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  1. Xforce themselves advised the heat shouldnt be an issue but then again i doubt they would admit to that kind of design flaw and what else could it be. One on instance when the motor stopped, i had it checked and nothting was wrong with it. The motor wheel/cog popped out of alignment somehow so when i got my car serviced, the workshop guys virtually took it off and put it back on and it worked again so its like depressing the remote too long strains it. i.e. Its not like the bluetooth varex app where you press a button, say 100% and then it stops when its done. With the remotes you can hold it down and even after its fully open or closed, the motor continues to work so i think thats a design flaw myself. Maybe the newer designed motors have changed, not sure.
  2. Cheers, never looked into sourcing one of these motors as its always been a warranty issue for me but now its the other side which has been 3 yrs hassle free, i know the warranty wont apply. Ill probably end up using that link, cheers. Yeah looks like 3 bolts (allen key, hex shape or something like that). Just need to get under and see if the motor is accessible without having to drop the rear section. Not sure if the motor is side or top mounted, cant remember
  3. Yeah im sure not a difficult fix but to get it to Xforce is a pain for me, installer guy usually busy and after work i have other committments etc. So i know its something ill have to do myself. Just wish the motors was a bit more bulletproof although in my experience for the drivers side it was the muffler that caused me the issues. Ah well its stuck open vs close so not that urgent i attend to it. Didnt even think to look at sparesbox. I get their emails all the time but never bother looking so sounds like you got it at a good price
  4. Unfortunately not yet, need to find the time when not driving, car is cool, get underneath it and have a look. Funny enough when i close it now (only drivers muffler valve closing) its not much different to both being open but when both are working and closed, wow what a difference it makes.
  5. Just saw your reply. With my varex and remote control setup i can definitely partial open the valves. i.e. From an 100% open/closed state, if i briefly press the remote, it will operate in about 3-4 increments before either fully open/closed. Of course as its a brief press its no where as accurate as pressing a button for 25%, 50%, 75% etc but still, it can be somewhat controlled. On the flip side, can you believe the motor on my passenger side has just stopped. I used the varex last on the weekend and now the passenger muffler is permanently open. Grrrr. I though the issue was finally fixed, might have to reconsider singing their praises lol. All my previous issues was to do with the drivers side muffler/motor. They ultimately fixed it after replacing the muffler vs motor. I have had the passenger side muffler with no issue to the motor or muffler since i got it about 3 yrs ago now and then all of a sudden over the last few days its stopped. I wander who long the other valve exhausts like PPE and the other brands. Dont thing Armytrix do one for the ISF, could be wrong. Well when it works its great. Until now they have always fixed mine under warranty but as its the other side and well past the 12 month warranty, im not sure if they'll come to the party.
  6. Good luck. Cant recall what Varex ones i have installed on mine. After they changed one of my mufflers due to motors playing up on the Varex, its been working great ever since. So that was my issue from day one. I use the remotes more often now to keep it quiet (wife hates it), leaving early morning etc. Naturally as im in the car alone most of the time it stays open over 90% of the time lol. Curious, are you going for the remote setup or bluetooth module to control it via phone? Mine closed even with headers is very quiet. When i only had the exhaust (no headers) it was as quiet as stock
  7. BLK ISF

    ISF youtube vids

    I never get bored watching these ones: ISFASTER, he posts alot of races against high HP cars with good success another one i cant find, german driver pushing it hard and very sideways on a track carrying out a review. Not in English but great fun to watch
  8. BLK ISF

