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  1. I have a IS250 2008 car model and yesterday on Friday night I think I have lost the whole key fob. Good thing is that I have a spare one I do not wish to go to Lexus dealership as I believe it will be very expensive for like several hundred dollars so I hope to go for another best and cheapest alternate that you can advice according to experience? 1) I am aware you can go and buy the set from Ebay for just $185 (including the keyblae & the green circuit inside) i.e. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/REMOTE-IMMOBILIZER-SMART-KEY-BOB-KEYLESS-For-Lexus-IS250-ES300-09-12-/282075443570?fits=Make%3ALexus&hash=item41ad01b172:g:n3QAAOSwcBhWWtLD I have asked and then I was answered that you can get it programmed by a qualified auto locksmith, is that true? Whats the price difference between this and Lexus dealers? I assume Lexus won't do the programming for you and expect you to buy the whole set from them? 2) And do I have to bring the car to them or I do not have to as long as I have got the master/spare key so they can pair it up? 3) Is it recommended it is better to get a back up because if you lose both, it will be more expensive??? Or the price will be the same regardless if you lose 1 or spare one? 4) If in the end, I do the replacement and I found the key that I originally lost, would I be able to use it as a 3rd spare key or it will be voided? PS: I am located in Sydney Your answer and advice will be appreciated