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  1. Nolathane and super pro haven't got the big washer added to the inner sleave which stops deflection under braking, which is very bad with the standard ones. Compare the 2 videos, i haven't got a link but they are easy to find on utube yes they are pricey but the braking difference is worth it.
  2. Have a look at RR Racing utube they are the best lower control arm bush on the market, easy to put in and they work cheers.
  3. They are rare cars alright, I,m in Moruya NSW lived in Canberra for a while and i have never see a ISF in the wild, seen RCF RC GSF and 2LC,s around my area, I,m a mechanic of 40 year so i always look out for different cars or bikes, so after 4 years of ownership i think its a keeper cheers.
  4. Yep there great cars, me and a few people hear have got Elvin Wong custom steering wheels they are top notch, check him out on Instagram cheers.
  5. Are you sure all the doors are locked could be a sticking locking actuator.
  6. Get a quote from both it would be interesting in the price, they are a Toyota engine.The Toyota V6 is around $700 with plugs Major service.
  7. Do it yourself its only oil and filter if not take it to toyota, sorry not in Perth, maybe someone could chime in cheers.
  8. Penrite HPR 5w40 fully synthetic expensive but get it on special and it almost half price around $39 5lts X2 cheers.
  9. Great video,s had to watch it a few times a lot going on. The RR racing is a good bit of kit cheers.
  10. You could just cut some black vinyl to shape, or cover the hole headlight 😁
  11. There is NO caster or camber adjustments on the ISF or RCF if your toe was out you might get a fraction different camber reading, just sitting in the car will give a different reading. Don't let them bull*BLEEP* you with "i adjusted the camber or caster " if so ask them to show you the adjusting points. Only with after market suspension arms are they able to adjust cheers. PS4s are great.
  12. I have seen a is250 with a proper tow bar in Moruya, check the USA club lexus forum ISF section about bike hitches .