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  1. Yeah, Just had my transmission refurbished. I cant remember exactly what they said but my front pump seal and torque converter was completely gone. I sent mine to pringles in North Melbourne. Because my mechanic was close with the business I got it at trade cost (which i assume is the same as normal just without price mark up for parts). Ended up paying 3k and the car drives better than it ever has.
  2. Ill most likely come, would be good to get into the scene
  3. New Lexus owner - IS250

    Thanks mate, Ill check it out
  4. Hey all from Melbroune! Just purchased a 2007 IS250 prestige. I picked it up for a good price with low kms (imo). This is my first car (Im a P Plater) and although I think it is too much of a good car for a start im over the moon to own one. I pick her up sometime midweek. There are a few things im looking to do but I will be sure to have a read through threads before I ask questions. Thanks for having me :)