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  1. Rhino roof racks

    CT 200 rhino roof bars suits 2012 - 6/2017 Good condition, some scratches and wear and tear. Complete pick up Engadine $100
  2. LC-F V10 twin turbo

    I do the love the look of this vehicle although I would still have one 😎
  3. LX570

    I was at the dealer talking about the new ct and we got to talking about the new LX 570. He was very coy about what changes were happening with it. Has anyone heard or read anywhere what the changes may be?
  4. New CT

    Is anyone looking at buying a new CT? Have you got any pricing on them as we have been unable to get any yet.... wife has the current ct and we were considering the new one.
  5. Has anyone ever tuned their RX? where did you take it? And what were the results?
  6. Are there ever any dyno days in Sydney?
  7. Hello

    Hey I am new to the group. My name is Dave and I drive a RX450H I am a bit of a Lexus tragic.