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  1. LTuned


    That sounds good, but I'm not sure about the $25,000.oo room. it would be a great view of the race.
  2. I have been running Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres on my ISF for a few years now, & they are a good tyre, you will enjoy them. The newer Michelin Pilot Sport 4s are a better tyre, & I will be getting them when the MPSS wear out.
  3. I’d say they are for the sensors/cameras.
  4. My guess would be self-driving vehicles.
  5. They do look well made, but been RR Racing you would expect them to be. heat shielding on the engine mounts, they have thought of everything. They sound like a good mod. If my engine mounts ever go I’ll look at the RR ones. The OEM mounts are reasonably priced.
  6. They do look impressive.
  7. Welcome. wow what a good looking beast.
  8. Yes there is some spare space in the engine bay! been a 2JZ engine, there is plenty of turbo goodies for it, & it could easily make more power than an ISF. but no..
  9. That's an excellent setup.
  10. Yes she still drives like new. Lexus of Chatswood service look after her for me. I do like the look of this model. GS’s are a good highway vehicle. Mine is a 2003 model & only came with the 2JZ GE inline 6. A V8 would have been better. The V8 GS didn’t arrive in Australia till the new model GS in 2005.
  11. I was driving the GS Ltuned on the M2 & she clocked over to 166,666km on the ODO. I couldn’t take a picture while driving, so took the next exit & got this one. plus one of the old girl.
  12. Looking good, enjoy your new ride.
  13. That’s good news, you will enjoy the sound & extra power. Chris is excellent. he installed my PPE header. It’s a pity that our dollar is low.
  14. Of course I would recommend Lexus of Chatswood, why wouldn’t I. you will get a quality job done by people that have done many headers on the ISF before, with all the correct tools to do the job without damaging your vehicle. If you do go somewhere else, make sure they have fitted many headers to an ISF before, or they will be learning on your vehicle. it is not a straight forward job.
  15. Welcome, it looks like a nice IS200. enjoy.