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  1. Thanks so much for the clip, sounds MEAANN!!
  2. I mean bloody hell, those hearders are what, $5,000 new?! The exhaust $3,000 new?! Well there is $8,000 of value!
  3. Mate this is a great buy... I would grab it in a heartbeat if i wasn't already rolling in an ISF! Good luck with the sale!
  4. Engine mounts

    Yup, exactly right on both counts. It's a rare thing, and people may not believe these quotes but they are true. I would get them to service all my cars if i could. I have a genuine relationship with my mechanic, who knows the ISF model probably as well as or better than anyone in the country. He is the master technician of Lexus, and he is the man! If he is trusted with LFA's then i think he is OK with my 2009 ISF haha! Plus, i reckon they would be chuffed to install the first supercharger on the car in AUS, they support the "F" community greatly with discounted track days etc.
  5. Engine mounts

    Interesting, the dream currently is to install in one go: PPE Headers RR Racing Engine mounts RR Racing supercharger kit.. Do it all at once It seems that the Harrop / valley supercharger install may be too hard as a one off. A bolt on kit installed by Lexus with the above could be the go. Just need the $S and the time now haha!
  6. sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    Is he saying it would be a piggy back for the ISF? If so, that's no good.
  7. 09 Isf - Suspension Specialist Sydney

    Hi Matthew Thanks for the reminder on this! I have had the Bilstein B6's in the front and rear now for about 2 years, and only have positive things to say really. Within this thread: They are great shocks, and in combination with the USRS package they drive very well indeed..
  8. New intake

    That mid section is killer, would be a great buy for anyone who wanted to free some ponies and remove some restriction!
  9. Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Holy moly that engine bay is so clean.. When you are ever selling your cars please let me know, be like buying new!
  10. New intake

    Love the nappies in the background of the massive turbo soon to be on a V8, it says "I'm a dad, but i still like to get boosted, and get sideways." (i have two kids, one in nappies ha!)
  11. Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    NEVER TOO SHINY hahah!!
  12. Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Wow amazing posts, thanks so much for such detailed walkthroughs!!
  13. Awesome looking car, any chance we could get a vid of how the exhaust sounds..?
  14. New intake

    Awesome! Cant wait to see some updates as it unfolds. What would be amazing to hear is a blow-by-blow account, the pitfalls, obstacles, wins, what works and what doesnt and why. You are pioneering for us over here, thanks so much for having a dig! Looking forward to how you progress.
  15. PPE header group buy

    Thanks for the feedback fellas!