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  1. this might help
  2. Gen03

    GROM Vline V2

    Does this work on 2010 to 12 models ?
  3. Gen03

    White isF seats FS Brisbane

    Sold ..
  4. Thanks Mate .did you send the other 1 back ?
  5. Thanks mate .I'll order mine this week
  6. That sucks .and thanks for the update as I was just about to order one
  7. Let us know how it goes as mine slips at high rpm also .because im thinking of getting both replace at the next service .
  8. Gen03

    White isF seats FS Brisbane

    Price Drop now $700 firm
  9. Gen03

    New Front Pads & Rotors

    Wow that's cheap .thanks
  10. Gen03

    New Front Pads & Rotors

    How much were the pads ? as ill be needing some in the next few months
  11. Gen03

    White isF seats FS Brisbane

    Up it goes Bump
  12. Gen03

    Used Oem Parts Available

    Im after one of these also can you let me know the price as well .
  13. Gen03

    Babalouie ISF Maintenance Thread

    Where abouts did you get the Joez intake from as I like to get one ?