brakes. The brakes are powerful enough as is for the 2.5 engine. What I want to know is what combination of pads/rotors will stop wear and dust.
  8. Only had our 2010 prestige for a couple of months. Noted the huge amounts of dust the front brakes generate. Cleaning the wheels may become a full time job. While they were off I measured the discs and pads. Discs are down to 26.4mm (from 28.0mm) and pads around 6mm remains. This car has only done 35,000km, Is this wear and dust typical of all IS 250 from factory? What are the best rotors and pads to fit? I will be maintaining this car myself - no dealer repairs or service unless absolutely necessary.
  9. I recently bought a 2010 prestige EMV, sunroof, 33.000km from a dealer for $31K. I had been looking for over a year for the right car as I was particular about colours. This car is like new, not a scratch and never crashed. Having been looking for a year it has given me some insight into prices. Most advertised are way over the true market value and seem to linger a long long time on the listings. I have seen 2010 Prestiges with 55,000km for $25,000. At this price the car sold within the week. So they are out there if you are patient. Sports Luxury models do command a premium, but again I saw a lovely 2009 model SL with 70,000 km go for $28K. I did not buy it as the blue was too dark for me - too close to black which is the last colour I wanted. Your best buy should be a 2009 - 2010 model Prestige with EMV around 50,000 - 70,000km private sale for around the $24K to $26K mark. Do not pay any more! Not sure if there are any differences 2009 to 2010. I think any changes were made late 2010, and this is the MY 2011.
  10. Lexus Gs300 Or Is250?

    Thanks Andrew, The trim is the bone or ivory, not sure if it real leather or the Alacantra? How do you tell? My car is built 06/2010. I know there was an "upgrade" later that year, but don't think much really changed. Looked at a 2011 model at another Sydney dealer. Blue Prestige with 35,000km. Dealer wanted $36K. rear seat belts were dirty (kids?) and wheels had severe gutter rash. Told him had the car been decent would have offered $32K. Dealer said that was not enough. This car sold a few weeks later, so clearly there are buyers who just don't look too hard.
  11. Lexus Gs300 Or Is250?

    Update. I finally bought a 2010 IS250. Red mica with only 33,000km. Has EMV and sunroof, bone colour seats. Beautiful car, have had all the cowlings off underneath and in engine bay already. Absolutely straight, never had as much as a parking bingle. Paint is perfect. Paid $31k at a Sydney dealer. Two weeks earlier I saw a similar car at Canberra Lexus, but with over 70,000km and condition not as good ( had a towbar for goodness sake!). Cannot understand why they knocked back my offer of $28K. this car is still sitting at the dealers while I am smiling!
  12. Thanks all, yes the dealer reckons the marks of a Sport Luxury are sat nav and a reversing camera. Seems he is wrong. Also reckons at 96,000km this is an "average" mileage car for its age, when to me it is high. I am concerned about the oil consumption problem on 06 - 10 cars, question is how can you ever tell this without owning the car for a while? Without looking at it, I don't think I would be willing to pay more than $22K for this car. Missed out on a 09 sapphire Prestige with EMV recently that had 33,000km and was perfect in every way. Car went for $30K.
  13. Sorry to start a thread for such a trivial question. Am still looking for the right car. I am hoping to go to look at this car next week: I have rung the dealer and expressed my doubts that it is a sport luxury, he claims it is. I thought all SL cars had the woodgrain trim? Is this so or not so? A Prestige is fine for me, but knowledge that it is will help me pay the right price. Thanks in advance, John