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  1. Saw the other day that Tempe tyres have them available if you dont mind using them
  2. I paid $275 for the PS91 (285/30). $550 fitted for the pair but mind you that was a few years ago
  3. Yeah no complaints with the PS91s. 285/30 for the pair cost me $550 a few yrs back. Bargain vs for that size, other more well known tyres was near 400 each. Anyways due to the slight scrub i ended up going back down to 275/30 and couldnt get the PS91 in that size at the time. When my current rears die ill most likely end up with MPS4S as im happy how they have performed up front. I ended up with the RR USRS which have been great to date. Dont get that inner tyre wear like i used to. Shop around though, as much as i like them, with the AU$ and postage etc, there are cheaper alternatives out there which will do the job as well. They are great cars eh. Had mine for about 5.5 yrs now, also hardly missed a beat. Cant tune them to the extent of turbo cars but still plenty of mods available interior / exterior
  4. Not sure about PS71 but i have ran PS91 on the rear. 285/30. I had slight tyre scrub but thats due to my aftermarket wheels and offset otherwise i believe stock wheels will clear no issue. I actually was surprised, they performed well street use and got decent longevity out of them. Very affordable too. Looks super agressive :-) Hey you mentioned inside wear on your fronts which is common for the ISF. Have you got stock or upgraded bushes. Figs, RR etc. Dramitically prevents this kind of wear
  5. Best to minimise oil getting in the engine. I dont wait for it to get too full. Mines a daily, no track but spirited driving now and then. Takes about 8 months or so for it to reach 40-50% full. I know others who track their car say they can fill theirs up in the day
  6. I got MPS4S for my fronts, 245/35. Rears still had tread so just the fronts for $329 each fitted but that was a while ago, im sure they have gone up in price since then. Overall im very happy with them. Good grip and so far great longevity. Ive had a few before that, which just didnt last. I also used to use MPSS up front and i find the MPS4S overall grippier and so far im getting more kms from them as well.
  7. Such an awesome colour. Thought about that colour myself. Turned out well 🙂
  8. Read this the other day. Gotta love the Lexus reliability
  9. Welcome to the F club and congrats on the purchase. Any plans to modify or content with leaving it standard?
  10. Hi Gav Saf, sorry just seen this post. I used Definition Car Detailing (Justin) to do my Ceramic coating. Located in Rooty Hill. I was happy with the results and he gets good reviews. Like anything, you need to wash / maintain your car to maintain the results which isnt always easy with a black car but they look great when nice and clean. Assume by now youve done many mods lol
  11. Shame the update they sent just caused other issues. I remember a while back i had sound issues but they sent an update and it fixed it no issues. Since then i cant recall any probs with mine touch wood. I may have to invest some time looking into Android Auto. Dont get me wrong, im familiar with it, seen it on the phone etc but dont use the unit much whilst driving so havent had that need. Dont need Android auto for voice recognition. I never type an address in. I use the mic setup and voice my destination or if on Youtube etc, just voice the song, clip im after. Dont really type much on their. Even spotify etc, i use voice commands. I mostly use Spotify and as its integrated into Waze, i havent had the need to explore other options, audio control with Waze running is no issue or just using the Steering wheel controls once the playlist i want is selected. As mentioned though, my gripe is when i call comes in, it stays in phone mode and waze or whatever im running is put on hold. I can see how it would annoy some. Fortunately its not a huge deal for me as, i dont take too many urgent calls whislt driving that cant wait but a workaround solution to put the call screen in the background would be good. So whats next, Vaistech, Beatsonic???
  12. Damn, sorry to hear you had so much issues with it. Ive had mine running for about 1.5 yrs now with minor issues and they have been resolved so ive been hassle free for most of the year. Ive read that a few had reverse camera issues. Touch wood ive never had that issue. My rev camera always appears as it should like OEM. Once i put it back to gear i just hit the auido button. Beyond that my Vline starts up when i start the car and remains on unless an OEM function overides it like a phone call, parking sensors etc. Dont use Android auto so cant comment on that one. I assume the install was all done correctly? Im not too audio tech minded so i had mine professionally installed. Im sure its not complicated given how quick the guy installed mine but still. I just got myself a OBD adaptor so i use it for all sorts of sensor info on screen, even got poor mans LFA tacho on my screen lol. Glad they atleast refunded you but pity it didnt work for you as it has for me.
  13. Another use, started using the Torque app on the Vline with a OBD2 adaptor. Havent had a chance to setup some custom themes just yet but eventually ill get that R35 dash look lol. Quite cool to see RPM, voltage, AFR, temps etc.
  14. I have this one You can get it for as low as $10 lol. Bit bulky though so i guess its possible you foot could possibly hit it but i havent to date. Runs well with the torque app and my vline. Havent setup and custom gauges just yet but works well. Did have another smaller one but hit and miss with connection so got a refund on that.
  15. Will be good to hear how it all turns out once tuned and final touches all done. Definitely a nice sleeper and hopefully you'll end up taking some C63's etc by surprise 🙂 Hopefully not much lag and its good for the track and street