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  1. Its on air, but not the sort of thing for me, you might not see it in woollies car park i hate taking my ISF there.
  2. Still so much lag in this build, is it finished or F#cked ????????????????
  3. You bought a Japanese's car and don't understand the language what next...………………………….. LOL did you try google translate if not give Lexmania a call ask for Danny this system can work out pretty expensive, might be cheaper going after market , cheers and good luck.
  4. Good job, what's the tennis racquet handle behind the steering wheel cheers.
  5. There will be a block in it somewhere the way Lexus and most other brands do, but there is always someone out there that can help you, its not me cheers.
  6. Rear gearbox oil seal, the tail shaft could be flicking it on to the exhaust causing smoke and smell, only has to be a drop and burning off it stinks. PS its not the diff pinion seal, does the same thing good luck.
  7. I think you just pull the carpet down around the console and find the plug, I haven't changed them but I think its pretty easy, and you will need a good O2 adapter to get them out.
  8. Looking good babs, that is one sh#t speed bump (there isn't a panel beater around the corner) Hey babs I made my diff bush inserts thanks for the pics, just haven't had time to put them in. I hope "biscut" didn't pay $1587 for the lights $25 of EBay cheers.
  9. Small black tube underneath the car,above the front of the gearbox easier to find after a good run with the a/c on, you should see it dripping water cheers.
  10. Have you checked for spark, any codes? welcome to the forum.
  11. I'm 4km,s west of Moruya NSW F##ing sh#tting for weeks, stay safe everyone this fire season is off the chart. I hope this scale never happens again, BIG THANKS TO ALL THE FIRE AND SES AND EVERYONE INVOLVED CHEERS.👍
  12. Plenty of utube vid on it, just have a look at the old ones and match them. PS welcome to the forum.
  13. I think you answered your question.
  14. My ISF is a 2011 bought it with 2 years left on the extended warranty, it is good piece of mind though.
  15. Depends how many kms are on it, and how many you plan to put on it $1770 isn't a great amount for peace of mind. I had an extended warranty on my ISF and never used it.