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  1. Its nice to have and thanks to this thread, also got the v22 maps a while ago but to be honest, i find myself using Google maps alot as well. No matter how i set the routing, quickest, shortest, avoid this, avoid that etc, the Nav often wants to take me ways that i know are silly whereas Google maps takes me the better way so i use it as a backup but dont really rely on it. If im going to an unfamiliar area, i never trust it lol
  2. [SOLD] For Sale: Lexus 2010 ISF - MY 2011

    Congrats on the sale, hope you settled on a reasonable offer. So it took almost 1 year to sell, damn. Not that im looking to sell my ISF but i know when the time comes its a niche market. I remember when i was looking for mine for about 5 months and after purchasing, id still look out of curiosity and months later still see the same ISF's for sale :-( If people only knew what a great car they are, even the older ones
  3. I got my ISF tuned by Autowerks. I found him through this forum as there are not many who can tune an ISF so assume the 350 would be in a similar position due to the ECU. I only know of CPI, BTA, Autowerks who can tune an ISF. I think there is another but cant recall their name right now. There is also RR racing in the US. They send over a email tune and you upload it yourself. Several have praised their tune as well as they are big in the US for 350's as well. Think they have even launched the supercharger kit for the 350 as well, they already have for the ISF, RCF and GSF. Dont know of anyone here in Oz who have committed that far yet. Ive got the bolt ons so not much more i can do to it so was looking around before i committ to a final tune. A retune for me is about $500ish as they tuned it the first time, i think if i went CPI, they charge me alot as it will be my first tune with them.
  4. Ive seen those lights too from the US forums, they look great. From the videos ive seen, when the lights are on, brakes and indicators illuminated etc, its clearly visible whereas some paint / tint / wrap their tailights making it harder to see. I suspect this is where the legality issue would be of a concern. Dont quote me on that though lol, just an opinion. Not sure for certain if police would harass you over these.
  5. sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    Regarding any other Sydney tuners, not sure if anyone on this forum has had experience with BTA. Came across a post of theirs about an ISF they tuned a long time ago. I know each dyno reads different, some more happy than others but they posted that a stock ISF on their dyno was 260kw which was much higher than the dyno mines been on. I think its closer to about 220-230 at Autowerks for a stock one based on my very first run there and the basic mods i had. Anyway they installed a "BTA spec exhuast" and a custom tune to achieve 295kw. The 2 things that came to mind was 35 from a tune and exhaust seemed quite alot (i could be wrong and depends on how modified their spec exhaust is) and what kind of numbers would a full bolt on FBO ISF run. 320? Ok end result not a big deal but the before and after still was alot. Anyway asked the question if they tuned any with headers and they just replied "headers give another 8-10kw". I would of thought more than that??? Just exploring options of alternative tuners out there.....
  6. How did you find them overall? Im considering them for a tune on my ISF. I have already had a tune and got some mods done by another Sydney workshop but just exploring whats out there and there arent many tuners for the ISF so assume the 350 would be in a similar position. I have considerred RR as well (it will be an OTS tune but they do know there stuff when it comes to Lexus cars like ours) For just an intake it looks like some good gains but curious why the loss of torque? Ps So where they able to change your rev limiter?
  7. Engine mounts

    Hi all, Just curious if anyone has heard about RR releasing these or if anyone has taken the plunge in ordering them? As the sub-frame needs to be dropped for an easy install, its ideal to fit them during a header install (wish they had these late last year when i got mine fitted), ah well. According to RR, most of the headers they fit to the early ISF's, well the majority had shot engine mounts so just curious if anyone else has had issues or know if they have worn engine mounts.
  8. sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    100% agree, unless everyone goes on the same dyno as in a dyno day, comparing is hard. I always look at my before and after's. I was watching this space as i got mine tuned same place, just got headers like Ozzy too so a similar path and id expect similar numbers / gains so takes away the guesswork :-) Still looking around for other potential additional tuners, just to see whats out there. CPI pop up now and then on searches for a Sydney tuner. Ive contacted several who have posted good gains with AMG, Audi and the like but im met with the usual "unfortunately we have nothing for your car" which is a shame. The learning curve would be great if we had more tuning options for our cars. Ps Mine shows crazy torque figures too, bit embarassing to show mates when they ask as its very high. I wish it had that kind of torque lol.
  9. sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    Thx for sharing your results. Gives me more insight as to what way ill go with my tune when im ready. Approx 290kw seems to be his mark for ISF's with E/H/I, the usual mods. Curve does look good, smooth with alot top end which i expected with the PPE's. I actually would of thought though that the headers would have taken up the majority of the gains with the touch up tune the rest but it seems the other way around. i.e. 9kw headers and 13.6kw from the tune. I know its only my butt dyno at this stage but i feel like the headers has really opened up the ISF, more power everywhere. I had his cat mod flange done as well so now thats gone with the headers its possible my header gains will be even less :-( but im sure if tuned from his as well, id be expecting the 290 mark as well.
  10. sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    Looking forward to your results, the before and afters. Im in a similar position to you, already tuned but pre headers. Would be curious what gains can be had for a touch up retune vs 1st time tune which i was happy with mine. Im looking at either local like Autowerks given they did my first tune, RR (off the shelf tune but with tuned intake) or not bother and get a new flat bottom CF wheel lol. First world problems i know but damn those wheels look good :-)
  11. sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    Yeah price alone sticking local is the way to go especially as i have tuned with them before. If i hadnt, it would be a different story as everyone charges alot up front for their initial tune. Thanks for the reply, more to think about.
  12. sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    Sorry to the OP, not trying to hijack the thread but figured my question is tuning related. In short, ive got a catback exhaust, k&N insert, HPS intake hose and have had it locally tuned. Was happy with everything. Each mod seems to play their part and have dyno numbers inbetween a few of the mods to see the differences. Just recently fitted ceramic coated PPE headers and as its a substantial mod, im looking to tune it again for the most power i can have and to ensure all the ratios, fuel etc are spot on given there would be more air, timing etc to play with. Been deliberating 2 options: 1. Go back to the local tuner who did mine the first time around. About $500 give or take for a retune given ive already paid the most expensive part up front for the initial tune 2. Been looking at RR tuned intake option. Im assuming landed, after fittment etc it might be about $1500ish For those who have gone down either path, is the extra outlay worth it going to RR? Their site indicates the intake alone does not do much but with headers and mods i know have, its good for about 15hp and also i get their tune. I dont know if their tune is a generic one to the mods i have or specific based on the file i send them from the OBD tool so they configure something to match my engines parameters etc. I havent asked RR yet. Im sure their intake design and the MAF being a bit bigger will mean its a bit louder (which is always nice) but is it worth the extra 1k. I know i wont supercharge, turbo charge or carry out any further engine mods as i dont think there is much options out there for me now so i know this should be my final tune. In hindsight i would not have tuned it the first time but hindsight is great. I never thought i was going to get headers but did. Also the fact the car does have a tune (prior to headers) im assuming the tune wont be as comprehensive regardless who i go to given it is somewhat tuned vs not at all. Welcome to any opinions, thanks.
  13. New intake

