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  1. Noice, And if you haven`t already check out the Facebook AU Lexus ISF page as there is more action there.
  2. Looking at that i say $720.00 is pretty good and fitted too. Check out LexusPartsNow.com to compare. Enjoy your new beast
  3. Awesome, that`s a good price 👍
  4. Cool, it does look nicer 😁😁 i`m curious what sort of price ???
  5. Just looked on the Whiteline website & that says it fits. Personally i`d buy it direct from Whiteline. Then any questions & you can ring Whiteline direct for help. https://www.whiteline.com.au/product_detail4.php?part_number=W53625&sq=256693 😃
  6. Man you stole them 😆 well done. I have fitted plenty of Nolethane & Superpro bushes to various vehicles and i really don`t see any difference between the 2. Superpro probably a little stiffer. May your lockdown end soon 👊
  7. Ela Jim No not on my car yet, it`s only just over 60,000km old so i`m not bothering yet, as for those with a more kms & think they see the need to these are a great option. Then the Superpro equivalent is more expensive, SPF3491K from Burson retails for $290.00 the kit, possibly cheaper when surfing the net. If i was looking at replacing mine i would just go with the Nolethane. We have our own business so Repco and Burson are our major suppliers. Hope this helps Jimmy 😀 I`m on the Facebook Lexus Aus if you want to message me. Peter.K
  8. 45853 - NOLATHANE FRONT LOWER CONTROL ARM INNER REAR BUSHING KIT $115.00 from Repco or ....... Fitting time estimated 2 hours. They will do the job just fine. And Backed By A Limited Lifetime Warranty. Win win 😀😀😀 Peter.K
  9. Welcome SexyLexy, I`m on the GC also. Northern end. This place is usually quite slow ( website ) There is more action on the Lexus AU Facebook page. Search it, it is only for ISF, RCF & GSF. Hope this helps. Peter.K P.S 2013 White ISF, yeah baby ! ! ! ! ! Owned it for 5 years and always look 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Nolethane do a bush kit, part # 45853. Repco sell them for $115.00 kit/pack. All you have to do is have them fitted. Personally i`ve not done it yet. Although i have set my front toe to 0mm. If i see that i have to do it i will use the Nolethane kit. The superpro kit is a little more expensive. Part # SPF3491K Both brands have limited lifetime warranty.
  11. Hi there, It was a exhaust shop here on the Gold Coast that did it for me. We have our own workshop but i don`t do exhaust mods/welds/cutting etc.... just standard fitting only. So because i know these guys, when i took the car to them and raised it on their hoist i then showed them exactly what i wanted them to do. Took them 3 hours all up & was quite easy. All this rant about how hard it is to remove and replace the headers is utter bull crap. So with that i can say it was well worth the mod. Yes it made the car louder but it is a deeper loudness. We love it.
  12. Well those cats should be fine then. You`ll find after 3 or so tank loads of the BP98 all should return to normal. The ECU has picked up the excessive blended fuel flowing out the exhaust and thought WTF ! ! ! !
  13. The cat efficiency code you got is exactly what the description says, we see it from time to time. Stay off the blended mix as it is not suitable for our cars especially when tuned because it leans them out more. Without getting too technical stick to the 98 PULP. I only use BP98. It,s proven to be one of if not the best here in OZ. Wait for about 3 tank loads full of 98 and see if the error returns. If so the cat is RS depending on which bank the error code was for.
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