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  1. Is there any changes or upgrades on a My14 to a My15 RCF ?
  2. Is there any up grades or changes from a MY14 to a MY15 Rcf ?
  3. I am looking at buying a low kms car 2nd hand or ex demo car must have black interior not sure on exterior colour.
  4. Thinking of buying Lexus RCF any help or advice?
  5. Hi I am a newbie but a long time forum reader. I bought my wife a new 2014 is250 last year. I have always loved Lexus but once I had a drive I was hooked and had to have one. Hope one day to get a IS-F.
  6. Hello I am a new member. Can't wait for Saturday I missed the last meet the end of 2014 As I had my Christmas party on so I will be there about 2 pm.