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  1. Haha. I think it's just the comfort of a full tank has gone and now the task of filling up has hit your to-do list again so you're constantly watching it! I'm just the same. The reality is the less fuel you have, the less weight you carry and so the car should be more fuel efficient when it's low on fuel. But hey if we lived in an ideal world...
  2. Don't panic just yet! you said that it was 6 degrees C. It's normal for water vapour to come from your exhaust when it first starts and the engine is getting its act together but it's not unusual for water vapour to be seen from an exhaust at 6 degrees. Remember water starts to freeze at 4 degrees. What's your coolant level doing, is that going down? If not, lower your stress levels! if your car is producing vapour when it's 20 degrees and your coolant is going down, then, I would say see a mechanic.
  3. I've heard a few people say that you shouldn't let a tank run down because it will pick up the crap from the bottom of the tank but surely the tank drains from the bottom?
  4. When you buy the LED's get the ones that are sold as "no error" or "canbus" compatible. If you just get the cheapest, there's a good chance that you will get hyper flashing. Let us know how you get on.
  5. Ok for the sake of anyone else thinking of installing a dashcam. I pulled the panel off underneath the glove box on the passenger side. In the fuse box, there's a spare slot next to fuse 6 that's always on. I put a spade connector on to the wire, inserted it to where the fuse would be after bending the spade to 90degrees so that it lies flat and the cover can be replaced. Theres another empty but dead slot and then there's fuse 7 that has the audio through it. This is on when the ignition is on so I used this and piggy backed into the slot with the fuse. (The other side from the live side so that it is fused also). The ground wire, I fastened under the bolt that holds the fuse box firm, this seems to have given a good connection. Some pics of the finished job. The slot next to the 10A fuse is always live from the terminal on the outside of the box. The 5A fuse is for audio and I slipped the bare ended wire into the inside terminal before pushing the fuse back in over the top of it. The Power Magic Pro box stuck onto the panel next to the fuse box. I was concerned that the rear blind might hit the rear view camera but it comes up without making contact. Not a great picture of the front camera, but shows that the wiring is nicely tucked away. i ran the wiring along the passenger side under the roof lining between the cameras and down the passenger A pillar behind the airbag down to the fuse box and Power Magic Pro. A lot easier job than I anticipated and took about two hours. I'm sure I could have saved maybe an hour if I knew what I know now. Hopefully someone else can benefit now. Good Luck!
  6. I've got to admit, the way I was treated and the fact that Lexus came to the party makes me feel looked after
  7. I purchased a Blackvue after researching for a while and installed front and rear cameras quite easily with cables hidden nicely in roof lining but I'm looking for some advice on which fuse panel I should hardwire the Power Magic Pro to on my LS 460. I need an always on feed and an ignition on feed. Any suggestions?
  8. I got the call from Lexus Parramatta, the dashpad was in and I booked the car in the following week. i must say, I'm very impressed with results of a job that I wouldn't fancy tackling. Pictures below
  9. You didn't say what Km's or much info on the history but you might want to change the fuel filter too it's a cheap part so not a bad place to start.
  10. I'm sure that it is. Lexus will be only too happy to sell them to you for a Lexus price! Have a look on eBay, there are some well made products out there but be careful that you don't order a set for left hand drive. Have a look at sellers in the UK and Japan. Good luck
  11. Hi David, I'm not aware of a way to increase the speed, however, I have found with mine that you can press the button twice which releases the automation and you can close the boot manually much more quickly. Hope it helps. Philip
  12. Hi all, I thought that I'd post what's going on with my dashboard right now with the hope that it will be useful for other forum members. As some of you know, I bought a 2007 LS 460 a few months back and there were the usual cosmetic things that I like to attend to when I get a new (used) car. One thing that frustrated me no end however was my complete inability to get rid of the shiny reflection from the dashboard, to make it worse, when trying to wipe it down when it was warm even with an Armor-All wet wipe, the dashboard would scar and scratch and the fibres would embed themselves into the surface of the plastic. After much web surfing, I found out that it was an inherent problem with many of the earlier LS460 due to an incorrect polymer recipe. This issue was even more prevalent in the IS models. With little more than a faint hope that Lexus might do something with my 10 year old car, I contacted them directly and spoke with a customer service rep who told to attend a dealership for them to submit a report with photos to them. When I got to Lexus Parramatta, they advised that there was already a release issued from Lexus and that owners of applicable IS and LS models would be eligible for a replacement dashboard at Lexus expense! Now there's a good enough reason to buy a Lexus!! Apparently my new dashboard has been ordered from Japan and should be in Sydney around the end of May with the whole replacement expected to take 1/2 day. I'll keep you posted.
  13. OK, here's the heads up!Not great news...for me at any rate! Hopefully however, this can help others to not waste time and money following the paths that I tried. There are some knowledgeable members on this forum and perhaps next time I'll pay more attention!My OBDII plug in device off eBay failed before I could even try to copy from my existing key.i then took the Smart Card Key to my Lexus dealership who said that they would program the key for $77 AUD, however, a previously programmed smart card CANNOT be re programmed or re flashed. If you purchase a Smart Key off eBay, it must not have been previously programmed otherwise you're wasting your money. In Australia, Lexus will charge you $957 AUD for a new Smart Card. You can buy a key cheaper from overseas but they must have the same ID numbers.i hope this information helps a few people.
  14. This may not be the answer that you're looking for but it might give you food for thought. I used to have a 7 series BMW and it always went back to the dealer that I bought it from for servicing. Every time, I took it in, it was a four figure bill. I later met the service manager through another channel and he told me of many of the scams that they do to sell you up, apprentices doing the service instead of qualified mechanics etc. having a wheel fall off a Land Cruiser just after a dealer service came to my mind. I found a local mechanic that had a recommendation or two and went around to his shop unannounced and watched what was going on. I had a chat to the owner and found out about him and from a sideways chat, drew my own conclusions of what values he had on the work he did and what he wanted his business to be in the long term. sorry for the long prologue but the bottom line is he now services all my cars, currently a Lexus LS460, MB CLK 350 conv, my sons Volvo C70 conv and my wife's IS300. I now have a mechanic that I know will tell me the truth, I know who will work on the car and I know that he knows what I expect. For the long term, have a relationship with the guy that looks after your car, you will have so much more peace of mind
  15. Hmm. Not sure why they wouldn't be able to be programmed. I decided to buy the OBDII plug and I'll attempt to program it through the car. It cost just over $13 so not much of a risk. I'll continue the thread with some instructions and feedback when it arrives in a couple of weeks.