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  1. For those of you who are interested, I was Lucky enough to drive the new LC 500 and GSF at the Lexus Drive day experience at Lakeside Raceway yesterday. Also there was a blue LFA doing hot laps and driven by Alan Jones. What a sound!!!! I have attached a short video below.... LFA Lakeside.MOV
  2. Just to let you know, I bought a genuine Lexus Bar Yesterday for a customer for around the same price as an Hayman Reece. Might be worth quizzing your local dealer.
  3. It can be done at home on the ground Ok (obviously on a hoist would be kinder to your body) but you will have to remove the rear bar cover to remove the reinforcement. Other than that it should just bolt in. The hayman reece is a good one. Maybe see if there is a youtube tutorial ? Cant recommend anyone in that area sorry (Im in QLD) cheers
  4. Sweet!!! I'd even have that LFA in yellow
  5. I have fitted both genuine and aftermarket towbars to RX330 and 50's and they all needed the rear bar reinforcement removed. Depending on exactly what towbar it is you may need to also make a small cutout in the bar for the tongue.
  6. Coming in a bit late here, but did you end up doing a 1UZ-fe conversion?