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  1. Hi All from a Newby Club Member Just hoping someone can guide me in the right direction. I have a ES300 LXS, with 130k on the speedo [Great Car - I Love It} but recently spotted a GS460 2010. Is $31K about the correct dollar or is it too much, it has 71k on the clock & plenty of sparkle & am thinking seriously of moving up the scale, not that I have any complaints with the ES300. My second plea is, can any of you guys recommend a good supplier of wheels. I'm thinking of moving from the standard alloy issue if I don't go forward with the GS460 :-)
  2. Hey Foxy - yes this is normal cooling down activity, my ES300 does the same thing. When I 1st purchased mine I thought it was a strange sound but my ever trusted mechanic laughed at me when I told him I was worried about it, so YES it's normal.