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  1. How the heck is this ISF still not sold? I would've bought it if my finances aligned!
  2. Agree. I think the routing algorithm used by Lexus' navigation units is different from Google's. I've often compared what the Lexus navigation unit shows as opposed to using the shortest/quickest way that I know off the top of my head and it is very different. I believe regardless of the version, the routing algorithm in the Lexus nav units still remains the same so you're never going to have it at the same level as Google Maps.
  3. Hey Atlantis, this worked! Here's what I did; 1. Reset the existing values by holding down DISP. 2. I got the fuel consumption to around 10.5L/km (suburban driving) 3. Filled-up today and got an estimated range of ~560km. Thanks!
  4. Thanks, Atlantis. I was curious because I was comparing a full tank fuel estimate between my mate's 2010 IS250C and my 2010 IS250. Mate gets over 600km whereas mine never gets over 500km. Both of us do urban driving. I tried resetting it by holding the DISP button on the steering wheel but that doesn't seem to reset the fuel estimate. It resets the L/km estimate. I tried holding MODE but that only seems to control the audio input mode (AUX/FM/CD). Thanks!
  5. All, I've observed that even on a full tank, the fuel range estimate that is provided by the on-board CPU always estimates below 500km. For example, last week on a full tank, the fuel estimate was at 480km. When the range falls below 400km, it climbs back upto 400+. Seems like the on-board CPU never provides an estimate greater than 500km and makes up for it by bumping up the estimate back above 400km when the range falls below 400km. Anybody else have had a similar problem?
  6. V23 Group Buy?

    Apparently V24 is out?
  7. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Nice black ISF! Just wondering what happened to the result of the drag? I hope he beat your the repair shop that is!
  8. V23 Group Buy?

    Old mate Baz firing up on all cylinders! Thanks for trying, Atlantis. Just a word of caution to anybody reading this thread and planning on buying from navigationau. Word of caution -
  9. All, Is anyone even remotely interested in a group buy for the latest V23 maps? If we get enough prospective buyers, we can transfer funds to the nominated buyer's PayPal. The other option would be of course to wait until someone leaks the V23 DVD in which case old mate Bazzle would probably find it. I've made a list of all V23 packages that I could find so far; 1. navshop au - AUD295 - 2. navigationau - AUD200 - (site is kinda dodgy considering that they're not accepting PayPal. They only seem to accept a direct bank transfer). UPDATE - DO NOT PURCHASE FROM HERE. 3. eBay - AUD200 - (seller only accepts a local pick-up from Armidale unfortunately) What do all the Lexians think?
  10. Just an update on things - Mate took the car to Lexus who had the car for a few days and apparently could not find any issue. The only workaround they provided was to disable the intrusion detection sensor which meant that the car wouldn't set off the alarm if it was broken into. They offered a new Intrusion Detection Sensor system for $4000 which was "politely" declined. Anybody else have any suggestions on what to check for?
  11. Old mate Baz to the rescue, thanks :) So, I've had a look through those forums and have compiled some workarounds that I might get my mate to try; Remove anything metallic from the center console. Reset the intrusion detection system (should be in the manual). Will update on the above.
  12. G'day all, Posting on behalf of a mate of mine who drives an IS250C. Couple of weeks back, the car alarm kept going off. Car is parked securely at home and there has been no sign of forced entry. It kept happening day after day. Finally called NRMA who replaced the battery as they suggested that the alarm repeatedly going off was one of the signs of low battery. Replaced the battery but the alarm kept going off day after day. Took it to the Lexus service department who said they will monitor the car. The alarm kept going off whilst at the service department and they required some time to investigate. Got a call the other day from the Lexus service department who suggested that the Intrusion Detection System had failed and they suggest replacing it which will cost between $1500-$2000 plus labor charge per hour. Mate of mine refused to have it replaced and was provided a technique to disable the intrusion prevention system. This meant that you can lock the car but the alarm won't go off if someone tried to break into the car. Wondering if anyone else have had this problem and if there are any other options to have it fixed (private mechanics). Any input is much appreciated, thanks!
  13. I'm not from SP myself but have heard good things about TRS Auto Repairs -
  14. Danny, thanks for recommending TNK. Have read all the glowing reviews about this place and keen to try them out on my next service. Just out of curiosity, do potential buyers get put off from buying a Lexus if it hasn't been serviced by an authorized Lexus dealer?
  15. The general consensus around the forum seems to be to take the car to an authorized Lexus dealer for servicing. I've read a lot of posts where people state that they would generally not prefer to buy a Lexus that has not been serviced by an authorized Lexus mechanic (something you can keep in mind if you plan on selling your IS250 later on). Try ringing up Lexus of Sutherland and Lexus of Chatswood for quotes and make your decision from there. Please keep us updated!