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  1. Just sold the ISF and Purchased a GSF.

    Wow , congrats mate . It is a beast , interior is just so much better than the ISF . How do you like it after 2 months ? it is Nick from Mel ( guy who bought the Joe Z off you :D)
  2. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    the problem with Xforce is it seems to take foverer for them to restock . I have enquiried three time and each time they gave me diffirent estimated time for new stock ( lastest updated is August or Sep ) : D
  3. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    Yeah , i guess i will wait for for supercharged as well . Anyway guy, i am tring to source an exhaust for my F however cant really find anything local . Anyone have spare one up for sale ? thanks
  4. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    I will go for Exhaust/header/intake route first as it is proven and enhanced the v8 sound . anyone here have had PPE/ JoeZ or other exhaust setup ? If yes , can you share some experiences ? Is there any supplier here can get PPE header or i have to import it myself from State . TIA, Nick
  5. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    I have had my F for over a month now and absolutely love it . Coming from mostly turbo car in the past ( wrx , megane rs , A45 ) this thing is completely diffirent , it is quite and relax for cruising and can be an animal when you want it and 1 thing i really appreciate is the built quality , it feels solid like a tank ( my A45 is ratteling and dealer couldnt fix it properly after 3 times ) . Just a few quick shots today, i am planning an Exhaust and intake + Tune soon :D ( just can't get enough of its V8 sound ) http://s23.postimg.org/ja5hhbqff/image.jpg http://s23.postimg.org/4poemhvgr/image.jpg
  6. Isf Exhaust

    BLK ISF , just wondering what is your thought after few week with it, any drone on highway cruise ? I am still waitting for new stock , i am running out of patience here : ))
  7. ISF attacks Wakefield Park

    Cool, look like you had an great day mate. Just wondering what app is it ? Cheers, Nick
  8. ISF ECU tune , thought ?

    As you guys might know , ECU tuning has been available for ISF for 2-3 months now and recently OBD tuning was released so just wondering has anyone tried it ? i am keen to get ECU tuned soon after the exhaust . Nick
  9. Isf Exhaust

    BLK ISF thanks for taking your time to write up a great review mate , i am sure you are over the moon with it :D . i am going for Xforce as well however have to wait 4-6 weeks for new stock coming in : ( Based on Vaku video , i am going for non Varex system first to see how it goes . PeterKay : just wondering is K&N intake just for sound ? I heard it seems to be suffered heat soak , isnt it ? TIA guys
  10. ISF buying advice

    I have just got one last month so it might helpful , mine is 2012 late built - 2013 registered ( MY13 with updated bluetooth streaming music function ) . i paid a tad over 60K for it ( car is like new condition, 30K on the clock , 1 mature owener with full service history , 1+ year factory warranty ) so it might give you an idea of price wise . In my experience , this sort of car takes time to find the right one so dont rush it . Make sure you have it checked at Lexus dealer before making a decision. After 3 weeks of ownership , i glad that i pulled the trigger as it is totally awesome :)
  11. Isf Exhaust

    Thanks mate for your clip, it made up my mind now and i will pull a trigger on the system this week. Just wondering where did you get yours from ? I found 1 on on ebay for $1350 ( seems like a decent price ) . Anyone here got K&N intake , i would like to get one ( mostly for more V8 sound into the cabin as i just cant get enough of it ) , and on Clublexus : ECU tuning is availble now and seems like get very good result . Not sure if any tuners here can do somehting similar ? cheers, Nick
  12. Proudly new isF owner :D

    Hi guys , Finally pulled the trigger on a 2012 ISF mercury grey with 30Kms for a tad over $60K . I was looking for quite a while and finally found this one ( 1 mature owner and car is in almost brand new condition ) . I firstly looked at 08-09 model as they are more affordable ( $45-50K mark) however the ride is too firm and not much out there in the condition that i want so decided to go for 12 model ( as far as i know , all previous issues has been addressed in this model year ) Thank you guys for a lot of useful infos here and glad i found the forum before making decision . I am looking for an exhaust upgrage soon so any recommendations from experts here would be much appreciated. TIA, Nick