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  1. During service yesterday, I'm informed that my GS450H's 2GR has a massive sludge problem. She's done ~215,000kms and still runs perfect, but I had noticed fuel economy was terrible and after sitting around for nearly 9 months, she fired up with ocassional 'check engine' indicator. This would come'n'go. Yes, a couple of service had been missed but I never would have though it pushed the oil 'too far'. I purchased a cheap OBDII scanner from Jaycar and it read out P0017. Looking around, it seems a common problem with 2GRs. Bascially the different v-bank's cam position sensors 'disagree'. Sometimes it is just a dirty sensor, or sensor filter. I'm being told the car needs the engine replaced which is extraordinary. They're going to exchange the oil/filter as per service plan. I was thinking of changing it very frequently with some sort of chemical treatment. Castrol for example make an 'engine shampoo' sludge detergent. You put it in and idle the car for 10-15mins then change the oil again. I'm being told this is much MORE risky as any sludge that moves may clog oil galleries causing the engine to actually immediately fail/sieze? Does this sound reasonable. I am not technical. This is one of the best cars I've ever owned. It is glorious on the open road, but was basically already worthless anyhow. I'm keen to keep her going.
  2. I just wanted to update people on this. When I had my car serviced, they removed various trim components to clean the battery system filters and extraction fan. This was not replaced properly and jammed the sunshade blind.
  3. Hi All, long-time reader, long-time lurker. The rear sun shade on my 2009 GS450h will only go half-way up. It seems mechanical, like the scissor system is getting stuck, or obstructed. Lexus of Perth quoted me over $3000 to simply replace the unit, which was super annoying. Any fault history with those blinds? I'd like to just remove it and inspect, but they won't do it.