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  1. Suspension Upgrade/modification

    aragosta definitely looks amazing, it will be around 800-1000 more including labour than kw v3, besides the price difference, warranty issue also should be concerned.
  2. You Have To Have Kw!

    I have ordered one set, now there is big sale of kw worldwide. So what kit are you using on your isf now?
  3. Suspension Upgrade/modification

    kw is currently on sale mate! i think i will order one
  4. You Have To Have Kw!

    Hi Danny, how long have you had the kw for? i am about to order one, little bit worried about quality, by the way is there anything to pay attention during installation?
  5. You Have To Have Kw!

    The Kw I had before rise nice, but gets annoying when it has noise, the noise comes after.it was installed straightaway. My friend told me it should be mechanic faulty installation. Now I am just confused whether it's the quality issue or the mechanic's problem
  6. Suspension Upgrade/modification

    just looked it from its website, not a cheap one $2900 for an australian made
  7. Suspension Upgrade/modification

    definitely agrees with you, a good brand actually save your money than shxxt ones. but in australia, i can only find kw v3 but i had a bad experience with it before(note. on a bmw 3 series ,clunk noise and oil leaking after one year)
  8. Suspension Upgrade/modification

    not pretty sure about the rr racing product reliblity......
  9. Suspension Upgrade/modification

    stole the pics from website who has changed aragosta type s.
  10. Hi there, is there anybody changed aragosta suspension? I asked ohlins and bilstein, they all dont have coilover set for isf. or anyone suggest a relible brand? thanks
  11. isf suspension noise-updated

    almost =to labour to change the whole coilovers....
  12. isf suspension noise-updated

    thats good for you! i called lexus australia, the guy just told me that the left one is all good , and it will not pass the warranty process to change it. it will cost $650 for that part and $350 to get it fitted by lexus dealer, btw it come only with one year warranty. I think spending $1000 to change only one shock does not worth the investment. I will change the whole set when warranty expires.
  13. isf suspension noise-updated

    haaa, they professionally suggested me to change only one. i am still thinking change an aftermarket coilover set in near future, let the dealer do what they should do then, dont want to double spend money.
  14. isf suspension noise-updated

    I went to dealer this morning, they agreed to change the drive side shock. does your car have only one shocker changed by dealer? i was told by my friend that its best to change both left and right even if there is only one side gets broken, i asked the dealer to change both front side, but they will only change the bad one.
  15. isf suspension noise-updated

    Have the whole suspension checked by suspension specialist today, they put the car on machine to test the shockers. the result is that the left front shock scores 62 while the right front shock scores 23, so the right shocker has a failure inside the tube,by the way, the bushing rubber etc are all good. Noticed that the shocker are made by sachs in Spain. car only runs 20000km, and the shocker is gone, shouldnt happen on a lexus. I will go to dealer with this report, if they dont change it , I will find aftermarket coilover set like bilstein or ohlins, anyone has other suggestions?