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  1. Hi all, just thought id share something new added to my ISF a few days back in case anyone else is in the position and thinking about it. As per the pics, i changed over my OEM engine mounts (1 was ok but the other was worn, alot of freeplay) and i could see that when the engine was revved, the engine flex was quite alot. Consistent with the video RR Racing has put out showcasing their engine mounts. They are a serious bit of gear, very solid build, look great (even though you'll hardly see them). If you are environmentally friendly you wont be happy. They came wrapped in countless amounts of plastic lol but well packaged nonetheless lol. Got the same place who fitted my PPE headers to install them for me (yes its ideal to change the mounts over at the same time as a header install as the sub frame is lowered) but my mounts at the time was ok. Anyways, my initial impressions (i am happy): Cold start ups are awesome. Already with headers, exhaust etc its loud, but the mounts make it feel that little bit more raw. I can feel the vibration but its not excessive. A non car person may not even notice im sure you all would :-) Throttle response does feel a bit more snappier, more instant. Its not like a throttle controller etc but the drive under more aggressive driving feels more engaged, no engine flex or hesitation Vibration is very noticeable (a bit too much for my liking) when the car is in gear and stationary such as at a set of lights, drive thru etc. This is with the aircon off and headlights off. Lucky for my most of my driving, i leave the aircon on so not a big deal. Ive seen other videos of other cars with engine mount replacements and the noise was alot louder, almost like a straight cut gearbox. I can only hear a minor increase in noise at low speeds but its subtle. The headers drowns all of that out. 500rpm seems to be magic number for me. At this RPM, vibration is very noticeable. With aircon on, my RPM increases to about 700 and the vibration is nowhere as excessive. Same with driving at night or in my case heading to work each morning about 5am. Turning on my lights increase my RPM to about low 600's so the vibration is not that bad. Everyone always wants to know how much so ill let you know. $250 USD on special as per their site $68 USD fed ex postage = Basically $320ish USD. Thanks to our amazing AU$ (yes im being sarcastic), it was $474AU landed 😞
  2. Wow its a lot at about $250 AU but damn it does look nice. Its those little touches that all add up :-)
  3. Yeah myself and many have the same setup as this. You'll be happy. I had excessive break squeal and too much dust as with my old setup but with this setup ive been happy. I'm sure there are pads that perform better under more heat stress but for street use its great.
  4. Hi Ruben, My car is a 08 ISF, so my ML system is different to yours being a 12 however i beleive some of the functionality will be the same. Ok, GROM is right in saying that all stereo functions will be working the same way but yes they are missing some extra details. To initially launch the VLine, the Audio button has nothing to do with this. Pressing Audio will simply change from radio presets etc as you have described as Vline is not activated yet. It will just toggle through the modes as per your OEM stereo setup. To launch Vline in the first instance, you need to press Aux/CD button (well on my ML system, thats how its done). This will boot Vline and from there, pressing Audio becomes a shortcut to return to Vline after entering any other OEM function like aircon or when a proximity sensor goes off (such as a drivethru) or even reversing because the camera kicks in. Everytime i reverse out of my driveway and then enter D, i need to press audio to enter Vline again otherwise it remains in OEM ML mode. Pressing Audio from now on will have nothing to do with your OEM ML setup. To use your OEM radio functions again, you need to exit Vline by pressing the Aux/CD (as in my case) and then pressing audio toggles through the radio presets etc. This setup works well for me so i can use Vline always without having to turn it on so to speak. If a OEM function interrupts it, its a matter of pressing 1 button (Audio) to get back into it. If for whatever reason i want to exit Vline, i just press Aux and now Vline will not funciton. All buttons will operate OEM ML functions (besides Aux of course), which will re-enter Vline. Hope that makes sense.
  5. Congrats on the "pending sale", hopefully the buyer pulls through and its not a waste of your time. Yeah subies are good, i had a WRX prior to the ISF for over a decade, modified the hell out of it. Good little 4cyl on steroids. Things started to break a fair but but then again mine began to age and it was heavily modified so no surprise. Im sure if i left it standard, it would probably still be running well and reliably. Yeah Liberty GT's are nice. Sure, its not like an ISF but for a downgrade, its a good compromise and AWD grip is great. If you get bored, being turbo as you know its so much easier to make power. Probably wont be long before you miss it and you start with an exhaust, bigger turbo etc haha.
  6. Nope, headlights on or off makes no difference
  7. Forgot to update here for those who dont have FB or Instagram. Just wanted to share now all is working well. Another use for my Vline. As per my pic, i can now control my exhaust valves through the OEM screen, its a novelty but quite cool. Driven past police a few times and could easily close the valves so it became very quiet but then press 100% moments later and it was loud again. Last thing i want to do is reach for my phone to operate it with police nearby so this setup is working out quite well for me.
