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  1. Is this the slight 1 second rattling sound upon startup? I noticed that too on my 2005, but I just assumed it was he clutch on the starter motor.
  2. As far as handling goes I have read that the polyeurethane bushes on the 2IS make a drastic improvement to feedback and feel without harshness. BUT Those poly bushings will always end up being squeaky, I wouldn't be able to stand that in a daily, luxury car like the IS, I vote rubber
  3. Does it have the Mark Levinson stereo? That is a good price for such low kms, I would buy it but only if it had Mark Levinson
  4. Do you mean the headlights with the daytime running lights? Or is there something new where they replaced the xenons with LEDs If it is just the newer DRL lights you could find a crashed IS on ebay and ask how much for the lights.
  5. Oh wow... sorry to post on such an old one!
  6. I just removed the snorkel that goes to the outside of the car, it opened up the airbox alot more and made the car sound more aggressive, it sucks in warmer air, but it sucks in more air, keep in mind this method keeps the same filter membrane. Have a look on Ebay there is a Takeda intake that seems pretty good! This is probably the one I will get. I like the sound of the stock exhaust with the filter because it keeps the car quiet when you want it to be, and when you punch it it sounds a bit like a V8 ISF/ C63 to the novice ear :p I think the exhaust tone gives it a V6 commodore kind of element. There much power gains from an intake, all it really does is add noise. The is250 doesnt really have much potential for power sadly, but it still handles quite nicely imo
  7. I had my transmission rebuilt a while ago, I was also told that it is a sealed unit, kind of like how a diff is sealed. Its an annoying system because we all know that fluid should eventually be changed!
  8. So today I finally took the front wheel off to find a knocking sound that had been driving me mental, I found a little arm that comes off the swaybar connected to a sensor. I removed the arm with 2 10mm bolts and drove around for a bit, there was no knocking, just asf off beeping at me. I found this video after scouring the web: This is my exact problem, now they cost about $300 to replace, does anybody know how I could fix this for cheaper? It is so annoying!
  9. The shape of the older bumpers with the halogen fog lights just looks much more compact and elegant compared to the newer design, I also like the older lights without the DRLs, although they would be easy to disable, I wouldn't feel comfortable because of the chance of insurance claims being refused! I also like the original 18s that came on the older models. It is such a shame that Australia always makes it so difficult to own a Japanese car. Hopefully that will change now that Holden and Ford are gone.
  10. Just thought I would start this thrrad becuase this has been bugging me for quite sometime now. I have the original 05 is250 sport luxury and I just love the lines on it, so elegant with everything in the right proportions. Eventually, when I am no longer poor lol, I plan to upgrade to an is350, mainly for the brakes and motor. One thing I have noticed is that I can only seem to find models from 2010 onwards. Are there any is350 available in Australia with the older lights without drls and the halogen fog lamps. I swear I saw ONE in black identical to mine but a 350. Is there any way of getting an older shaped 350 in Australia?
  11. Hi guys, new member from Melbourne here. I have an 05 IS250 in black. No real mods just 6000k bulbs, yellow fogs, and weathershields. Came here to find info about these cars in the Australian market. Looking to buy an IS350 in the future, but I have noticed that we only have facelift 2010< models, which is a bit sad as I prefer the older shape. Look foward to speaking with you guys and hopefully meet some like-minded Lexus owners here Peace