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  1. BLK ISF

    ISF dyno run this many kw?

    Hey pretty good results and nice power curve. Looks like you gained everywhere, i know most times you'll gain most top end but some loose a touch mid etc From memory with my local tune i gained about 13kw but at that time i had less mods than yourself so i assume with more mods my first tune would of netted better results, similar to yours. Different dyno so hard to compare but good to see your before and after improvement, thats the main thing. I ended up sticking to the same tuner throghout my mods so my final after result is more meaningful to compare to my early days.
  2. BLK ISF

    2011 ISF Coolant Leaks

    Reminds me when i heard the infamous ticking noise (OEM gasket on headers). Anyway good excuse to upgrade to PPE (power and sound). Only bad thing with the valley leak is fixing it wont gain you better sound or performance 😞 Atleast there are only a few known issues with our cars. Once fixed you shouldnt have any other major headaches unless you have OEM headers which might be the next thing to go.
  3. BLK ISF

    2011 ISF Coolant Leaks

    Sorry to hear the bad news. I had a similar leak late last year but fortunately for me it was just the water pump. It seems like with all ISF's its just a matter of time before we all experience this common issue 😞
  4. A bit different to yourself but i have stock suspension on my 08 and only the last week or so i notice at low speeds reversing on full lock (carparks like yourself), i get a knocking noise from the front. Will have to get it checked out too. Got the RR USRS fitted but that was over a year ago so nothing new with my setup that has caused this noise unless something has recently failed 😞
  5. BLK ISF

    Isf In the 10s

    Yeah saw his post on FB. Impressive results. I could only imagine how much $$$ he'll need to spend to get into the 9's lol.
  6. BLK ISF

    New IS F owner NSW Central Coast

    Congrats on the purchase mate. If i havent have owned my ISF for a few years now, i would of definitely have bought his one. Would of saved me $$$ to getting it to the level it is now. Id say happy modding but its already quite modded so enjoy the ride. Ps Get used to people asking if its a IS250, 4cyl etc (until they hear it). Like you said, most dont know of an ISF, a 5L V8 ISF. It really needed to be called a IS500 to avoid all the confusion lol
  7. Congrats the sale is done and dusted. Must be a bit of a relief. I know when i was looking at my ISF, it took months and even after purchasing, id still look on carsales etc out of curiousity and would see some ISF's still for sale upto 9 months later. Definitely a bit of a niche market were in.
  8. BLK ISF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    I know when i was looking around at tuning options, i dont recall finding anyone local that provided a hand held tuning option (self service). All required our car on their actual dyno to be tuned etc. I do recall reading about a few options in the states besides RR that do offer a hand held option of tuning but overwhelmingly most search results provided RR links. Good luck whatever option you choose
  9. BLK ISF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    Strange, back in the day when i was looking CPI was very responsive, advising what mods to do prior to the tune, about their facilities etc. Even when i said ill think about it, they emailed me a week later as a follow up to see if i was still interested etc Have you emailed them vs FB or At the time i think their tuning workshop was based in Lansvale Regardless, RR is well known so you overall results should be as expected but it would be interesting to see someone use a local tuner. Yet to hear of any ISF owner to chime in if they are on this forum to share any horror/success stories from the CPI, BTA and other local ISF tuners
  10. BLK ISF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options You'll find some other tuning comments in this thread as well
  11. BLK ISF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    I contacted CPI back in Aug 16 when i was in the same position as you. Times have changed but back then Joe (Manager with CPI) sent me an email quote of $1979 (software calibrations, dyno time etc). A bit pricier than others at the time and i didnt know of anyone who had used them). He sent me a dyno chart of a 2012 ISF stock except K&N typhoon intake kit and on his dyno it produced 283 kw (quite high compared to the only dyno ive been on at Autowerks). Stock ISF on the CPI dyno was 247kw (quite high). There was another Sydney tuner BTA. I recall on their dyno an ISF reading was very high for stock 260kw and with an with an exhuast and tune it came in at 295kw (happy dyno). No affiliation with them, dont know anyone who has used them etc I ended up going Autowerks based on a few other forum members going there. From memory (was over 2yrs ago) i paid $1600 for the tune and recently $550 for a retune as i got a new intake and headers fitted Fortunately for me i had no dramas, tune was good, car feels good. He did leave the A/C on my final tune which ive since learned can influence the result by approx 10hp (Sikky video simulating this exact scenerio). I have always wandered myself about the RR tune as they are very knowledgeable with ISFs, no one can dispute that. Before committing to the retune with Autowerks, i was looking around but given a new tune would be well over 1k, i couldnt find anyone who could guarantee bigger gains that would i could potentially get from Autowerks so as i already had a tune with them, the retune with them for $550 made sense for me but he does specialise more in HSV's, Euro cars etc. Retune took about 2.5hrs on his dyno. As said, overall the car feels good but my gut tells me the car can produce more for the mods i have. No proof, just gut instinct but my result is consistent with other ISF's he has tuned, comparative mods etc. The gains from BTA and CPI of approx 35-40kw @ wheels from an exhuast and intake did not seem realistic to me (could be wrong though). Please keep us posted, im keen to know who you go local vs RR and what kind of before/afters you get.
  12. BLK ISF

    Hello from Bahrain

    Welcome.... Ps Now the real question, i wander how long you'l leave it stock haha. Im sure an exhaust is just days away lol
  13. Have you checked out this post
  14. Not sure about being an electric window motor but i know when my mate was testing it for me, you literally could not hold it stead in your hand, the flex was that strong so knowing that it doesnt stop when you depress the button, its easy to understand how it it can unalignn itself. To be honest i doubt heat, water plays a part. Not as much now, but i was pressing it daily opening/closing as i leave early to work etc. I know mine played up when i held the button down too long. OCD in me not being sure of making sure it was always 100% open or closed vs half way. Beyond that it hasnt failed any my car is daily driven so im confident heat/water isnt an issue. I only thought about the bluetooth option as you press a preset meaning you cant over press it. Flip side is that you are using your phone more whilst driving which isnt that bright, especially now they are really coming down on that. Overpriced option though, cool as party trick but ill stick with my good ol fashion remotes for now lol
  15. Hi mate, regarding #3. I have a Xforce with Varex mufflers. At the point of purchase it was about $400 from memory between non and varex mufflers. I assume for the extra $500 they are selling the bluetooth module that allows remote control via your phone. To keep costs down, do they offer the non bluetooth module still (this is what i have, remote control only) unless you dont mind paying for it. I have headers now and its much louder vs the Xforce alone, even with the Varex, its hard to keep it quiet but thats a different story lol. To be honest, im mixed on the varex and its because of the actual motors on the mufflers. When they work its great but ive gone through a few now (as per pics i now have backups). Xforce head office has been great in replacing them under warranty etc but last time they were busy so the fitter gave me a new one and i got the old one to actually work. The stepping motor is very strong and it can open to any increment its not a open/close position. i.e. You can open it with the remote so you need to hold it for a few seconds otherwise its not 100% open or closed. This means holding it down too long puts stress on the gear as it keeps going and eventually pops out of sync (what happened to me) so unless some kind of timer can be added or delay so you press it and it is 100% open or close, these motors will eventually go (read other similar stories too). I guess via the phone (bluetooth), you will bypass this issue. For this reason, i dont open/close it as often as i did as i know one day it probably will stop working again. Ive had my Xforce for about 2.5 yrs now and its happened twice. Now that i know the issue (wasnt sure why it was failing before and the installer didnt know either), perhaps it will last longer this time as im cautious of pressing the buttons for too long