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  1. Uh I don't recall exactly, but I think it was around $350~ extra on top of the price of the coilovers, which is quite normal given the amount of time these apparently take to switch out. And yep, couldn't fault the job!
  2. I had my BC BR Coilovers on my IS350 supplied and fitted by OTR Motorsports in Clayton, so they've got experience with mine at least, and it should be the exact same with your IS250.
  3. I had BC BR Coilovers on my old IS350 and I have to say the ride was fantastic. I had it dropped quite low as well and even then it was a big improvement over the stock F-Sport setup.
  4. You should get in touch with @biscuit if he hasn't already contacted you. He mentioned your car in his thread recently as he is in the market for one, would be good to pass it on to him!
  5. That blue 2008 looks like a fantastic deal, I saw the ad myself and would've jumped on it instantly if it popped up when I was in the market. Depends entirely on your budget I guess, but I couldn't justify paying the premium for a 2011+
  6. Geez, unbelievable how nobody has jumped on this yet.
  7. I personally would never pay $20,000 for an old IS250, no matter how clean or low KM it is. IS200, possibly. Plenty of fantastic examples out there that are newer for a lesser price.
  8. You should join the ISF/RCF/GCF Club on Facebook, it's mainly Sydney based. Ceramic coatings are definitely good, but they seem to be the most beneficial for people who rarely clean their cars as most of the time you can just get away with a good hose down to get it looking somewhat clean again. Otherwise, standard detail with a wax/sealant will do just fine and still give great results.
  9. I had my Invidia sourced by On The Run Motorsports in Springvale 2 years back for my Honda, they're an official distributor and can install it for you too. I just find it hard to justify the price though and would recommend going custom unless you don't mind spending the $. Had a custom a custom setup on my 2IS which cost me around $400 (excluding tips) and I couldn't have asked for better.
  10. Jesus christ that's hefty, I hope you've found a nice indie mechanic since then haha. I vouch for the Project MU NS400. They don't feel much different to OEM, slightly better if anything, and my gloss black wheels are still gloss black after a week of daily driving along with 0 squeal. You can get a front+rear set for only $338 AUD. How much did you get your SS-M's for @Babalouie ? The cheapest I can find are approx. $500 USD, and that's only for the front set 😨
  11. Honestly the best way to go about it is to just get it fixed and throw it up for 36-37. Potential buyers will hesitate knowing there's an active leak and probably wouldn't want to go out and get the repair done themselves. Surely you can get some $ together? You'll make it back when the car is sold. Realistically should not cost you more than $1500, I had a $1200 quote from a Lexus dealer for this fix on mine.
  12. Nothing that I know of unfortunately. The scene here seems to be more suited to your typical JDM car, or bogan-mobiles lol.
  13. One can only dream lol. I don't think the forums here are exactly..."lively" enough for that kind of thing to happen. Not that I wouldn't be interested, would be nice to go for a Lexus drive.
  14. They're great, not gonna' lie but the thing I'm looking forward to most is not having to look at my black wheels smothered in brake dust after 2 days lol. Unfortunately Project Mu Australia was absolutely terrible and made me wait 3 months without any indication of when they'd be coming in, despite being told it would only be a 3-4 week wait for re-stock. Just glad they're on now, and these slotted rotors look amazing too, especially with the distinct colour of the Mu pads.
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