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  1. LTuned

    New Steering wheel

    That does look good.
  2. LTuned

    Lexus Scheduled maintenance

    That is all I have in my Lexus black leather pouch, except for your photo copied bits. not sure where it would fit in the pouch as mine is full with just the 4 book & a couple of leaflets. I went through my books, & I cannot see the list for each service, just where they stamp after each service in section 5, of the Warranty and Service book. There is a Lexus scheduled maintenance list on page 18 of the same book. where did you get the photo copies from?
  3. LTuned

    GROM Vline V2

    Good write up. The Vline sounds good, & looks OEM.
  4. LTuned

    Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    2 reflective ISF, nice. hey the carbon wrapped bits, & GROM Vline V2 looks good.
  5. LTuned

    Hi from brisbane!

    Welcome, another GS LTuned. there are not many, only about 20 in Australia. enjoy.
  6. I found this on The Tire Rack web site. Tire Tech: Air Pressure for Competition Tires I use Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres at the track, & I run front 46psi hot, & rear 38 to 40psi hot. I look at the side walls of the tyre, & if I’m start to run on the side walls I increase the pressure by 2psi. the ISF is front heavy & needs more pressure in the front tyres at the track.
  7. I agree with BCHLER, Chatswood.
  8. LTuned

    New Front Pads & Rotors

    The RR 2 piece rotors were excellent and didn’t fade in each run on the track. to me they felt about the same as the Lexus rotors with the same track pads, but the RR 2 piece rotors have better cooling, & will take longer to fade. I knew my front tyres were getting low, but I thought they would last the day. sadly after the first run after lunch, I was checking the tyre pressures, (46psi hot) & I had worn through to the belts. It’s time for new front track tyres.
  9. LTuned

    2011 ISF Coolant Leaks

    Hello William, looks like a few nice goodies are been installed, it will be good to test them at the track next week, it will be a great day. I use MPS Cup 2 tyres at the track, they are excellent tyres.
  10. LTuned

    New Front Pads & Rotors

    I’ve had RR Racing 2 piece front rotors fitted, & Project Mu RC 09 pads all round. Looking forward to testing them at the track next week. Took a couple of pictures with the mobile phone on the way home.
  11. LTuned

    2011 ISF Coolant Leaks

    Sorry to hear about the coolant leak & engine mounts. My ISF was also in at Chatswood on Tuesday, getting her ready for the track. see you there. what nice upgrades are you getting?
  12. LTuned

    Isf In the 10s

    That fast.
  13. LTuned

    New IS F owner NSW Central Coast

    Good news, you will enjoy the ISF.
  14. LTuned

    Hello from Bahrain

    A nice GSF. looks great in white, enjoy.
  15. LTuned

    New parts installed

    it does look good.