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  1. I think the torque atw would be around 450 to 500 . Maybe the 700 number I got on my dyno sheet would possibly state at the engine as the horsepower would be around 550 at the engine I think .
  2. No idea why sonny tunes in 4th gear . Both tunes he has done is in 4th. To be honest numbers don’t do much for me as long as I feel the car performs better after the tune and is reliable every time I start her up I’m happy
  3. Ppe headers catless with twin 2-1/2” exhaust with magnaflow rear mufflers , intake is injen
  4. No I didn’t get that . I have just messaged sonny to see if he could answer that for me . See how we go
  5. Today was the day for the retune with Sonny at Autowerks , Below is the results from 1st tune in march last year and the 2nd is todays runs . Car is smooth and revs quickly through to redline . A good result I think .
  6. Thanks for that , I read your story on what happened to your car , this is just a retune or a touch up as such since getting headers installed.
  7. I’ve finally got my car booked in next Friday at autowerks with sonny after the headers went on in January. Very interested to see how it preforms after the tune .
  8. Thanks for bazzle , I’ve just taken the pads off and done exactly that , gave them a good clean then greased them up will see how that goes . Cheers
  9. Yeah did a heap of 80km to slowing around the streets when bedding in the pads and rotors. I thought it might be the shims or the pins that might be making the noise
  10. My car is now extremely loud being cat less. Hitting rev limiter comes a lot quicker than it use to . I will have it tuned in the next month so i will be keen to see how much extra power the headers produce.
  11. With these rotors . All 3 months old
  12. No track work . Just around the street
  13. Hey mate , I put them on my car also ns400s mine squeal pretty bad on slowing down . Did you re use the shims or take them off. Cheers
  14. Congratulations on the install . I missed out for this year but can wait after reading your post .