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  1. Hello Everyone Im after a black door trim to suit a 2011 IS350 F sport. LHR If anyone has one, can you let me know please Many thanks Darren
  2. Hello I can't seem to be able to ask if anyone has a door trim in the relevant section. Is there something im doing wrong or am I locked out of that section for being able to post for some reason Cheers Darren
  3. Ive got bedders springs in my Fsport. Front is nice drop, rear is way too low. I have had to fit spacers in the rear. If the rear is too low you will have major camber issues
  4. Sorry to drag up an old topic but I have a set of these exact ones fitted to my IS350 f sport and they fit perfectly
  5. Hello Everyone I'm only new here and this is my first post I have just bought an IS350 f sport 2011 Model I will be doing a few modifications to my car, the main one being the removal of the ML sound system complete as I find it really inferior. The volume is terrible as is the base response. I have purchased the Scosche dash kit. I have also purchased a non nav dash wiring harness to convert the dash to non nav wiring so the dash kit can be fitted and the HVAC LCD screen works properly. I have already removed the front door speakers and fitted Focal 3 way flax speakers. I will also be fitting dynamat to stop any resonance in the doors. One small modification I have already done is that I have fitted BENDIX GCT front disc pads. I am pleased to report no significant loss in braking performance but significantly cleaner wheels. I have fitted 19 x 8.5 and 19 x 9.5 staggered wheels which are silver. I would get home from the car wash and no matter how hard I tried to not excessively use the brakers, the wheels always had a black tarnish. I'm pleased to report that problem is solved. The part number is DB2255GCT. Remember this part number only suits the f sport front calipers. Will keep you posted as I move forward with the stereo install Cheers Darren