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  1. Good to see your ISF is up and running.
  2. Enjoy your ISF they are a great vehicle. from your photo the rear mag wheels are on the wrong side of your ISF, the blades are facing the wrong way, they should be the same as the front mags. you should swap them over.
  3. Welcome. a nice GSF, enjoy. any pictures.
  4. Another GS300 LTuned excellent. Back in 2013 I had my GS LTuned mag wheels resprayed by Lexus of Chatswood service centre. you are correct that they are a different colour to the normal Lexus silver that they use on their mag wheels. I’m not sure of the correct paint code. You could take your centre hub cap & get it scanned at a paint place? or you could get Lexus of Chatswood service centre (Phone: (02) 9406 8388) to paint them for you.
  5. Thanks 2bling, it is good to watch everything working on the ISF, a view you don’t see very often. I like to video everything if I can at track days. with this coronavirus I’m watching more of my videos.
  6. Here are two short video of under my ISF at Eastern Creek watching everything work. The first one is on the Brabham Circuit with the standard castor bushes. The standard castor bushes move around a lot more than the RR Racing ones in the second video which was on the GP Circuit. Also look at the poor Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyre bend in the corners. P.S. It looks like it has only installed a link! Under Bit.aviUnder.avi
  7. Nice, enjoy your new ride.
  8. I hope all goes well, an exciting time.
  9. Just for your information, from your photo’s the mag wheels are on the wrong side of your ISF, the blade are facing the wrong way. you should swap them over. Good luck with your sale
  10. They look good & stand out more, are you going to do the rear calipers as well.
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