    Awesome news mate. Now that’s the kind of intake we all love. Keen to see how it goes as it’s kind of unchartered territory (not commonly done) vs the supercharger route. I’m sure you'll get some good gains with a good tune as well. What kind of boost are you planning to run?
  14. Saw the car on FB. I love my PPE's but can only imagine how the Novel must sound. Again good luck with the sale and enjoy your new ride :-)
  15. PPE header group buy

    Ive driven with mine fitted for exactly 1 month now and its a daily drive. Here is what was removed, not exactly inspiring to see and looks very restrictive vs the PPE's My first impressions when i drove out of the workshop was holy crap, its much louder than expected. Low revs and idle only an enthusiast would know (my wife hasnt noticed yet lol) however build the revs up, not even WOT, just normal accelerating and it sounds awesome. That raspy V8 note like a modified C63 etc. So for sound its chalk and cheese and much louder As Ozzy has stated, it revs out much quicker. The car feels like its breathing alot better, on start up i can hear the induction more as well. I was thinking various things like spark plugs, ignition, tune and all sorts of things as i felt there was a slight hesitation occasionally when i floored mine, but thats not the case anymore. It never hesitates, floor it and its instant to the lowest gear possible. Even had friends who are not car enthusiasts but have been in my car many times who have commented, what have you done to your car now (noise and acceleration). To put it in comparison, going from stock to a catback exhaust, first you notice the sound (louder always feels faster but it truly did feel quicker). Well to me, going from stock to a catback didnt make as much impact vs going from catback to headers as well. Night and day is a big call, id think of a supercharger as night and day but yes its definitely one of the best mods you could do to your ISF. The sound alone is incredible and it definitely turns heads on downshifts (can be heard a distance away). As for smell, i was looking into the cats as i was sure id need them based on comments from various people including many on the US forums as everyone seems to have headers there. I was led to believe the smell would be that strong, it would be impossible to drive without my clothes stinking or all windows etc must be up. I have not found that to be the case. Yes i do smell it occasionly but its certainly not overpowering and i drive it a few hours daily form work and back and around and its probably only a few minutes i can smell it at idle at the lights if that. Some days i dont smell it. I dont let it idle for a long time which probably helps, i prefer to drive slow to help it warm up etc. So im no rush to pay approx 1k for hi flow cats to get of a smell i hardly notice and to restrict it more. I paid 1.8k for my catback and for the PPE's it was 2.7k and $880 for the install (this will vary pending who you take it too). So 1.8k vs almost 3.6k. Double the price..... Well given what mods are available for our cars, i couldnt say its a mod that makes double the impact of my catback but i will admit it makes the car much more enjoyable to drive, sounds great so for me no regrets (even though i suspected my OEM headers had a gasket issue etc as im sure i heard a ticking noise, well documented in the US forums as OEM header cracks etc) however in my case my OEM headers / gaskets etc was all good. I am still deliberating on the tune, will eventually get it but in no rush, more to ensure my fueling, air ratios etc are all good. Few more tuning options out there now but could go with my previous tuner who i got decent results with before and being the same dyno, ill have a good comparison of before and after to see true gains from headers alone and then headers with a tune. When i do ill definitely post up results so everyone can see before and afters and weigh up for themselves ifs a mod they might consider.