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  1. PPE header group buy

    First and last time I ever do a group buy that’s for sure. Mid July is when I handed over my money, was told 6-8 weeks... it has now been 16 weeks!!!??? Pretty much 4 months. And then I see people on the forum getting them privately from the states so quickly. I’ll be honest I feel like I just gave some random 3k and I’m just getting scammed!!
  2. PPE header group buy

    Thanks for the info. Did you need to replace the 02 sensors during install? I've heard they can get damaged a fair bit when they try and use the original ones. Anyone know where we can get some just in case? Our headers will have the 02 simulator, hopefully this will be enough to bypass getting a CEL? Seems like most ppl in the states and in Aus were running headers without tune for sometime now. Any updates on how it feels when you step on it? Significant?
  3. PPE header group buy

    Gregorydarcy your not even part of this group buy. Your just coming into this thread to make us feel bad lol. Looking good tho, see some good stuff in the engine bay. You should at least give us a quick review of the headers? First drive impressions? Etc. Enjoy!
  4. PPE header group buy

    Yeah I'm suprised ive been this patient haha.
  5. PPE header group buy

    Wow how come so quick compared to ours?
  6. PPE header group buy

    Any updates? Haven't made the secondary payment yet. Will do it soon.
  7. Brisbane ISF owners?

    Nice!! Would of loved a white one but settled with a black one. When black is clean it looks so damn good. Whereabouts in bris are you?
  8. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Love the ass shot, looks really mean! Curious did you purchase the car with the mods already?
  9. PPE header group buy

    anabolic1986 (pending price) alexl8891 blkISF (pending price) banserki OzzyISF (pending price)
  10. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    Fitment looks awesome. Digging the concavity on the rears. Not really a fan of that wheel design personally. But the more I look at your photos, the better it becomes. Good job :)
  11. PPE header group buy

    How do you want us to add our names?
  12. PPE header group buy

    So far we have maybe 4... anabolic1986 (pending price) alexl8891 blkISF (pending price) banserki
  13. Isf Owners Post Up Pics Of Your Isf!

    That last pic hahaha!
  14. PPE header group buy

    Thanks for organising this. Put my name on the list for now please, Alex.
  15. Brisbane ISF owners?

    Reading your other posts sounds like yours is quite a beast. Still umming and uhhing about ppe headers. Wondering if the gains are worth the cost at the moment. Topic has been done to death but what about your 2c?