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  1. LTuned

    Hello from Bahrain

    A nice GSF. looks great in white, enjoy.
  2. LTuned

    New parts installed

    it does look good.
  3. LTuned

    Rear tyres

    I run Michelin Pilot Sports Cup 2 tyres on my track mags, & they are an excellent tyre. There only down side is that they are more a dry weather tyre, they are ok in the wet, but the Michelin Pilot Sports 4 would be a better tyre in the wet. I am using Michelin Pilot Super Sports tyres for everyday use & they are good tyres. but when they wear out I will be fitting the newer Michelin Pilot Sports 4.
  4. LTuned

    Koop21 ISF Build Thread

    Looks good.
  5. LTuned

    Leather Seat Touch Up

    Well done. it looks much better.
  6. LTuned

    Engine mounts

    I agree, Lexus of Chatswood service look after my babies. Good people & great service. A performance shop would be learning on your ISF as they pulled her apart. Lexus of Chatswood service know how to pull an ISF apart, & put her back together again properly. They have access to everything they need for the job. Have you seen some of those YouTube videos of these so called experts working on an ISF, rough as guts. No thank you.
  7. LTuned

    09 Isf - Suspension Specialist Sydney

    Track days are fun, & I do enjoy SMSP. first track day, isn't turn 1 scary, & fun. keep having fun in your ISF.
  8. LTuned

    Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Looks good, very shiny.
  9. LTuned

    09 Isf - Suspension Specialist Sydney

    Good news. How was the track day, & where did you go?
  10. LTuned

    sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    Nothing wrong with 4th gear for a dyno run nowadays. 6th gear is too fast for an ISF on a dyno. redline in 6th is 270kph, in a dyno room! the dyno would really be moving. I would not want to be anywhere near it. Could you imagine a Bugatti Veyron in 6th on a dyno at over 400kph. I just don’t think so.
  11. LTuned

    sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    That's excellent, enjoy your extra power.
  12. LTuned

    New member here

    Welcome. a nice GSF. enjoy.
  13. LTuned

    New intake

    This sound exciting. it will be good to hear about your new adventure as it unfolds.
  14. The Blades are designed like a fan, to draw air out from the brakes. when you put them on backwards, it forces air back into the wheel well, resulting in hotter brakes. Here are a couple of Lexus pictures of the ISF. Have a look on the net yourself. Good luck with the sale, & enjoy your new ride.
  15. Your ISF looks good. your mag wheels in your photos are on the wrong side, and should to be swapped over. the blades are facing the wrong way.