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  1. Thanks Danny I will try a an other one, Hey by the way I was ridding with a bloke that knows you from the track now I know I just said this and you want to know his name ? stuff me if I can remember nice guy I think Chinese (American) rides a new black GSX 1000 did the Hill End ride with a few of us kept up ok think he almost hit a Roo anyway thanks for the help on both posts. Zuk
  2. Hi Guys has any one had a problem with subwoofer, 2008 IS250 all other speakers working I changed my door trims to 2012 and my suspension front and rear cant see how this would have affected it but just giving info on what I have touched, it dose seem that there is midrange coming from the sub but I still have to go wright over it, I have checked all the plugs on the amp. ?
  3. Hi Guys just looking for CAMS affiliated clubs who belongs and recommends. Ps also what shoes and glove's are you people using.
  4. Zukzuk

    Wanted IS-F

    Hi Guys thanks for the reply's and PM's sorry I'm not mucking around but my life got stuffed up with work and I had to go away will be back in a few weeks hopefully and will be able to start looking properly I must admit some of the privet pricing seems high compared to dealers but I'm sure there is a reason thanks again guys and girls if applicable, I will be InTouch. Zuk
  5. Hi all looking for 2010-2013 IS-F will consider any I have IS 250x I'm going to sell but don't need to before I buy A swap plus cash would be great but I know unlikely please PM me if any one is looking at selling I'm in NSW but will transport if necessary.
  6. Thanks Barry and Danny I will talk to MCA and send details to Danny I have just dun 2 weeks in Tassie and found the IS good but not good enough I'm an old cock so I push her hard but not stupid if that makes sense anyway thanks again. Zuk
  7. Hi All I know this must have been dun but I'm new here, Anyway 2008 IS 250, 150 ks on her I was thinking of getting 2012 shocks out of wreck with low ks, I have been quoted $2200 for KYB set up she still handles ok but 150 ks is pushing the life of suspension and I'm thinking if I can buy s/hand it should give me a nice improvement comments appreciated. Ps I don't want to lower her roads to bad out here. Zuk
  8. Ok just a happy word the K&N filter made a marked difference really noticeable.
  9. Last Question dose anyone know if there has been any problems with K&N air filter oil affecting any sensors on Lexus.
  10. The stock intake is smallish I just incresed the the amount of air into the airbox with the hose.
  11. Thanks ilv I had a good look at the air on mine and you are rite I believe it wont make any difference so I ordered a K&N and I have mounted a cold air hose from behind the front grill direct into the air box I will see if that makes any difference, hopefully will help a little.
  12. just going to order air intake for 08 IS250 any advice before I buy one, ( best one, easiest to fit, best power, is it worth it so on )
  13. Just a word I have been quoted $400 by a Lexus dealer for a full oil, filter change and he tells me it should be dun at a certain oil temperature they say they have dun lots of them.
  14. Ok looking for 2012-13 black leather front seats in great condition.