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  1. choppyshrimp

    B>IS350 Coilovers

    Only just saw your comment. Anyway I was talking to you about it the other day, I ended up putting in an order for a brand new set of BC BR's, should be coming in next week.
  2. choppyshrimp

    B>IS350 Coilovers

    EDIT: **bought**
  3. choppyshrimp

    Used IS250 choice

    Don't worry too much about km's, especially on cars like this. As long as there is service history and the car checks out alright, you're in the clear. I'd get the Sports Luxury for the added features and the cheaper price.
  4. I had mine done by Daalder Exhausts in Dandenong. I say go to them (or any other reputable exhaust shop) and tell them what kind of sound you're looking for, they'll be able to set you up with something close enough or exactly what you want for a fair price. Most shops should charge you around the same amount though, you're not really going to find a place that does it significantly cheaper than the other unless it's a shoddy job. I've heard good things about HiTech over in Sunshine, you should try give them a call and see what they can do.
  5. Not sure if you've already went through with what you planned to do but I thought I'd chime in. I've got custom rear mufflers on my 2011 IS350 along with a resonator delete and I'm quite happy with the sound. Whole thing only cost me around $500, but around $150 could've be saved if I didn't add a set of shadow chrome tips. Gave me the perfect sound I wanted without spending upwards of 1k for a branded system. There is only a VERY slight drone at freeway cruising speed. I'd recommend something like this if you want to save some money and still get a nice (or maybe even better) sound. Seems like you're already doing something similar with the magnaflow's though, if that isn't enough, then remove the resonator and it'll definitely open up some more.
  6. Same for me on my 2011 IS350, doesn't bother me too much though.
  7. Thanks for that, I'll take your word for it then :-) Unless you have a better option without changing the rotors.
  8. Would you recommend to buy them as a replacement? I've looked into EBC Red Stuff and not sure which would be better regarding braking, dust minimization and value for money.
  9. choppyshrimp

    B> Invidia Mid Pipe 06-13 IS250, 350

  10. Where can I get more information about this? Couldn't seem to find anything about "abz concepts" online. Very interested.
  11. Really upsets me that this hasn't sold yet haha, really seems like a niche market for these cars. Have you had many people inquire? Might just be more of a waiting game opposed to price drops, I'd happily pay your asking price if I had the money to spend. Like Spec said, just need to wait for the right person to see it.
  12. Yeah I checked, but just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed anything. Thank you!
  13. Doesn't look too complex, but I'll be careful. Also just to confirm, is Nulon 5w-30 fully synthetic a suitable oil for these engines? Thanks again.
  14. Just an update, I was quoted $780 for the 120k service. Quite surprised by how steep it is, guessing most of it is from the brake fluid+oil replacement stealership labour? What do you guys think? Just bought my own oil on sale for $30, plan to do the cabin filter change myself, and will be taking the car to my own mechanic to do the rest for me. Would be nice to get that logbook stamp, but $780 just feels a bit over the top.
  15. Ouch, was not expecting that haha. Anyway, I'll give an update when the service comes in and let you guys know what prices were associated with the dealers/mechanics. Thanks a lot :-)