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  1. Just in case anyone is interested (although, it appears NOT) I now have ALL SEVEN speakers working (yes, even the rear shelf woofer); the bad news is I, basically, had to rewire the entire car...
  2. Let's start with an easy one: Speakers. LS400 UCF11 with Kenwood head unit; I know the head unit works fine, I had it working in another car just last week but, I can only get front speakers to work. Now, I know there's a situation with the rear shelf sub amp where the amp runs off the rear speakers (or something like that) so the sub won't work but, how does that stop the rear door speakers from working? The connecting loom from the car the the head unit was wired by the previous owner but, I've checked it & it works fine; after checking for continuity from the plug at the head unit to the door speaker connector, I get nothing from any of the 4 wires... Any ideas?
  3. Hi all, I'm Tony & I just took delivery of a Toyota Celsior UCF11 (I hope that doesn't exclude me from membership here). It's a long story which started over three months ago so, I won't bore you with all the details. Needless to say, it has a few small electrical issues. I have a local contact who has had vast experience with LS400/Celsiors & SC400/Soarers & even he's baffled with one or two... I hope to gain some valuable knowledge from all here... A little background: I'm a qualified panel beater who started in the auto industry 30 years ago as an apprentice mechanic with York Motors Rolls Royce Service.