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  1. That's funny as long as you think its better that all that counts 😃
  2. 2bling

    Perfect Launch

    I remember way back in 1976 at tech a bloke leaving revved his car up and dropped it into drive bang, tail shaft on the ground in pieces, no its not a good idea.
  3. 2bling

    09 Isf - Suspension Specialist Sydney

    Anyone running Michelin Pilot sport 4S ??
  4. Have a look on the US forum a lot of it is call tyre skip or slide, happens with wide front tyres on full lock, don't worry if that all it is cheers.
  5. 2bling

    Spinning lug nut.

    Nothing special Repco supercheap or Toyota, you may want to take the stud with you to make sure. Loctite the spline on the stud when you put it in (not the thread)
  6. 2bling

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    Looking forward to your RR tune could you tell us the A/F ratios over the rev range and if possible the timing tables would be good to your tuner can print this out very easily . and of coarse the dyno results cheers and good luck.📈 😎
  7. 2bling

    ISF dyno run this week....how many kw?

    I thought the gearbox went bang not the motor after all he was at a track flogging the date out of it, please correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. 2bling

    ISF dyno run this week....how many kw?

    I had a quick look on fb but couldn't find anything, so can you fill me in cheers.
  9. 2bling

    ISF dyno run this week....how many kw?

    CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS ????????????
  10. 2bling

    Lexus IS-F Tuning Options

    You will get stuff all change out of $2000 from autowerks he charges $150 hidden cost for dyno time go figure, just go RR Racing with there cold air intake and larger maf and intake pipe or just RR tune don't over think it. if you have to travel factor in all costs, fuel, accommodation, food etc. RR delivered to your door good luck.
  11. 2bling

    ISF dyno run this week....how many kw?

    No I meant at low rpm??
  12. 2bling

    ISF dyno run this week....how many kw?

    Good power but I haven't seen a torque figure go down like that ??
  13. 2bling

    ISF dyno run this week....how many kw?

    Yep autowerks but they stuffed the tune (car went into full limp mode no power had to truck it back and they only payed for half the cost not impressed ) go RR they are the people that cracked the ECU in the first place, in hindsight I would have gone RR 7200 red line would be nice, and it looks very easy to load cheers.PS RR tune is half the price. Someone on here went full RR tune intake etc. and got very good results
  14. 2bling

    ISF dyno run this week....how many kw?

    240 rwkw if its a Mainline dyno. Mine was 237 same mods but still had primary cats, 270 after tune, good luck.
  15. 2bling

    Rear tyres

    Thanks fellows yes you are right the PS4S ARE THE WAY TO GO ,After reading and numerous utube vids and Club Lexus, they have to be the best tyre for road 80% and track 20% and with Tempe tyres at $445 delivered 275/35/19 this is a great deal. I'm running 275/35 Potenza RE050A and they are getting low cheers. PS I put Potenza R003 on the front and they are very good 245/35/19