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  1. Odd electrical issue

    Gidday prios159. I'm new here too! Bought an RX330 a couple of days ago and absolutely love it. On to your problem, these cars are so bloody technical you're probably going to need some help, or inspiration, or ??? Have you got an OBD (On Board Diagnostics) scan tool? Have you considered purchasing one off e-bay? This scan tool may pick up something (error code) and/or give you some clues. Also, in my many years of working on cars, I've always found the "Service Manager" at most dealerships a wealth of knowledge and assistance. The other suggestion is to refer to You-tube for clues. The internet is a wonderful world-wide source of knowledge if you know how to use it and have a finely tuned BS meter. In a world car market, there's loads of your type of cars on the road and someone will have struck your problem before. My daily drive is a Camry hybrid, which I quite like and I'm glad I'm not paying the bills if anything "super-technical buggers up on it. Good luck and don't give in to it easily. Regards, Cameron.