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  1. How did you go finding the cause of this issue? Did anyone else encounter this problem after their flush and replacement?
  2. Gday all.

    Gday Having come from owning an Audi A4 B5 and a Golf Mk5 GTI (heavily modified), I finally cracked it with reliability issues. Now even though i am into modifying vehicles, I do not expect components to fail such as,,,wiring harnesses issues such as insulation to break and cause electrical shorts and failures. Door locking mechanisms (every single door) to fail such as circuit-boards cracking and soldering joints breaking apart. Consistent light bulb shorts due to earthing issues, and being HID globes, the ridiculous costs associated with replacement. CV boots failing after only 3 years. Digital instrument displays loosing pixels. and on and on and on...... So after deciding I would like a luxury car but with a bit of oomph off the lights, and something that will not let me throw money into modifying (now have a baby so priorities and all that, I decided to go NA. Oh and the big thing RELIABILITY Nothing German that is second hand and below $25,000 fit this pre-requisite. BMW, AUDI, MB all seem to have some serious issues, whether it be HPFP, Turbo failures, gearbox issues, electrical issues, engine bearing problems. So no more German cars for me. While researching Lexus, I was astounded by the reliability and almost lack of issues on the forums. The quality and fit and finish of the cars I inspected. And the performance from that sweet V6 3.5L. So I was sold. Bought a 2011 IS350 and really enjoy the drive. So far, absolutely nothing wrong with it, for a 6 year old car I am astounded.