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  1. Looking good, enjoy your new ride.
  2. That’s good news, you will enjoy the sound & extra power. Chris is excellent. he installed my PPE header. It’s a pity that our dollar is low.
  3. Of course I would recommend Lexus of Chatswood, why wouldn’t I. you will get a quality job done by people that have done many headers on the ISF before, with all the correct tools to do the job without damaging your vehicle. If you do go somewhere else, make sure they have fitted many headers to an ISF before, or they will be learning on your vehicle. it is not a straight forward job.
  4. Welcome, it looks like a nice IS200. enjoy.
  5. I’m running Michelin Pilot Super Sports tyres all round on the ISF, 245/35 front & 275/35 rear, & they are great tyres. But the Michelin Pilot Sports 4s are an even better tyre. once my MPSS wear out the MPS4s will be going on. yes they are more pricey, but you get what you pay for.
  6. This sounds excellent, it will be good to hear how you go.
  7. Sounds good. I'm still running Michelin Pilot Super Sports on the ISF, but I have heard good things about the Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tyres, & I will get them when my MPSS tyres wear out.
  8. I hope you get you varex motor fixed, it sounds like a great idea to be able to quieten the exhaust down when you need to be quiet. I do like my JoeZ exhaust, but there are times I would like it to be quieter.
  9. Thank you Matthew, it was a fun day at the track, as always. I was using 3 GoPro cameras, that is how all footage is on the same lap. I use a program called RaceRender 3 to overlay my RaceChrono lap timer with external GPS receiver & OBD-II reader data onto the GoPro footage, than you find the bits you like & I join them together using a program called VirtualDub. It is time consuming, but I enjoy seeing the data on the footage when I watch it to relive the day. the ISF is a great fun vehicle
  10. Here is one I made at Eastern creek (or SMSP) in my ISF. there were some cool cars on the track with me that day. I slowed down to let them pass. lol.
  11. At this stage, I’m happy with the silver on the centre console & door trims, but we will see what happens. Yes I hope I don’t scratch the carbon finish on the wheel. The new wheel is so nice to hold, it fits like a glove.