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  1. Colour of the housing is irrelevant as far as I know. As long as the lights are clearly visible, you won't have any issues.
  2. B> Invidia Mid Pipe 06-13 IS250, 350

    Looking to buy an Invidia Mid Pipe for the 06-13 IS250/350, preferably used for now to save $ on forking out for brand new. Cheers!
  3. Beautiful car, rear-end looks amazing! Goodluck with sale!
  4. New LC On Display in Sydney

    Had a look at one myself recently, very elegant.
  5. Sc Owners Picture Thread

    Though there are a few on sale, I've only ever seen one on the road. They must be weekenders, or never driven!
  6. *edit* All done with the update on a 2011 IS350, thanks a lot bazzle! Burned onto a DVD+R with 4x write speed and worked just fine.
  7. Thanks for that! How is the servicing like? Anything exceedingly expensive compared to your standard car?
  8. Hey everyone! Soon enough I'm going to be an owner of an IS350, and I'm very excited about it, however I have some questions I'm hoping you guys here could help me out with! I'm not too familiar with Lexus' so I'm not sure what cars are safe to buy, how many KM's are considered "high" for this car before things start breaking/needing replacement? Should I be worrying that much about whether or not something expensive is going to go wrong when I get one? What badge type would you guys recommend? Personally I'm wanting the 'Sports Luxury' just because it has a heap of nice features (ventilated seats, premium sound, distance control, memory seats, etc) that some other badges lack. Otherwise I'm really liking the 'F-Sport' too. Would it really be a bad option if I inevitably went with the 'Prestige' or 'X'? Any regrets picking them? I say this because the market for these cars in Victoria (within my budget) doesn't appear to be very big and I can't wait forever for the right one to pop up. I've heard the 'flappy paddle' gear shift in these cars doesn't actually let you control the current gear you're in (rather, they control the maximum gear the auto transmission shifts to). Is this true? If there's anything else you guys think I should know about this car then please let me know! I've done quite a bit of research, but there's always more to know. Thanks heaps!!