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  1. My 2007 IS250 is leaking from above in heavy QLD rain. It must be either the windscreen or the moonroof as the headlining and overhead console are where the water is dripping from. I cleaned the front moonroof drains with whipper snipper cord, cleaned the steel roof surround and rubber seal and then smeared a very thin coating of silicon grease around the rubber. I thought both drains were clear. However, more rain, more leaks. Cleaned out front drains again and tested with water - they drained OK. Will test the windscreen to see if it's water tight next. Windscreen seal doesn't look degraded though. Does this sunroof have rear drains? i can't see any and can't find anything about this online. Update. After a lot of testing I have established that it's the windscreen, not the moonroof that is leaking. A non genuine screen has been fitted, so it looks like a dodgy repair.