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  1. Have you got a pic of were the head gasket blew, you might want to replace the starter motor to (while its apart I know its a can of worms but if you can get a cheap low km,s one do it ) That looks like a nice clean shop, who,s doing it cheers.
  2. Could you post some pics , I'm sure Danny can help you out. Check eBay for your globes around $60 each.
  3. Sounds like a setting that can be turned on or off have you checked the hand books??
  4. 2bling

    Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Stuff that is cheap what's there postage like, and who did you get your suspension through cheers.
  5. 2bling

    Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Good write up when working on any suspension a impact gun is invaluable😀 and why didn't you go with the RR lower control arm bushes, I put them in mine and yes they work great no more brake squirm they just tighten the front end up so much. Sounds like you had fun at the drags cheers and thanks again for the pics and vids.
  6. 2bling

    New IS300 owner

    You will love it I hope, what year any pics enjoy.
  7. Put a bit of grease in the tracks that will stop it.
  8. If you keep driving it you will blow a head gasket, it sounds like a blocked radiator like I said before.
  9. Buy a infrared heat thermometer off ebay and check radiator temps, it sounds like a semi blocked radiator. Does the car run smoothly ?? I hope its not the head gaskets.
  10. 2bling

    New Steering wheel

    Did the F logo come with the wheel, and does Elvin take PayPal cheers.
  11. You are joking where are you buying a $40 filter. Just check eBay or any store including Toyota for a filter $ 24 .75 GENUINE. Bring it to me I,ll do it for $200 LOL And no its not "rebranded Mobil1 its what ever they get a good deal from oil company's at the time, get your own oil and filter and take it to a GOOD mechanic shop for stuffs sake I am a HONEST mechanic, it is a basic V6 Toyota engine after all....
  12. Just buy 2x 5ltrs then you have extra next oil change (supercheap have 6ltrs Penrite) 6.3 ltrs oil change for IS 250 just think yourself lucky the ISF uses 9.5lts good luck.
  13. 2bling

    New Steering wheel

    Looks great where from and how much, is it one of Elvins cheers.