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  1. BLK ISF

    GROM Vline V2

    I checked with the engine running, just on accessories and ingntion etc and i hear zero feedback from the boot/amp etc. No humming noise whatsover. I just want to clarify when you say EQ do you mean any of these pics attached? Good luck with the amp and possible warranty. You'd like to think logic prevails in that if its faulty/hardware, what the hell does plugging anything into matter but lets see. The Vline doesnt even connect to it does it? I saw the installer for my car now and then and he was always working up front, centre console etc. I did have an issue today, for some reason for a 30 min drive, it couldnt connect. i.e. I could still use USB audio and the maps appeared (Waze and google maps) but no connection so couldnt use the nav function. Hotspot definitely connected (never done that before so hoping its the first and last lol). OEM map and phone mapping still worked so not a big deal at this stage
  2. BLK ISF

    GROM Vline V2

    As Banserki has mentioned, its a standalone unit so it doesnt need a phone to operate however you need a hotspot for connectivity so depends what apps you use. i.e. Most apps need it like maps, youtube etc to function It is Android based but not working with Android Auto at the moment, havent checked if there has been an update in the last week so who knows. In saying that i still get good functionality out of it regarding navigation, voice commands, movies, streaming, music etc so for me personally Android auto wasnt a big deal for me (for some no doubt it will be) but they have advised with new software updates it should work so lets see. Yet to try it as i use Android but with a gmail account, you can download apps from the playstore or most likely (as with any Android unit), ensure apps can be downloaded from unknown sources and most likely download apps from Chrome etc and bluetooth to the device for install
  3. BLK ISF

    GROM Vline V2

    Yes, according to their website. They have a link here to enter your car/make/model etc
  4. BLK ISF

    GROM Vline V2

    Sure will do
  5. BLK ISF

    GROM Vline V2

    Sorry to hear. My rear camera starts regardless whatever mode im in. I can be on Climate mode, enter Vline etc but once i select R, the camera kicks in
  6. BLK ISF

    GROM Vline V2

    Hi Monty, Mine is an earlier model 2008 and definitely no bluetooth for me until now :-) My reverse camera works perfect, never failed once and as mentioned before its my daily drive, i start the car up and stop atleast 3 times a day from work, and other activities. Even startup for me is great. By the time ive reveresed out of my driveway and proceed down the street, the Vline is alwady on but the hotspot connected as well. From memory i have accessed the OEM EQ, can change all sorts of Audio paramaters, channel, treble, bass etc My car is loud with the exhaust and headers but i have definitely never heard a buzzing sound like what you have. Ill check later today, ill start mine up and open the boot to see if my exhaust setup is drowing it out. That would be annoying. Sorry to hear you have having those issues. Have you contacted GROM for any advice/feedback. On the few times i have contacted them, they got back to me within the day but in my instance, the couple things i experienced worked itself out and hasnt resurfaced so touch wood all is working great for me. Im sure yours is all wired up correctly. Im not upto date in that space so i had mine professionally installed.
  7. BLK ISF

    GROM Vline V2

    Havent personally used the V1, only read stories about it (not great of course). Regarding V2, i think they must have learned their lesson as i cant recall any OEM function that i have lost or has been affected. I have reverse camera 100%, OEM mapping if i want to use for whatever reason, can still use the CD Stacker, radio, etc. All OEM functions work as before but just with the Vline now and in my 8 weeks of daily useage its been very good. Mapping, youtube, movie streaming, play store, music etc, the main things i use always work. The mic as well, all my voice commands work no problem
  8. BLK ISF

    GROM Vline V2

    Sorry no idea why 1/2 the pics are sideways. They appear fine on my PC and i cant see any options to rotate them here
  9. BLK ISF

