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  1. Glad you managed to get one of those newer Fsport intakes Iggy. Yeah the noise is a nice compromise..gutsy sound when you want it...silent driving when you dont. And yeah there is a tendency to stick the foot down ,but these days there is nearly always a radar cop around the corner when you drive in the city and surrounds...kinda puts a damper on it.
  2. Well i bought the standard Fsport intake with the bigger resonator and as i had hoped... voila ...very nice bit of throatiness starting around 3500 rpm,but stock sounding with normal driving. I didnt mention the purchase to my wife and so far she hasnt noticed the change ,so again what i was wanting (i drive quietly when she's in the car.) A lot cheaper than those polished aluminium intake pipes....,ok, not as pretty and no extra HP gains,but i wasnt worried about that aspect of it. I bought an Fsport grille too while i was at it and very happy with the change in frontal appearance it makes.(Got to have patience with all those grille clips though) I've always felt the 'sloping down' design on the standard grille make the car look too 'pointy' at the front.The hex grille of the Fsport makes the front look a little wider.Subtle change i know but i like it. Thanks to Chris at Chatswood Lexus for all his help. He's great to deal with.
  3. Well thanks for all the suggestions and info guys.I might just have to buy one and see how it turns out,maybe after Xmas .
  4. Not sure what you are saying there Vaku ?What do you mean by "with the sound piped in in stock form" ?
  5. Thanks lexisx ,nice find ,thats exactly what i've been referring to.However that forum is in the States so i wonder if those parts are easily available locally ? One poster quotes $200 US so it would probably be twice that here (at least) if it were available. So at $400 odd dollars not a big outlay if it doesnt work out.Remember im just after the different noise,not any performance gains so should suit me right down to the ground.
  6. Ok thanks, thats good to get that sorted. ........Now i wonder if the 2014 intake would fit the earlier model ???.... Nah lets not go there. Danny you seem to be very knowledgable about the various models and part /prices etc.If its ok with you i might contact you again about some parts availabilty and prices.
  7. Just out of interest these were some of the shots i was looking at.You can see the two different size/shape resonators hanging off the right side of the intake tube. An F type on the left and normal 350 on the right.
  8. Ah ah, yes that might be the case.I am finding it really hard to find detailed images and info about specific Lexus models. The images and info i have been looking at may have been from later,or different models.
  9. Thanks Danny, this is where i'm getting confused.That US forum i looked at spoke about adding all that (pipe and air box) but without the intake resonator.When the resonator was 'deleted' as the yanks like to say,the vehicle lost its throaty sound.It seems to indicate to me that ok you need the pipe,and the filter box but the characteristic sound is not all going to be there without that little intake resonator. I'm thinking that it would be an interesting experiment to try and add the F sport resonator and see what effect if any it has on acceleration noise.I wonder if it can be purchased seperately. Just now reading about resonators, it appears that more and more car manufacturers are starting to employ them(intake resonators) to achieve a more gutsy engine sound reminisient of the days when cars intakes and exhaust systems wer'nt so heavily involved in emissions regulation. BMW have gone to the extraordinary length of having an engine noise prerecorded and linked to the vehicles acceleration which plays back through the cars internal speakers.All this to create the impression for the customer of a high performance engine.(even though the engine is an actual high performace engine) Porsche have added a pipe to their intake resonator and poked it through the firewall to give their cars a more gutsy sound. Clearly Lexus are doing the same.
  10. Thanks guys for the quick replys. I'm unsure about just getting the Fsport intake pipe on its own. I cant find it again but i read on one of the US forums (i think) that the Fsport pipe alone makes little difference to the growl inside the car,that in fact, it is the combination of the pipe and the specially designed and larger intake resonator that creates the "noise" difference internally in the Fsport.???
  11. Yes Vaku,im hoping its the effect im after.Can you tell me approximately how many RPM's the intake noise kicks in at ?
  12. Thanks Danny, do you know if that intake tube includes the resonator ?
  13. Thanks Zerone and ilv1004s Zerone you are of course right about the expectations of most Lexus buyers.I count myself as fitting into that category.Its the cars overall smoothness ,quietness and sense of solid build quality that attracts me to the Lexus.But while i want these qualities i would also like to have a little more throatiness, but only under harder than normal acceleration. I was hoping that i could achieve that without affecting the cars innate qualities(and its remaining warranty) by simply swapping the small intake resonator fitted to the 350 Lux/Prestige/X models with the larger resonator fitted to the F sport models.I was hoping folks here could tell me if they had done this and achieved the more throaty sound of the Fsport (not that i have yet experienced the sound of the Fsport, so im taking it on faith that it does infact sound throatier.Please correct me if i am wrong but i do believe that is the function of the larger resonator. Thank you ilv1004s for the kind offer to give me info on headers etc but i've long long ago given up any desire to mod my cars for extra performance. I wouldnt fit headers or 'other brand' intake systems.but I may fit a Fsport muffler system some time in the future, but no plans for that just now. And i'm not embarrassed to say i wouldnt mind a few aesthetic mods to the outside of the car either.For example i much prefer the honeycomb upper grill of the Fsport to the near vertical lines of the standard grille.I also think that the rear end is screaming out for a rear diffuser of some kind to break up that wall of bumper and boot. So,can i buy an Fsport resonator ?,will it fit onto the standard intake pipe ? Does it give a throatier sound under harder acceleration ?
  14. Hmmm, seems like all of the modding on the 250/350 cars here is mostly about aesthetics eg lights,wheels,trim effects,lighting etc. I cant believe no one has experimented with their engine intake /exhaust systems, even a little.
  15. Hi From Queensland

    Hmmm,yes i did read that somewhere and if the responses (or lack of them) to my first post over in the IS 250/350 threads section is any indication then im in for a very quiet time indeed.