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  1. And, we have a winner
  2. Gulf and wester? Man, havent used that since i had my old excel 😁 Leaning towards the Penrite i think. 6.3 liters capacity is annoying though. I can buy a 6 liter and just mix some of my old 10-30 Valvoline in there should it require some.
  3. Oh nice, i'll check them out. I've always liked Penrite, but I need an 5-30. Trying to follow the manual as closely as possible. I wonder if mobil 1 is on sale...
  4. Thanks. Yeah i already have the tool in my cart (local auto shops are all sold out near me) Now, to find a good deal on some oil. Cheers mate
  5.!3025!AU!-1:rk:2:pf:0 like this one? does it come complete with everything needed aka o.rings and what not?
  6. ALRIGHT! You all got me. I'll do the damn oil change myself! haha Honestly, toyota were going to throw some semi-synthetic 10w30 oil in my baby with not only 60K on the clock! Thats blasphemy! Anyway, i'm going to go with a 5-30, not sure what brand, the best deal i guess, but what is everyones opinion on oil filters? Ryco or K&N? Lemme know, sitting on ebay right now ready to hit buy it now on one of these...
  7. I've got my eye set on Mobil 1. If i were to buy 2 bottles, it would cost me around 150 + 40 for filter .. Toyota have a deal going on right now for an oil change for $230... might as well just take it to them and have them sort it out. Toyota Genuine oil is apparelty rebranded Mobil 1..
  8. My driving habits fall under 'severe'? How does that work, I barely drive the thing mate 😄
  9. What annoys me about buying oils is that most of them are all sold in 5ltr qty, and every recent car ive own takes over 6 liters for a chance so you can never get the job done with just the price of one bottle of oil. Been thinking about just getting it done at toyota tbh. will enquire on monday. Why do you reccomend that? I heard too frequent oil changes actually harm the engine...
  10. My IS 250 is due for an oil change soon, problem is, there are lots of different grades that people seem to use for this car, and i want to know which you guys use AND which one would be best in my car. It has 60K on the clock, IS250 SL 2011 model. Do less than 2K driving a year - all local. cheers
  11. I actually dont know if i am experiencing any carbon build up, just read a lot about it online and wondering if there is any preventative measures i can take. My IS is still yet to reach the 60K mark, but i gave it a flog the other week (first time since i bought the car) and noticed an abnormal amount of smoke come out of the exhausts, indicating the engine is probably suffering from it already.
  12. I've got a 2011 IS250 almost about to hit 60K mark, and i'm starting to worry about the dreaded carbon build up on these models. Honestly had i have done some more research on these cars, i would have gone for the350 instead, but its too late now. So i have read quite a few different stories about this issue, some saying that this problem is more widespread in the US due to the lower grade of fuel used there and so on, so i've come here. Has anyone dealt with this issue before in their 250? if so, at how many K's did it start giving you problems? I'm one who does very little driving with this car on a daily basis and i drive it like an old man at best, so when i discovered this issue online, i gave my car a good flogging around some corners and the amount of smoke visible in the rear view mirror was outstanding. Like a semi had just driven past, so i'm assuming my car already has some degree of carbon built up inside. What do you use to clean out the carbon if anything? Specific fuel additives or what not? Interested to hear some stories about this.
  13. Hi I downloaded I believe its V21 off here quite some time ago and burned it to a DVD + disc, but its never been working reliably. What I mean is upon entering the search function, the system lags up and freezes sometimes for minutes on end. It eventually works and progresses, or it either gets so slow that I have to turn the car off as the whole NAV unit simply crashes. I'd like to know what the latest stable version of maps is, and if possible what format DVD it must be burned to? Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  14. I’ll be picking up an IS250 pretty soon, but I’m STILL having trouble distinguishing between the models and respective features of this car. Being a Lexus newbie that I am, I can seem to identify 5 potential models: - Prestige - Sports - Sports Luxury - X - F Sport Firstly, am I correct in assuming that I have listed the models above from lowest class to highest class? If not, what would be the correct order? Secondly, there are so many different interior color options, but which would be my best bet of finding black on black? I’ve seen a few X models in black and red which I dislike. Ill be going for something 2010 -2013 if that makes any difference. Thanks all