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  1. All the new hyper-cars are heavy. It helps with getting grip on corners and new tyre compounds are all designed with this in mind. 1600kg is pretty light actually.
  2. I go to Wakefield park on a regular basis, it's a good way to go safely fast. How about Speed off the Streets in September ? August 24 - Speed off the Streets Thursday 24th August September 8 - [Friday] I also make Social Video's for the other groups I'm in like It's more fun the more the same cars that you have. If nothing else, using Wakefield Park for going fast is much better than using the streets. Please forgive my non-Lexus video, hope to fix this soon.
  3. It's more than likely to be a production run of the LFA engine. That was a great engine and they've been slowly letting the LFA goodies dissolve into mainstream models.