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  1. Thanks for letting us know ... just fitted a new set front and rear after my Track Day last month ... might buy a spare set of fronts ... but the rears last so much longer.
  2. Great choice of wheels ... really suit your ISF and complement the blue colour! The Split Lips are a nice touch too!
  3. Hi Babalouie - Tyre Reviews & WPR Lap Times & Data Response Thanks for your tyre reviews and comparisons ... certainly helps with making a informed decision for your Track Day! Thanks for also sharing your lap times and data above and previously, I really appreciate it. I now have Nitto 01’s, however haven’t had the chance to use them at Wakefield yet. They are certainly a lot gripper than my previous Federal 595 RS-RR’s & Hankook RS3’s, although I was using an IS 350 with those. Previously on the ISF I had Nitto 05’s, so like the 595 RS-RR’s & RS3’s UTQG rating was the same / similar as the AD08R’s. I think the Nitto 05’s were hard though, as I went more 4 seconds a lap quicker at SMSP GP Circuit with Nitto 01’s ... and everybody tells me that an R compound semi-slick should be worth approximately 2 seconds a lap ... and I can assure you it certainly wasn’t anything to do with driver improvement. Have you had the ISF out at SMSP yet ... would be happy to share lap times and data if you like. Thanks again for the tyre reviews and sharing the WPR lap times & data. Regards, Matthew
  4. Hi Babalouie - Leatherique Response Firstly I think you have well reached the point where a number of new updates in this thread should really be a dedicated topic / thread in their own right ... there is so much good stuff in here! The first I wanted to thank you for doing properly was the update re repainting your driver’s seat using the Leatherique process. This was so much better, more informative and professional than the other clown who posted about touching up! You can clearly see the difference and moreover the proof is the long lasting wear. I really appreciated your note re the foam replacement in the leather seat to ensure it doesn’t just wear off the same spot again! Your detailed instructions and photos are perfect too and very easy to follow step by step. Pleased to note that Rob replaced the original dye ... he was spot on with mine, twice! Very experienced and nice mature guy who knows what he is talking about and happy to help! Also pleased to note you got such a great outcome after taking your time and doing to right! Thanks, Matthew
  5. Thanks John for letting us know. I now have a OBD 2 Bluetooth Scanner that works! And a second faux Go Pro, I use Harry’s Lap Timer, but your video software and its format / layout is a lot better! Have a great Christmas and New Year! Thanks, Matthew
  6. Hi John, Awesome video ... this is still the best in-car / rear-car / underneath-car video of an ISF on the track that I have seen on YouTube! It definitely helped to confirm my purchase on an ISF too! What app were you using for record your video and data with? Thanks, Matthew
  7. Hi ilv1004s, Thanks for your reply. Sorry to possibly ask a stupid question but is your response related to your starting ‘cold’ pressure and then when the tyres are hot they end up in the high 30’s or are you in fact running 30 psi when they are hot? Thanks in advance for clarifying. Matthew
  8. Carbon fibre looks cool! Neat trick re the updated Sat Nav ... never would have thought that the our screens could ever display that many colours! Like the pronounced side skirts and front lip too! Good idea to black out the Lexus badge given those monster black wheels! Certainly has presence ... and it will never go mistaken for your average ISF!
  9. Nice reflection of the sun setting on the ISF!
  10. Sorry for the late response. I am running square set up ... 245/40/18 ... using the Lexus X Package wheels.
  11. Hi LTuned! Many thanks for the feedback and pleased to note you find the higher pressures work better too! Good article on tyre pressures ... thanks for sending it through! Matthew
  12. Hi All, Just made the upgrade to R Compound Semi Slicks, NT01’s (100 UTQG), and had my first track day on them earlier this week. Previously I have used 595 RS-RR, RS-3 & NT05 UHP Tyres / ‘Street Semi Slicks’ with 200 UTQG Treadwear and ran 40+ psi hot routinely as they yielded the better lap times. What do others think though is the optimum hot psi pressure for R Compound Semi Slicks on our ISF’s? Thanks, Matthew
  13. Hi Babalouie, Sorry forgot to answer this question after the track day. I personally can’t detect any difference in body roll ... my initial track times were the same as where I left off from my last track day at SMSP GP circuit ... I did end up going quicker by day’s end, but that was more a reflection of me getting more familiar with my ISF. On a related matter I noticed in one of your posts that you changed to the AD08R tyres .... I have read how good these are at the track, but as you appear to use these for your street driving as well, I was hoping to get some feedback as to how they compare to street tyre on the street re noise and ride? Thanks, Matthew
  14. Hi John, My god! You have almost driven the tyres off the wheels! I actually had a Michelin Pilot Super Sport 3 do that too me as well ... so completely different tyre, but exactly the same outcome with the rubber on the tyre literally being peeled off the outer edge and all being deposited into the centre of the tyre ... I also had worn it down to the cords / belts before I noticed too! I also always run 40 to 44psi ... and the day this happened the track wasn’t that hot, so in my case I didn’t think it was due to overheating tyres but a soft sidewall ... since moving to a ‘street’ semi-slick (200 UTQG) though and their stiffer sidewall I haven’t encountered that problem ... and I have given it a really good go! I think the AD08R’s have a stiffer sidewall than the Cup 2’s ... same UTQG rating of 180 ... or you could make the move to R Comp tyres and further capitalise on some of those mods you have ... I am pretty sure you would find the Toyo R888R & Nitto 01’s (100 UTQG) are less expensive than the Cup 2’s ... and as you know you can still drive them to and from the track ... but they will probably last only half as long on the track ... I have just changed over to the Nitto 01’s and are looking forward to taking them to SMSP ASAP! ... There are of course stickier R Comps out there like the Yoko A050 (in varying R compounds) but they are notably more expensive too. If you interested I thought this Track Tyre review was pretty good ... it doesn’t have the Cup 2’s in it though; Coincidentally I was actually at Lexus Service today, as I just changing over my track pads and realised I had lost my lock nut! Chris helped me out with their ‘master set’ and I fitted a new set of lock nuts. I asked how it went yesterday and whether you were there ... he mentioned that it dried up by about mid-morning and that you had completely used up your Cup 2’s! Trust you had a great day and glad to hear the new two piece rotors went really well. I am sure you will notice your brake pad life will also be notably extended with the lower rotors temps. Regards, Matthew