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  1. I hope you get you varex motor fixed, it sounds like a great idea to be able to quieten the exhaust down when you need to be quiet. I do like my JoeZ exhaust, but there are times I would like it to be quieter.
  2. LTuned

    new member saying hello

    Welcome, she looks good.
  3. Another nice GSF, enjoy. any pictures.
  4. LTuned

    ISF youtube vids

    Thank you Matthew, it was a fun day at the track, as always. I was using 3 GoPro cameras, that is how all footage is on the same lap. I use a program called RaceRender 3 to overlay my RaceChrono lap timer with external GPS receiver & OBD-II reader data onto the GoPro footage, than you find the bits you like & I join them together using a program called VirtualDub. It is time consuming, but I enjoy seeing the data on the footage when I watch it to relive the day. the ISF is a great fun vehicle
  5. LTuned

    ISF youtube vids

    Here is one I made at Eastern creek (or SMSP) in my ISF. there were some cool cars on the track with me that day. I slowed down to let them pass. lol.
  6. The GSF is a great looking vehicle, enjoy.
  7. LTuned

    New IS300 owner

    Looks good, enjoy.
  8. LTuned

    New Steering wheel

    At this stage, I’m happy with the silver on the centre console & door trims, but we will see what happens. Yes I hope I don’t scratch the carbon finish on the wheel. The new wheel is so nice to hold, it fits like a glove.
  9. LTuned

    New Steering wheel

    I’m loving the new steering wheel thank you. Yes it does look better in the flesh. the picture with the wheel fitted, the carbon looks to white if you know what I mean, the flash has highlighted everything, it is more black, like the picture of the wheel before it was fitted. The ISF feels much better with the new wheel & is nicer to drive. I’m sure I’ll drive her a bit more now.
  10. LTuned

    New Steering wheel

    The new carbon steering wheel is now fitted, & I must say it does look good. It feels so much better than the stock steering wheel. Money well spent. Here is a before and after picture.
  11. LTuned

    New Steering wheel

    Scammed, really. Damn! I was hoping for that extra power. lol.
  12. LTuned

    New Steering wheel

    Thanks Chris it does look good. I very happy with it. I’ll contact Lexus today about getting it fitted. I wouldn’t have it without your assistance, I’m not compatible with this Instagram thing. Elvin has so many options you can do. it’s a great looking wheel. Once fitted I'm sure the ISF will handle better & have more power. lol.
  13. LTuned

    New Steering wheel

    After seeing your excellent steering wheel, I joined Instagram & ordered one of Elvin’s steering wheels. It has turned up & looks excellent, just like your one but I didn’t get the blue red strip. Looking forward to getting it fitted next week. fingers crossed.
  14. LTuned

    New Steering wheel

    That does look good.
  15. LTuned

    Lexus Scheduled maintenance

    That is all I have in my Lexus black leather pouch, except for your photo copied bits. not sure where it would fit in the pouch as mine is full with just the 4 book & a couple of leaflets. I went through my books, & I cannot see the list for each service, just where they stamp after each service in section 5, of the Warranty and Service book. There is a Lexus scheduled maintenance list on page 18 of the same book. where did you get the photo copies from?