  8. Just sharing a recent install, as im sure others could benefit from this. No its not a power mod or will make your ISF faster but it still put a smile on my face after ignoring it for years. My bonnet has always lifted ok but needed assistance, the gas struts did nothing and dropped kind of heavy. Same with my boot, very heavy to lift and would slam shut so i know the struts was not doing anything. I saw some replacements online, eBay etc but also read some reviews about those same aftermarket parts failing not long after so thought id go with a good quality aftermarket with good reviews or OEM. Anyway to purchase replacements from Lexus will set you back: Front (none available, have to order from Japan) = $235 + GST Rear (local) = $252 + GST Total = $487 AU Through Lift Support i ordered the following: = $53.90 USD for 2 x Hood gas struts = $49.90 USD for 2 x boot gas struts Total = $103.80 USD + approx $37.35 USD postage Total = $141.15 USD or $201.20 AU with our crappy dollar. Regardless, less than 1/2 the price of OEM and its so much nicer closing the boot without it slamming shut, more like a soft close and lifting the bonnet and letting the struts do the rest. Its the little things but still it all adds up.
  9. Theres some space in that engine when is the turbo kit coming :-)
  10. Damn that is a good price. I got my T3's from Brakes Direct at $194 each, $397 for the pair. When you look at Ebay, on the listings it still shows $398 until you click on it and then it shows the extra 15% at $338 with the code so nice find :-). At a glance its easy to miss the discount, wish they had it on the thumbnail listings vs when you click onto it.
  11. To be honest, i dont mind the loudness but id just like it quiet early morning when i leave for work and when i see police etc so i think manual is my only real solution. Time of the day might be good but cant see how thats possible. i.e. Driving before 5am which is me (be in quiet mode). When i first got the exhaust i was impressed with the sound, loved the v8 sound. My first impression when i got the PPE's was Oh crap what have i done, its way too loud haha. Of course its grown on me and i love it now, never gets old so mine is open most of the time. Only other mode id like would be "wife" mode. Varex smartbox detecting my wife is in the car and changing to quiet mode lol. Ps Ive been defected a long time ago with my WRX for the exhaust being too loud and my ISF is much louder but so far so good. Its definitely more of a sleeper which helps.
  12. Haha thanks for that. I guess at $509 vs $498 is near enough. Just when i recalled you paying $400 i thought, thats a good price. As im in no rush i was going to hold out for that but i assume $500ish is probably as good as its going to get (well for a new one anyway). I liked the idea of still having the remotes as backup. Even now i have one hidden but conveniently mounted. My car has PPE's as well so its quite loud vs exhaust alone. For that reason i get paranoid when Police are near and i see them look so i can quickly press the remote to shut it up. Probably quickly and safer than turning on my phone screen to tap close etc. Most times id use the app but i like my remotes for that reason. Xforce Head office installed mine at their premises so i know my current box is behind the foot area of the passenger side. I know what you mean about the power. Mines is routed under the centre console to the cig adaptor in the middle compartment console. I'd like to have it hardwired in but im not savvy enough in those areas lol.
  13. Just curious if anyone local (vs the US) has it installed and running the latest Android updates. I believe all new VLines are preloaded with the latest software. I havent bothered updating as everything i use it for works just fine. Even recently installed Netflix which the kids love watching and even i get to catchup on some series whilst waiting for the kids at school pickups etc lol. Movie streaming working well as well so just seeing if anyone is running the newer Android OP system and is happy/annoyed with it???
  14. Just had a look and noticed the smartbox is on sale now for a few days. RRP $598.95 down to $509.11 (free shipping) so about 15% off. I thought that was good until i remembered you mentioned you paid $400 (about 33% off). Hmm tempted, wander if they'll give that kind of discount again or is low $500's as good as it will get??? Given i already have the Varex i think connecting the existing box to the smartbox doesnt look that difficult from what i saw on Youtube. Not even sure id bother with the OBD port function (assume thats for Matrix mode, controlled by RPM etc) or even Geo mode (based on GPS) as i want mine open all the time besides early mornings and if Police are around (dont want the attention lol).
  15. Cheers thanks for the tip. $400 is a good price, almost $600 now i noticed 😞 Do you find it easy, convenient to use via the phone vs pressing a remote button. I guess if you forget your phone at home or battery is dead, phone not responding etc, the remote is the backup. I know some products are good but their app lets them down. Ever have any issues with the app not working, locking up, not working etc?