    New member with my all black exterior GSF here~

    I didnt think about the clear film but went with Ceramic coating. Got a detailer to carry out the work, minor paint correction etc before applying the ceramic. Still gets dirty despite what some people think (Ceramic cars cant get dirty lol) but everything does bead off being hyrdrophobic. Cleaning is much easier and it has a deep gloss in person. Especially in shaded areas, parking lots, garage etc. Always looks glossy/reflective even when dirty. Might wrap it next time, who knows. Depends where you are located, what state. In Syd there are several choices to tune an ISF but GSF not so sure. I think RR from the states provide a tune given they do supercharge kits for it and their tuned intake etc but its not 100% custom to your car, more to the mods you are purchasing. Some like it (after sales support, ease of download for the tune/install etc) but others prefer local tuner specific to your car, you can go revisit if any issues in person etc. Others might have to chime in but im sure there are few who can tune a RCF/GSF (could be wrong but im sure ive read some who have done it). Anyways id get the tune last, get whatever mods you intend on getting and then get the tune to match all of that vs retunes which just cost more. i.e. Exhaust, headers, intake (questionable regarding power, you'll find sources proving HP gains but also more heatsoak unless covered, retaining some kind of air box) etc.
  9. BLK ISF

    New member with my all black exterior GSF here~

    Awesome machine and congrats on the purchase. Im a little biased as my ISF is all black and ive since got black wheels and before i knew it, almost all my exterior is black (badges, trim etc). Harder to keep clean but looks mean when clean. So what mods do you intend on doing (Ps Even though you may say keep it stock, im sure you'll mod it in due time). I swore to keep my ISF stock and before i knew it, i had an exhaust, tune, headers, Vline and other goodies installed lol Not as flash as your new beast but my trusted old ISF is still going strong :-)
  10. BLK ISF

    Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    His looks the same as mine and many others who have the same or very similar front lip. Good el Ebay =
  11. BLK ISF

    GROM Vline V2

    My reverse camera works perfect. All OEM functions are as they were prior to the install, i cant think of anything that ive lost due to the Vline.
  12. Sorry to hear about your shocking experience. Buying something cheap like a shirt, well we often leave the store and chalk it up to a poor experience but something as expensive as a new car, as a consumer, why on earth would the dealer expect you to pay for something you didnt order. Did they assume, they would know better than you as to your colour preference and the sign the dotted line. Talk about pressuring. Have you provided feedback requesting a response from the actual Lexus website. Im sure you have the option to leave feedback and be responded via Email or a phone call. Im sure Lexus Head Office would not be impressed on how the dealer made a bad situation worse and not only lost the transaction but potentially a customer for life and more potential customers based on the experience you are sharing. Ps Then to have their focus on the tickets they gave you. Hmm they seemed quite efficient in that department lol
  13. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    I was in the same boat as John with the older wheel but to be honest, i wasnt a fan of my old wheel nor the newer ISF wheel. Never liked the red, blue etc on the base of the wheel and the silver finish steering wheel controls. Looked tacky to me and a bit of an after thought (but still better than my old wheel lol). I thought with the other upgrades like the LSD, cluster etc, Lexus had the opportunity to really improve the look of the wheel like some of the Euro competition. Atleast made it thicker. Thats the beauty of Elvin's wheels and others who do similar work. You can literally get whatever combo's you want from Carbon, alcantara and all sorts of colours. Ive seen some of his customers post their blue carbon wheels etc. Not to my liking but everyones got different tastes. Mine would be considered too boring for some lol but i love it. Looks and functionality achieved. Ive thought about changing my centre, side silver carbon pieces but hard to justify the price given its purely for looks. Centre console and 4 door trim was more expensive than the wheel and that was already costly enough (awesome quality though). If i changed the centre console then id definitely have to finish the whole thing (centre, door trims, aircon vents etc) but the wheel on its own is acceptable to me Atleast driving with the wheel feels so much better so its practical too. Its actually quite robust too, besides wearing a ring etc, i cant see how it can be scratched. When i get in our out of the car, on or off, I dont come near the wheel in its retracted position.
  14. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    Pics dont do it justice eh. It does look great in the pics but even better in the flesh. Happy driving with your new wheel :-). All the more excuse to drive it more than you do now lol
  15. BLK ISF

    New Steering wheel

    What a coincidence, i was told the wheel would result in more power as well, hmm i think we have been scammed haha