    GROM Vline V2

    Well I’ve had the Vline installed about 8 weeks ago along with a Blackvue dashcam. I had it professionally installed but it is plug and play. Instead of installing it behind the OEM unit, I got it installed off the side (passenger side near centre console). Sufficient room and very easy to get at. I can remove the unit in about 10 seconds for easy access to additional USB ports for charging etc and HDMI’s etc. I considered the Beatsonic etc but wanted to retain an OEM appearance and couldn’t find anything else on the market that does that whilst providing as much functionality as the Grom Vline v2. If I don’t mention it, no one would even know I have it installed. All OEM controls such as the steering wheel volume etc works great with the Vline. It comes with a GPS receiver, microphone etc. I was hesitant at first given some of the feedback on the US forums but like any feedback, some didn’t apply to me or some people’s concern wasn’t an issue for me. I ordered it through Chris at Cushie audio (Oz distributors). He answered all my questions prior to purchase and it took approx 1 week to come via Fedex from the US $799 for the unit and $10 postage. I use a Samsung Note 8 so can only share my experiences from an Android perspective. The unit is a standalone unit so it does work regardless of your phone, if you leave it at home etc however many of the apps that require internet won’t work. The vline connects to my phone via hotspot. To save the hassle of having to enable this when I get in my car, I use an automation app called Macrodroid. I use multiple macros and one of them triggers when my phone connects to the cars Bluetooth, disabling wifi and turning on hotspot. When I leave the car and disconnect from Bluetooth, it disables hotspot and enables wifi ready for when I get home, work etc. My comments are based on about 8 of usage, about 3-4 times a day it gets turned on so over 150 uses. Touch screen responsiveness and sound quality is good (given the OEM setup). Sound is as good to a CD, doesn’t lose quality like a FM modulator some third party connection. Boot time is approx 7 seconds. I use the Webradio app that is stock for Vline that I enjoy. It connects to radio stations all around the world. I saved some stations of the genre of music I like and it works great. I got the unit for the Satnav and to be able to connect a flashdrive for music playback but hardly use it now with Webradio. I have used Spotify briefly and it worked without issue When I start my car, about 10 seconds or so and the music automatically turns on once I start up the Vline. I hit “Audio” or the “Aux” button. If I want to change aircon or use an OEM setup, I press the appropriate button and then hit Aux or Audio and Vline takes over again (instantly, no lag). The unit can be used whilst driving, it has a bypass built in so I can navigate via text or voice whilst driving. I use voice navigation often, works great. After weeks of use I did have one issue (black screen, not responsive). To fix this I put it into Reverse the rear camera would take over, back in Drive and the Vline worked again. Other minor annoyance, when I take a phone call, once disconnected, the hotspot does not re-enable so I do it manually (could possibly use a macro for this) but not a big deal. It’s currently not compatible with Android auto (but I’ve been advised the new software update) will address this. They have also advised the OBD info will be available on the screen for viewing with later updates. All software updates are OTA through the Vline system. There was another issue about a few apps not appearing 100% on the screen but close. I asked Grom and their support is reasonably quick (a day or so). They advised as the OEM unit is low res (800x480), there can be some apps not rendering properly and it’s generally up to the app devs to work on this. In all, most of the time it’s not an issue, all apps I use are generally ok. Google maps and Waze works great, web radio works great, Play store to download more apps, YouTube etc. I stream movies no problem at all, watch Avengers and the like, clean and sounds great. Over a month I use about 4-5gbs of streaming from the Vline so you need a decent data plan (I got 16gb a month so not an issue) There are apps like Carweb guru launcher for a new interface, can even use the Lexus logo. Based on my own personal experiences with the unit, I would recommended this as it works great with minimal issues (cant recall any that wasn’t fixable) 20180731_115408.mp4
  10. BLK ISF

    Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Ahhh is that you, sorry man i get confused with the different names on the various forums. Yes it was a good idea :-) Might have to tackle the spoiler and interior next. Saw a FB member use vinyl tint vs carbon so you can still see the original lettering on the various parts, looked good so lets see.
  11. BLK ISF

    Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Cheers mate, yep for an older car, the ISF already gets looks so now its a bit more aggressively styled, it turns more heads. Well that and the headers, as its much louder now :-) Yep the Vline V2 works well with our screens, some minor things are present but as a few have asked me about it, ill do a bit of a write up about it over the weekend with pics etc
  12. BLK ISF

    Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Im a bit old school, didnt even know the reference "Murdered look" until i started watching some modified black cars and seeing the reference lol. Basically always liked black wheels, hate chrome trim so blacked that out and next thing you know, it just became all or mostly black. Mean when clean but yeah even with ceramic coating, it still needs regular cleaning but the ceramic helps. Lol, IVFSS, saw his posts on a forum and thought why not and it started from there. Dont mind wrapping a few small things but definitely not pro enough to tackle wrapping a bonnet, roof or anything that size Ive had a few ask about the VLine so ill do a bit of a write up over the weekend with pics, experiences etc but overall been using it for approx 7 weeks and enjoying it
  13. BLK ISF

    Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Got a few new additions since my last post so just sharing :-) Carbon wrapped door sills, side mirrors and side interior wings near gear selector. Yes there was a few slight air bubbles but since fixed it up :-) Also installed the GROM Vline V2 to override our outdated Satnav setup Installed side skirts, front lip and carbon apron spats Plastidipped rear badges
  14. BLK ISF

    Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Looks good, almost forgot what mine looked like standard when i first picked mine up. I promised i wouldnt be modifying it but that didnt last long haha. So you plan on modifying yours?
  15. BLK ISF

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    Im Syd based and was part of the group buy and got them fitted Dec 17. I paid 2.7k and then $880 to install (some places could install cheaper but i felt comfortable choosing the place i did as they had done many ISF header installs before). So for me it was approx 3.5k. Its definitely a hard pill to swallow as ive come from other jap cars where headers, exhausts etc are much cheaper but as we all know its not a mainstream car like a Mustang etc and not even made anymore so theres not alot of manufacturers out there lining up to invest in R&D to make up headers and other performance parts. All i know is that driving with it each day, downshifting etc the noise alone helps me justify spending the $$$ lol. I'd go as far as saying that going from stock (quiet) to a catback didnt have the same impact as going from a catback to catback with headers. Sounds unreal, never gets boring, turns heads and just sounds like a beast. As for power, its one of those mods that really gives most gains pending what other mods you have. Alone then probably 10-15kw could be accurate but with intake, exhaust, tune and other supporting mods like that, 18ADF is spot on, 20kw or more as the increased flow allows the tuner to get more out of it (so again depends who tunes it) and yes kw increases but torque more so (especially top end). I guess its like a lot of other things, some mods are a compromise but its such a unique fun car to drive, for mods like that, i know if i compromised, id always be wandering what if etc so i just bit the bullet and did it. Feeling a lot better today 9 months later driving with headers vs the day i handed over the $$$ haha. Ps The only warning though is we always get used to the power and want more but i cant imagine it sounding any better (LFA excluded lol). Also secretly hoping you put the $$ towards forced induction, id love to see that :-) We need more ISF's that stand out in Oz, so many in the states have headers and the RR kit, very common to see.