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  1. BLK ISF

    Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    His looks the same as mine and many others who have the same or very similar front lip. Good el Ebay =
  2. BLK ISF

    GROM Vline V2

    My reverse camera works perfect. All OEM functions are as they were prior to the install, i cant think of anything that ive lost due to the Vline.
  3. Sorry to hear about your shocking experience. Buying something cheap like a shirt, well we often leave the store and chalk it up to a poor experience but something as expensive as a new car, as a consumer, why on earth would the dealer expect you to pay for something you didnt order. Did they assume, they would know better than you as to your colour preference and the sign the dotted line. Talk about pressuring. Have you provided feedback requesting a response from the actual Lexus website. Im sure you have the option to leave feedback and be responded via Email or a phone call. Im sure Lexus Head Office would not be impressed on how the dealer made a bad situation worse and not only lost the transaction but potentially a customer for life and more potential customers based on the experience you are sharing. Ps Then to have their focus on the tickets they gave you. Hmm they seemed quite efficient in that department lol
  4. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    I was in the same boat as John with the older wheel but to be honest, i wasnt a fan of my old wheel nor the newer ISF wheel. Never liked the red, blue etc on the base of the wheel and the silver finish steering wheel controls. Looked tacky to me and a bit of an after thought (but still better than my old wheel lol). I thought with the other upgrades like the LSD, cluster etc, Lexus had the opportunity to really improve the look of the wheel like some of the Euro competition. Atleast made it thicker. Thats the beauty of Elvin's wheels and others who do similar work. You can literally get whatever combo's you want from Carbon, alcantara and all sorts of colours. Ive seen some of his customers post their blue carbon wheels etc. Not to my liking but everyones got different tastes. Mine would be considered too boring for some lol but i love it. Looks and functionality achieved. Ive thought about changing my centre, side silver carbon pieces but hard to justify the price given its purely for looks. Centre console and 4 door trim was more expensive than the wheel and that was already costly enough (awesome quality though). If i changed the centre console then id definitely have to finish the whole thing (centre, door trims, aircon vents etc) but the wheel on its own is acceptable to me Atleast driving with the wheel feels so much better so its practical too. Its actually quite robust too, besides wearing a ring etc, i cant see how it can be scratched. When i get in our out of the car, on or off, I dont come near the wheel in its retracted position.
  5. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    Pics dont do it justice eh. It does look great in the pics but even better in the flesh. Happy driving with your new wheel :-). All the more excuse to drive it more than you do now lol
  6. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    What a coincidence, i was told the wheel would result in more power as well, hmm i think we have been scammed haha
  7. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    Looks awesome John, welcome to the "Carbon Wheel" club lol. On its own it looks great but once positioned and mounted in the car, it looks even better and feels great to drive. I love my blue/red stripe but saw one of his wheels with a yellow stripe that looked unique too but better to keep it simple, dont want a rainbow of stripes on my wheel haha. Take some before and after shots, youll have a laugh when seeing the comparison
  8. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    Yep comes with F logo but he can do without as well (wouldnt think thats a popular choice though lol). Once confirmed what you want, he'll send you an order template that you complete via Instagram or email (but initial contact via instagram). Then he'll raise an order to pay via paypal, then you'll get the DHL tracking info etc Ps It is an awesome wheel, one of my favourite mods to date, so much nicer to hold/drive with vs OEM.
  9. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    Cheers mate. I had my car serviced so got the guys to change it over for me same time so cant comment on the install details sorry.
  10. BLK ISF

    ISF dyno run this many kw?

    You should net a decent increase throughout the rev range. It will vary pending what other supporting mods you have but here is one of my older dyno runs from a while ago. The before was only with the Xforce catback (no other mods). The after is after the manifold mod (no tune either). So a decent increase.
  11. BLK ISF

    ISF dyno run this many kw?

    Good luck with the tune, i know when i had a xforce cat back only and got the stock manifolds 2 inches exit from the cats increased to 3 inches to get rid of the restriction it made a big difference. Sparky explains it in his thread. All dyno's are different but my before and after at the time went from 239 to 252kw @ wheels. That mod evenutally got scrapped went i went headers and retune but bang for your bucks it was a great mod as i didnt intend on going headers at the time
  12. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    Thanks :-) Yep 1.5 weeks on and still loving it lol. Surprised me how nice it is in the flesh, much better to hold as the wheel is much thicker and the carbon parts feel great. It does make it a nicer driving experience. Its the right blend of standing out but looking OEM His Instagram name is Elvin_6188
  13. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    Yep one of Elvins. Been eyeing off his stuff for ages and finally took the plunge. Whilst its not cheap its great quality, feels great to drive with, much thicker to hold and something ill enjoy as its used all the time when in the car. I liked the fact the wheels are very customisable from the 12oclock stripe, thickness, colour, colour of carbon, colour of stitching (even the blue i have is more pronounced then the OEM blue), alcantara, perforrated leather blah blah. Guess could of waited for the Au to increase but ah, that could take ages lol. For my setup it was $850 USD. Took about 6 days to build and then left Singapore on the Friday and think by Wednesday-ish it arrived DHL. So all up about 2 weeks from payment to arrival. I think its about $950-ish if i got the carbon paddles as well. He has all the combo's on his Instagram page (i dont really use it but had to join up to order etc)
  14. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    Installed a new toy today so just thought id share in case anyone else was contemplating the same thing. Would i consider it a value for money mod, well no. Cant say i think any mod for the ISF is value for money really. Im yet to install something on the car and think "Damn that was cheap, what a bargain lol" Do i regret it then........HELL NO Does it look better......Are you blind, of course it does :-) Does it feel better in the hand when driving......ABSOLUTELY (makes the OEM wheel look anorexic Enough jabber, here are some pics :-) Ps Decided to keep my OEM paddles, i like the contrast it gives to the rest of the carbon And best of all ive gained atleast 5kw @ the wheels (well thats how im trying to justify the purchase in my head haha)
  15. BLK ISF

    Lexus Scheduled maintenance

    So if you dont have it, i may just be confused. Im sure i had a hard copy of the photocopied booklet but perhaps i didnt given you dont have it either. I honestly cant recall where i downloaded it from. Given its in miles i probably got it from a US source and i maybe i never had it in the first place.