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  1. headers installed ready for tune results will be uploaded next week
  2. liverpool westfield lc for show or for grabs ?
  3. true it’s got sweetness to it it’s a car i’d put next to the porsche but it’s not an everyday cruiser our fs have enough power and can be used for more daily drives i don’t use mine as a daily i treat mine like a collectors shame their dropping in value with a care that’s very limited ,& reliable i had issues with bmw pricing but only staying with lexus now for life & if i could choose both it would be the lfa isf & porsche in the garage hands down !
  4. still researching on this one boys anything can be done but you don’t want to put anything for the sake of it ,me personally i wouldn’t want an additional screen waiting on my auto elec audio who is trying to work out some good options i’m in no rush and would skip v line he did not recommend it ,glitches etc ..
  5. gms spares in revesby wrecking isf
  6. haven’t got anything yet but i’m researching with auto elec thinking of trying a bmw tv module setup and swapping the plugs to work with lexus as sockets and pins are different apparently but the module to interact with isf standard dash is my other isssue still researching i can get the tv locked once installed working so you can watch the footy news cruising
  7. interesting but i’d like to know can we get tv connected in our lexus isfs apparently rx350 has it ,my bmw had it with motion so work while driving 9 7 10 sbs etc ,that’s the only thing i miss about a bmw ,auto elec is trying to work it hoping it can be done
  8. wish i knew i was looking for a diff for a few weeks finally found one from a ls460 fit straight into my isf ..i’m aware that i’m the first to blow up a diff in australia (non lsd )
  9. hey all ... anyone can recommend a good tuner seems limited to our isf’s in sydney so far found autowerkes ,bta,cpi have heard good and bad about all mentioned so not sure who is the best pick ..very limited to tuners so want good results work ...doing headers hi flow cats iss des exhaust installed and intake ..other upgrades oil air seperator /braided brake lines & suspension work future cam nos install
  10. doing headers exhaust intake tune once done am going to considering nos compared to supercharger the shot of nos for track runs will be good fun
  11. lol was it a white srt jeep that was my mates ..bros gtr 35attended also
  12. couldn’t make bet it was good nice weather
  13. were to get this is handy to have ideally a workshop shop manual
  14. hey everyone chasing a set of headers if anyone’s got for sale pm me ..cheers