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  1. Hi all, Just recently purchased myself an is350 F sport 2010. Pretty happy with the purchase and loving the car! I am now finding myself in a situation where I want to add more to it. Not too much but some minor exterior mods and cold air intake for a slightly deeper growl without going too hardcore. There seems to be people who are for the takeda cold air intake. However, I'm also reading good reviews on the injen one. Whats everyones thoughts on it? Feel free to share or if you have chosen one and your experience. Thanks! Jon
  2. Can you please pm me with photos/link, color and price :) Cheers
  3. Yes, definitely a huge fan of the extra f sport features. Is there much difference in performance wise for x and f sport for is250? Test drove the is250 x today and it felt heavy. Quite comfortable but definitely missing some good features. It probably wasn't a good idea to go drive the is350 f sport then a 250 x lol. Definitely a huge difference in performance.
  4. Thanks for that! So would you go f sport over the x even if the mileage is 35000km more with prices being similar or even slightly cheaper for the f sport?
  5. Hi guys, I am looking into buying a is250 2010-2012 but juggling between the f sport and potentially the x? Personally love the f sport finishes especially wheels, seats and grill. Would be looking to change the grill if I purchased the x It's a bit of a situation as I live in QLD where an x is available for a fair price but I'm also looking in melb for an f sport that's fair price but has done 100km. Is there anything I should be wary of with those kms. Also trying to justify price because if I get the one from melb I'd have to fork out for freight, new rego and transfer? Will be used for everyday drive. Any help would be much appreciated!