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  1. Hi, There is a proximity sensor for the alarm in that space. You just have to relocate it (note this may affect the performance of the sensor). I stuck mine to the roof of the car. If you were in Melbourne I could install it for you.
  2. Just an update. I've done some more lighting modifications Centre Console Ambient Lighting Centre Console Cup Holder Centre Console Compartment DRL I made my own DRL controller that dims the DRL's to about 40% when the parkers come on so they can become the parker lights. I've removed the parker globes now.
  3. You can find IGN, 12V Constant and Ground in the overhead console connector. I wired my own low voltage disconnect up there. This will save you running the wires down the pillar of the car.
  4. Ok I found this diagram on the net. You cannot just simply "wire the mirror puddle lights to it." The mirror puddle lights is a negative switched PWM signal. You will need to convert this to a clean positive switched signal to feed into the headlight DRL 100% circuit. Without the rest of the circuit I cannot tell if this DRL 100% circuit is dedicated to the headlights only or the IGN circuit for other things in the car. If its a shared circuit you would need to add a diode so your mirror puddle lights doesn't turn everything else on in the car (although that would be cool). I can make a circuit that will convert your mirror puddle light signal to the correct signal. But I will need someones car to try it on as my car does not have DRL.
  5. Does anyone have the wiring diagram for the DRL? I can have a look at it for you.
  6. Hi I always wondered why our Lexus’s don’t have features found in other high-end makes like Mercedes and BMW, so I embarked on a project that I just recently completed. I designed and made an electronic control module that adds the following features: Auto Door Locking/Unlocking controlled either by Park or Ignition Switch Approach/Follow me home lighting. If it is sufficiently dark the headlights will turn on as you approach the car and remain on when you exit Each of these features can be disabled so if you want one and not the other you can do that. The headlight time delay can be adjusted from approximately 10-75 seconds. Price is $119 plus $10 postage Australia wide. I am also offering installation for those in the Melbourne area. If you bring your car to me, the installation cost will be $300. It will take a day to do. I can come to you if you live in the Melbourne Metro Area but I will have to add an additional cost depending on my travel time. Enjoy!
  7. Hi, I can do custom LED installs for the IS250. Here are some examples of what I've done. Exterior Door Handle Interior door handle Door cup holder Fuel door and boot release switch Door Courtesy Lexus Logo Overhead console sunglass holder Boot Grab Handle More to come!
  8. Hi, You can swap out the overhead console for the US one and that has the sunglass holder. I even installed LEDs in it so it lights up. I can do the custom LED install for you if you source the overhead console.